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Default Making Castaway Stories clothing with the tattoos...
So Castaway Stories has two sorts of clothing: stuff for the shipwrecked sims, that looks like TS2 clothes but battered and missing shoes, and the islanders' clothing with all the beautiful white tattoos across that increase for each age range. The trouble is, there's nothing in between.

In my game, now the story has ended, David (the sim I played), Robby and Emma have joined the island. David is the tribe's Shaman-in-training (I know it says Shaman), so he ought to have all the tribal tattoos, and Robby and Emma are accepted members of the tribe (and also now adults) and ought to have at least some. But both David and Emma have pale skin that burns (I know, not in the game) and a reasonable attachment to t-shirts, and David and Robby have grown up with pants, and everyone gets very attached to the sort of underwear they're used to. And there aren't any options for outfits with t-shirt and pants and islander accessories and tattoos, or Western undies and tattoos, or pjs and tattoos.

So, does anyone know either where I could find some to download, or (more likely) point me at any kind of tutorial that would let me put at least that tattoos if not the accessories on a TS2 custom outfit? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Edit: So I found some tutorials that let me put the tattoos under various other clothes, which is very handy. Now I need to try islander accessories, which will be much more of a challenge as I think that requires mesh editing, but anyway. If anyone else wants to try the tattoo copying, I'm happy to help.
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I've extracted the tattoos and made a mod based on Morague's tattoo crate that applies the tribal tattoos on Sims:

The textures are not mine - they're extracted from various TSCS outfits - so you can pull the textures from my box and mix-n-match them so that it fits several different "ranks" that Sims may get in your tribe (newcomers, teens, shamans, etc.). The tutorial I followed is still online, yay:

As for the accessories, there's probably a lot more work to be done than just doing the textures and repacking. I have never made custom accessories, so I'm afraid I can't help you with that one; the best I can do is link a beginner's tutorial:

Though if you're really into re-vamping your game, perhaps consider taking a look at the following clothes:
Compiled Castaway Clothing by Neytan (found originally this thread), based on Project Castaway Separates

(I'm not sure if either of those will work for Castaway Stories, as the clothing is binned and all. You can however try them out, and if they do work, maybe venture into hiding stock TSCS clothing and rebuilding your entire CAS catalog. If you're into that sort of masochism. )
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Wow, thank you, topp, you are again being so very helpful ! I've made a default skintone once so I know how much work it is :D
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