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Default 1900's
1900: James became a child and Charles was born. Margaret became a young adult and got engaged to Bentley. Joseph and Rose became teens and attended high school. Charles became a toddler.
1901: Joseph and Rose move out due to feeling as though they're not a part of the family. Margaret and Bentley got married and moved out. Ethel maxed out the Cooking Skill.
1902: Brett was born to Margaret and Bentley. Ida became a young adult and married Christopher and moved in with him.
1903: James aged up to teen and attended high school. Rory was born to Ida and Christopher.
1904: Frank was born. Ethel reached the top of the parenting skill. Frank became a toddler.
1905: Brynlee was born to Ida and Neveah was born to Margaret. Kimber was born to Rose. Edward passed of natural causes.
1906: Charles became a teen and decided to attend high school.
1907: James aged up.
1908: Robert was born.
1909: Charles moved out.
Total Points: 65
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Default 1910s
1910: Frank and James were conscripted and unfortunately James did not return home.
1911: Annabelle, Harry, and Andrew were born. All became toddlers.
1912: Gigi worked hard to garden and sell produce to raise the triplets.
1913: Annabelle, Harry, and Andrew became children.
1914: Robert was conscripted.
1915: Robert died in war.
1916: Gigi continued to work hard to raise the triplets.
1917: Annabelle, Harry, and Andrew all became teenagers. Harry and Andrew were conscripted to support the war. Harry didn't return.
1918: Annabelle and Andrew worked hard to study and raise their grades.
1919: Gigi got to the highest level of the cooking skill.

Total Points: 55
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Default 1920s
1920: Annabelle and Andrew continued working on their schooling.
1921: Annabelle met a man named Harry and fell in love and got married. Andrew and Millie fell in love and got married. Annabelle and Harry moved out.
1922: Gigi died of natural causes. Mary and Robert were born to Andrew and Millie. Mary and Robert became toddlers. Harry and Annabelle had Nawaaf.
1923: Andrew got promoted in the medical career.
1924: Millie joined the culinary career to help support the family.
1925: Mary and Robert became children. Harry and Annabelle had Jarred.
1926: Andrew applied to university.
1927: Andrew started attending university. Millie applied for university.
1928: Millie started attending university.
1929: George was born. Mary and Robert became teenagers. Millie maxed the cooking skill.
Total Points: 85
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but how do i not go to high school/pay?
Originally Posted by kakeru_naruse
This challenge was originally made by ZombieCleo, in which you can find their challenge here. This is not my challenge. I've only reimagined it so it will be more historically accurate. Most of these points and rules were written by ZombieCleo.

The Decades Challenge starts all the way in the 1890s, where everything smelled like crap and people didn't have indoor plumbing. This challenge is inspired and set in the supposed land of the free, also known as the United States of America.

There are a lot of rules in this game. In each decade, they are listed by importance. The first rule is the most important or one of the most important rules and WILL affect gameplay. The last rule is generally a very minor detail that will not affect game play.

A Youtuber by the name of CuteCoffeeGal has created her own version of the Decades Challenge based on mine and ZombieCleo's. She has updated it to include nearly all expansion packs. It's very comprehensive. THIS IS THE LINK. I will not be making any changes to this anymore. Please do remember that ultimately this is your game and you can change the rules of my/her challenge to fit your game

The Sims
1. YA or older
2. No restrictions on CAS (however, dressing them up in the appropriate decade clothes is recommended)
3. If you choose to make 2 sims, they must be married or they're going to get married.

Housing and Funds
1. Starter money only (16k)
2. Buy any land/house with it
3. You can import a house from the gallery, but only if you can afford it
4. You can start by living in an apartment, HOWEVER, when you get married and have kids, you MUST move out. (Apartments were not idealistic places for families in the 1890s, as they were reserved for the single and working.)

1890s - The Turn of the 19th Century
1. Only male heirs are allowed. If there are no boys, then a woman's husband may inherit.
2. Sims may only have a relationship and marry with the opposite gender.
3. Sims may only marry within their own ethnicity/race.
4. Sims must only "Try for Baby" and never "Woohoo."
5. Teenage sims cannot "Mess Around"
6. No electricity. Use candles or lanterns to light up the house.
7. Women take care of the children, tidy the house, and cook. They can help tidy the garden, and go jogging for fun.
8. Men can only have the Entertainer, Doctor or Criminal career. If otherwise, men can choose to stay home and make money through woodworking, painting, and gardening. You can open a retail store or a restaurant, only if you have enough money.
9. Sims cannot get a divorce unless one of them commits adultery (in this case, flirting with another sim in front of the spouse).
10. If a woman becomes widowed, then she may earn money through painting, gardening, or woodworking. If she becomes divorced, then she can earn money through the Entertainer career.
11. Elementary is mandatory, but high school is optional.
12. High School has a fee. It costs §1000 for every teenager going to school.
13. Female children move out once they are married.
14. OPTIONAL: I'd recommend downloading a teenage pregnancy/marriage mod (or some other mod that just has teenage pregnancy/marriage embanked in it) since women generally married and had children before the age of 20.
15. Your sims cannot go to festivals or events (City Living).
16. Cell Phones are only allowed to invite people over to your house or to travel.
17. Only bathtubs. No showers.
18. Outside toilets only.
19. Only wooden furniture is allowed in the house
20. Wooden floors and walls. No drywall or wallpaper.
21. Buy the cheapest/oldest stoves, fridges, counters, etc. No other kitchen appliances are allowed besides the stove and fridge.
22. Only impressionist or classic paintings are allowed to be hung. Kid's drawings can only be hung in the kid's rooms.
23. If your sims get sick, you can't give them medicine. You have to cure them through natural remedies.
24. Your sims may not throw any events besides weddings.
25. Every child born during this decade must be born at home. They can only be fed through breastfeeding and not by bottle.
26. If your family can afford it, then you may hire a butler or maid. However, you cannot hire a Nanny.
27. Also, you probably want to start working on a cowplant in this decade.

1900s - "The Greatest" Generation
1. Sims may now have the following careers, as well as the ones listed above: Business (Management), Culinary (Chef), and Musician Career.
2. Women who are widowed or divorced may not work in the Business, Culinary, or Musician Career. They can only work as what is listed in the 1890's decades.
3. You can now have electricity, but only in the form of lamps. Indoor plumbing is now allowed. No showers, only bath tubs.
4. OPTIONAL: Cheapest computer may be bought, but your sims can only use it for writing. 5. Playing games/browsing web/etc. is NOT allowed.
6. Your house can now have wallpaper.
7. The phonograph is now available for music.
8. Your sims can now go on vacation.
9. By the end of this decade, you will need a cowplant.

As you guys can see, the lists are very long. A lot of the rules are trivial and flexible details that are generally looked over. So even if the set of rules seem long and limiting, most of them don't majorly affect gameplay.

I've tried my best to make this list historically accurate as possible, but I did rearrange some things to make the challenge less tedious. Indoor plumbing wasn't really a thing until the 1930s - but it'd be kind of difficult and angering to separate the house and the bathroom for 4 decades.

TO WIN: Your must get your family through all the decades/generations.

If anybody has any suggestions/corrections for the already super long list, then please tell me them. I would really appreciate it!
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