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Default Sims 4 Town Life/animal Crossing Challenge
City life:work,sitting on a computer,home,dinner,sitting on a computer,sleep then do the same thing all over again
Well one day you decided NO its time to use my grandfathers key.In this challenge you play as a young adult who feel's trapped by city life
and decides to run off to her grandfathers old town,which he graciously left them a house in,but grandpa's present was not all that it seemed...
There are two modes you can play in,Mayor mode or Villager mode.
When you arrive at the town you realize that it's completely deserted that means it's up to you to build it back up.
Source of Income:because jobs are not aloud in this challenge the mayor career's source of income is town taxes which is 1000$ off every villager.
Town funds:Town funds are separate to personal funds,to make them separate use the freerealestate on cheat and buy an empty retail lot,
town funds are your retail funds,whenever you want to do a town project such as building another home,just transfer your town funds to your personal funds and faster than you can say woohoo 3 times Lucy Goth can move in!half of all town taxes must go to town funds.
Moving in villagers:In mayor mode there are no villagers when you first arrive therefore you must recruit them,because after all no villagers means no money!there will be 4 homes on the lot,you live in the upstairs of town hall,the lot is called Amore Bay Town and is by Bumpyal,remember to include custom content on!
When you arrive at the town you find that the home grandpa left you was not fully paid off.Oh,boy!
Source of Income:The only source of income is getting a sort-off-career(see careers below)
Bills:In villager mode every Monday you must remove 1000$ from your personal funds and into town funds untill you have paid 10,000$
Town Projects:In villager mode you can still access town projects but only from reaching a friend relationship status with the mayor.Town projects can be anything from
new homes to community spaces!
Moving in new villagers:There will be 3 villagers and the mayor to fill the other homes.The occupations must be:Fishersim,Community Gardener,Businesssim
to move in more you will have to build more homes.
You cannot have an actual career in this challenge but there are some sort-of-careers.To collect your wages use the money cheat and add the funds.
Fishersim:workplace the dock at Amore Bay high street(can be found on the gallery with earlier specified information):job hours:2 p.m-5 p.m
what to do:fish and promote business(reach friend status with sims who do not live in Amore Bay)
Community Gardener:workplace:garden at Amore Bay High Street:job hours:10 a.m-1 p.m:what to do:garden,harvest plants and promote business
Businesssim:workplace:streets of Amore Bay High Street:job hours:1 p.m-3 p.m:what to do:seductive negotiation(flirt with sims who do not live in Amore Bay)practice speech,promote business
Fashion Designer:workplace:L'amor Style at Amore Bay High Street:job hours:1 p.m-3 p.m:what to do:design fashion,promote business,read fashion guides(read books)
note if you do not have this mod: it was made by Zerbu get it to have the fashion designer sort-of-career because you need it!
Archaeologist:workplace:dig sites at Amore Bay and Amore bay High Street:job hours:7 a.m-10 a.m:what to do:dig,promote business.
There can only be one sim in a career,unless you picked businesssim,fishersim or Community Gardener then there can only be one and you.Another exception is the fashion designer career as you can open one more boutique in town.Part Time jobs:as well as your full time job you can get a job to do from time to time,
to access this simply befriend a fashion designer or businesssim and promote their business for 3 hours before or after your work day.You will get paid 100$
Days Off:nobody will go to work on weekends,days when they are sick or pregnant or special occasions(births,weddings etc.)
Sending other sims to work:to do this simply send the sim to their workplace at specified time and send them home at specified time.
You can expand your home once you pay off your debt in villager mode or when you have the $ in mayor mode(this is out of personal funds only)
You can only make your expansions a 6x6 space like the rest of your living space.possible expansions are another story and a basement.
When you expand your house in villager mode you will have to pay bills weekly forever.
Possible Town Expansions:another boutique,a 50's style diner,a small classroom.
Oh I did'nt explain wages yet did I
Community Gardener:the profit from the plants they sell and 150$ from every non-resident of Amore Bay that they have the friend status with.
Fishersim:the profit from every fish they sell and 150$ from every non-resident of Amore Bay that they have the friend status with.
Businesssim:250$ from every non-resident of Amore Bay that they have the friend status with.
Fashion Designer:50$ from every new outfit they made that day and 200$ from every non-resident of Amore Bay that they have the friend status with.
Archaeologist:the profit from everything they dug up and 150$ from every non-resident of Amore Bay that they have the friend status with.
Fully expanded town
Fully expanded home
Full amount of residents moved in
Have gotten married
Have had at least 1 child of each gender

I hope you guys enjoy this challenge!
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