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Some changes have come to Pleasantview, thanks to Mary-Sue Pleasant and Dina Goth, who both sit on the City Council and are pretty much the grandes dames of Pleasantview. Mary-Sue's influence has resulted in several small public parks being installed around town, while Dina's plan to bring in new businesses has attracted many cute shops to open along Main Street, replacing those old overlarge shopping areas that don't really fit Pleasantview's new "image."

After Mortimer passed and her twin girls went to college, Dina didn't want to live in the decrepit Goth manor anymore. She donated it as a public art museum, relocated the graves to a small family cemetery, and moved into a brand-new townhouse on Main Street with enough room for all the toys she could possibly want. She, Mary-Sue, and Brandi frequently have "girls' night in" where they sit around all night chatting in the hot tub or play a few friendly games of pool. Dina continues a one-sided relationship with Don Lothario--he's happy to be booty-called but totally freaks out anytime she even mentions the word "marriage," which causes her days of misery afterward.

After Mary-Sue's parents died, she also no longer wanted to maintain a huge house either, so she sold it for a nice profit, and she and Kennedy downsized to a small but luxuriously furnished European-style townhouse closer to Main Street that has a lovely garden and koi pond. The old Pleasant house has since been converted into Pleasantview's first fine-dining restaurant and piano bar, so now there is finally a decent place to take a date without having to trek all the way downtown. Mary-Sue feels like quite the fat cat as she too is sitting on a pile of money and she plans to leave none of it to her daughters, since neither of them bother to call or visit with any regularity.
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I'm regretting "Vamwolf Syndrome" after the Count bit Chloe Curious at the end of a date. Chloe is absolutely beautiful as a vampire, but she's part werewolf so had to call the Gypsy for some Vamprocillin-D as soon as she got home. She bought several as she intends to continue dating the Count - and he gifted her a fountain worth $5,800, so she could totally afford it!
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Justice Larsen-Neighbour had a dramatic birthday gathering. It started out good - everyone he invited but one were able to come, he grew up well, there was cake, and after the cake people started gathering upstairs around the bar and the stereo.

I saw that the room had one of those fire-things that sims can grill marshmallows on, and made the fatal decision to put it on, it being a special occasion and all, and then not think any more of it until it made the room catch fire. While everyone else was panicking, Cappuchino Neighbour decided it was time to leave and strolled out with a casual "see you".
I scrambled to get the playable sims away from the fire, and managed to direct the teens of the house to run downstairs and call the fire station. On the first floor was also Nextdoor Neighbour, who'd been playing Mishuno by himself during all of this.
Justice, however, caught fire, so I directed his roommate Picasso Melinder to try and put the fire out, but to no avail. Justice passed away. That had been my other reason to keep one person upstairs, though, in case someone needed to plead for his life.

"Have a heart, man, it's his birthday."
Picasso won, and Justice prevailed.

Justice immediately went to give his rescuer a hug, and then went downstairs to have cake.

The people left started making their way home due to low hygiene, save for Nextdoor who had been away from the fire. The next day, Justice called his friend Apple, who hadn't been able to come to the gathering since she'd been at work. I can only imagine how that conversation sounded. "You missed out on a lit party. I mean it."

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Blossom Moonbeam, William Williamson and Klara Vonderstein in the dorms. Klara and Blossom paint a lot. William works in the cafe. They do good in Uni. A non-playable dormie got stuck doing nothing and got heatstroke and I had to save his butt by making him playable temporarily. Blossom and Trevor (one of the LGU dormies I can't be bothered to change all their names, sorry) got engaged! They graduated.

DJ Verse and Sam Thomas are in on campus housing together. DJ wrote a novel. It didn't go well, but she won't be discouraged. It was only her first! She also loves to paint. Sam enjoys pottery. They are doing well in Uni.

Making rules for sims to get into Uni and such and making religions for my game to make stuff more interesting and complex. Also made a park for sim kids. I'm working on making the religion lots and stuff.

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I spent some time in the elegantly decorated townhome of Dina Goth. Her house has everything, including a downstairs rec room with pool table and pinball machine, but I had to take out the bar or otherwise Dina would do nothing but drink. Dina lives with one of her adult twin daughters, Sophie. Her other daughter, Danielle, lives next door with her boyfriend, Bobby Broke. Danielle and Sophie are about as different from each other as night and day. Danielle is sophisticated and poised and had three lovers in college; she looks like a brunette version of Dina. Sophie is gawky and tomboyish and didn't get her first kiss until after college graduation; she has the green skin of Dina's ancestors. Sophie had just gotten married to the girl who gave her that first kiss, Jane Stacks. When I went back to the house, it was the day after the wedding, and Jane and Sophie both wanted to adopt a baby. Jane called the adoption agency and then they turned Sophie's office into a nursery. Sophie is a writer and journalist, and Jane is an artist.

