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Default How to allow natural light shining through enclosed open rooms?
It remains forever dark in the atrium of the Monty Ranch and have to light them up artificially. Any suggestions what hacks I can use to allow natural light into an atrium kind of space?
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This is so annoying... I usually use invisible lights in enclosed patios or inner courtyards but this is still not like daylight
What would be great would be a lighting mod making it so that non-covered "rooms" are treated as outdoor space but I have no idea whether it is even possible
Greenhouse roofs let the light shine through if I'm not mistaken, maybe you could try this invisible recolor: https://criquette-was-here.tumblr.c...d/greenhouse-DR
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There's a way to make 'functional' courtyard, but only if your house has foundation.
Check this house and read comments:
And this:
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@Monsieur_Oshima: for me, greenhouse roofs won't allow light if I place them on top of regular walls.
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oh you're probably right, I guess I've always used them in combination with at least a portion of greenhouse walls and never noticed
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