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Originally Posted by thomaz
How do I make a object INVISIBLE on nighborhood view?
If the object is invisible within the lot it will automatically be invisible in neighbourhood view, because:

1) If the object already does support neighbourhood viewing then the neighbourhood view will reflect whatever recolour - including invisibility - that you have selected.


2) If the object does not support neighbourhood viewing then - by definition - the object will not be visible in neighbourhood view.

As far as making an object invisible in lot view when it does not currently have that option, the process can vary from being very easy to being substantially challenging - but that is a different question that does not really belong in this thread.


Taking a different approach to your question, there is one quick way to make an object that is visible in lot view become invisible in neighbourhood view, when it otherwise would be visible from the neighbourhood: put the object in question on a slotted object.

The majority of objects can be placed on a slotted object, and if the slotted object can be made invisible using a recolour - most OMSPs can be made invisible - then you are not trading one problem for another. If the object in question can only be placed on the ground then you can use a slotted object that allows most objects that can be placed on the ground to be placed on it, such as one of these.

The most significant restriction to this technique is that the object in question must be a single tile object.
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