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Test Subject
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Default Hey there!
Brand new member here and I just wanted to post a quick hello.

I've just submitted my first CC for Sims 4 here, so hopefully that will be approved shortly, and I'm hoping to make more items too.

I'll poke around the forums and website when I have more time (sneaked on at work tut tut lol)

~waves and runs away~

*edit* I'm a Test Subject!?!! I love that LOL!
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Hi! Welcome to MTS!
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Originally Posted by Kaynarah
Brand new member here

*edit* I'm a Test Subject!?!! I love that LOL!

Yes, you're a Test Subject. You'll have to go through a series of tests and experiments to see if you're qualified to be a member.

Have fun!

If you remember me, I'm awesome!
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