Dina got home from work and wanted to buy a bird, which she named Lazuli and then ignored. She invited Don over, but her stamina isn't what it used to be so she fell asleep on the couch while Don played pool. Later Jane chatted for a while with Don in the hot tub because she wants to be friends with everyone in Sophie's life. Dina woke up from her "nap" to have a little fun with Don, after which he promptly went home. The next day was Sophie's day off, and Jane stayed home too, to welcome the new baby who is named Garret. Jane did most of the childcare while Sophie tried to increase her logic skill. Dina didn't take any interest in the baby except to declare that she wasn't changing any dirty diapers. She wanted to invite Don over again after work but fell asleep on the sofa before she could.

Garret spent the next day with the nanny while everyone was at work, and that evening he aged up to a toddler and got all the toys. Dina again fell asleep before she could invite Don over and didn't even participate in the birthday, but she did play with her bird some. Sophie and Jane woohooed after the birthday, and now Jane wants to adopt another child, but Sophie will have to agree to that first and she doesn't seem very interested in having another baby right away.
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Today I was playing the Nouveau-Riche family and who should turn up to steal the newspaper, but Mr Sim Sample Esq.
He has a bit of a feud going on with Babbage II the servo butler.

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Ripp Grunt lost his virginity and Nevyn Muenda-Reaper decided he prefers men.

Strangetown has some more affordable apartments now, so Tank and Ripp moved out of their expensive condo. Tank invited Esther Corsillo over to the new place, but rolled no romantic wants for her (she wears glasses, which turns him off). Then Ida Juana called to invite him downtown, so he and Ripp met up with her and some other college friends at Sugar Cube Bowling. Ripp decided to try his luck with Ida Juana, and finally stepped hopefully into the photo booth. Ida Juana was heading to the bar by then, and for a minute I thought she was going to ignore his request, but she finally mooched over, climbed in and made Ripp's day - then afterwards she just casually wandered off and ignored him! Not very romantic, but Ripp was happy enough.

Nevyn wanted to get married but didn't have anyone in mind, so he took $5000 out of the bank and called the gypsy matchmaker. She summoned Professor Denene someone, saying they were a perfect match - but the date was a disaster! Most of the things Denene wanted to do weren't available, presumably because they didn't know each other well enough, and despite wanting to play with Nevyn, she twice turned him down for one of the few 'play' options available! This pushed him over the edge into a nervous breakdown, and Denene went off to play chess while the therapist was with him. She never wants to see him again and the feeling is mutual. Poor Nevyn! His interest in females generally is negative now. Probably the worst $5000 any Sim of mine has ever spent!
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Previously, I was kind of driving myself crazy trying to keep ages in sync, using spreadsheets and rotations--I just decided that makes the game less fun for me. So I have adjusted my thinking about Sim ages. In my game, Sims don't really have an age--they are just in a different stage of life, and the transition between stages isn't gradual but is as abrupt as it appears to be. So it's only important to kind of keep people in the same generation in the same life stage, or at least don't let anyone get too far ahead.

Now what's interesting to me is that only the initial life stages have the same duration for everyone, but at teen they become variable (I have a mod that varies the adult number of days in the same way as for elders). Well, babies can vary a little depending on what time of day they are born. But teens are unique in that they are the only life stage that can choose when they want to move on. (I guess YAs can, too, but very few of my Sims choose to drop out of college.) So I decided that once they have their teen birthday and then get that popup about studying hard for college, my teens can go to college at any point provided they are ready (or have the want to go) and are qualified. They need at least one scholarship and grades higher than D. And if they are starting to get to the end of the teen stage and getting those popups about going to college but they don't have a scholarship, their parents can pay the tuition if they can afford it, but the teen still has to want to go. All this is to say that some teens stay teens for a while and some go to college right away depending on their goals, and I'm liking the variety of that.

