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Default Making default object recolorable issue
I try to make Antique Camera/Bon Voyage camera Frames defaulted and recolorable.

I successfully extract and replaced objects with this tutorial by celebkiriedhel; added subset with this tutorial by IgnorantBliss and try to make it recolorable with this tutorial and this tutorial by HugeLunatic.

I stucked at following steps:

1 - Almost all tutorials says I have to use "fix integrity" but if I do, frames cannot replaced - I never change the guid but it updates Group.
2 - Cres and shape files needs to have ##0x1C050000! prefix of texture/material definiton but when I add them, It flashing blue.
3 - I added new Material Override (MMAT) files, updated guid, family, name, and subset name. But Cres file is a issue because there is 4 cres files. So I create 4 mmat files. Still not recolorable.
4 - I know, I am missing something in this tutorial about Bhav&Multi State Objects by HugeLunatic but cannot find and/or updated states in the object package.
5 - If I will make one states subset slaved to other, game crashes.

I added package file and ingame pictures - sorry about horrible textures, it is the 12th edit. If someone can help me with take a look in .package or point me a tutorial, I will be so happy.
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Hi dimyl, just a quick note to say I took a look at your package.

Trying to change the subset to "thisframe" could be introducing unintentional naming errors so it might be easier if you stuck with making the original subset name (something frame_reflective I think) recolorable instead of changing it. I also think you're right and you need to have the custom ##0x1C050000! prefix so even though the textures were flashing blue that was a step in the right direction and I'd go back and make those changes again.

When you fix integrity things do tend to get messed up in places you might not think to look or know to fix so one work around I've used before is to make a copy of the package and fix integrity on the copy. Then extract the gmnd, mmat or whatever needed the "fix integrity" and import just those into the original. I wish I could give step-by-step instructions but I manage this sort of thing by trial and error and don't know it well enough to teach but I hope something here puts you on the right track. Again, good luck!
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