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Top Secret Researcher
#1051 Old 6th Mar 2021 at 2:18 PM
I've just got my own version adapted from the fact that mine is about a situation in Europe that led to the colonization of the new world as history happened in the TS2 version of history.My disaster event was a volanic eruption in Asia in the 16th century disrupting the weather patterns and causing crop failures that led to colonization in mine so they have different things to un;ock like schooling and expanding the town.My sims also have to unlock jobs and what unlocks that is population growth and sims can still earn money by alternative methods like growing crops and by trades or vocations.I've also got a perma fridge patch in because sims can't buy groceries and I don't want them to starve though I cna restrict use of the fridge in a food shortage.
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