So I was thinking about all of this while I was playing Jennifer Burb's house. David Ottomas moved out a while ago, having realized that his relationship with Jennifer was unhealthy, and is now back living with his parents, but he left his kids with Jennifer because she had the means to provide for them. Jennifer became quite close to her grandchildren and enjoyed having them in the house, and it also helped her re-establish her relationship with Lucy, who would come over to visit. (Dirk, that scoundrel, is also friends with Jennifer and right now Lucy is furious at him because he autonomously kissed Jennifer in front of her, but Jennifer actually apologized to Lucy for his behavior--which she did not provoke--and is not going down that road with another son-in-law.) Kaitlin went to college a while back with her girlfriend, Annmarie Broke, so it was just Jennifer and Wilbur in the house for a while. Wilbur is a handsome young man who had some goals to fulfill. He achieved them with Madaline Broke--a date, a first kiss, a make-out session, and falling in love. (Madaline is Annmarie's older sister but she was more interested in amassing boyfriends than going to college for quite a long time, so Annmarie actually left for college before her.) Once Wilbur had checked off all his boxes, he rolled the want to go to college, and he got the Scholar's Grant, so he certainly qualified.

This left Jennifer suddenly with an empty nest and approaching the end of her days. Now Jennifer is President of her company, and she has been known to bring home young men from work for some after-hours fun. One of these men, named Elmer, she was quite attracted to, so she called him up for a date. During the date, I guess she thought about the potential loneliness of living alone, as she impulsively proposed to him and he accepted. Jennifer quickly married Elmer and promoted him to Vice President to boot. Granted, he is much younger than her, but Jennifer doesn't have much time left, and maybe Elmer can help fill those remaining days with happiness. They certainly have a lot in common, as they both share a deep love for shopping.

ETA I went and played Jennifer a little more. The day after her wedding, she wanted to hustle someone at pool, so I took her down to the corner bar. She scoped the room and wanted to talk to every young guy in the place, which she did. She asked one of them on a date, and he accepted. They went out for lunch, played chess, and had a few drinks, while at home her trophy husband was just hanging around the house waiting for her. Jennifer went home after her nice date, had some woohoo with her husband, and went right to sleep. Jennifer Burb is elder goals right now.
#7059 Old Yesterday at 5:43 AM
Poor Ida Juana Knowe. She's desperate to marry but just keeps picking the wrong guys. Hi asked her on a date, during which she rolled the want to marry him, but of course Hi had the corresponding fear. Later, she wanted to get engaged to Ripp, but he's not interested, either. It's a pity she didn't set her cap at Tank, who's starting to think of settling down, but it's too late for that - he won't marry her now she's been with Ripp.

JoAnn Gutenburg went into town to practise chess so she could get a promotion. She was just leaving when the Count swooped in and bit her. Her first panicked thought was what would she do for work, since she obviously couldn't keep her day job. Luckily, she had a spare aspiration bonus to use, so she chose "Give Financial Advice." Her LTW is to earn $100,000, so she'll get there eventually.
#7060 Old Yesterday at 11:53 PM
Ville Stenbock, the former "Chase GilsCarbo"-downtownie extracted from Pleasantview, finally met his Strangetown counterpart. Ville and Broadway were out eating with Broadway's younger brother, and Ville's foster son, Link Larsen. They had Broadway's sisters Zelda and Savanna and his niece Samus over as well, but when they went to the restaurant, Zelda and Samus walked off the lot and Savanna had somehow dropped out of the group and went to eat by herself before we could ask her to rejoin, so it accidentally turned into a guy's night out.
This was the day before Ville would turn into an elder, so it was the last chance for him and his look-alike Téodor Jansson to meet while identical. Ville did what anyone would do in his situation and went up to Téodor without saying a word and started dancing with him. For me, it was a win-win move: either they would dance together and it'd look funny, or Téodor would decline and things would get awkward, and that'd be funny too. But he went along with it and they became friends in record time. I highly amused myself making them interact.

The next day was Ville's as well as Broadway's birthday. Ville had some hot pics of himself in his inventory that he must have taken during a wedding he was at a while ago. I figured he wanted Broadway to have them so those as well as a perfume were his birthday presents to him, while Broadway gave Ville an armchair.

Later, the two had a little gathering with some of their respective friends, including Téodor, and grew up to elders.

General Buzz Grunt and Stardust Neighbour are both in the end of their lifespans, so Buck Grunt and Stardust's daughter Strummer Neighbour invited their respective parents for a possibly last proper hangout. Buzz and Stardust are actually bff's and used to be colleagues before Buzz retired, so it was a mother/daughter-, father/son- and two generations of besties'-meet-up. Buck had a glace a four in his inventory so they had some dessert, as well.

The Curious cousins brought home one Tinker twin each from school. Rosalina Curious became good friends with Andreas Tinker, which might turn into more as they have two bolts and Rosalina wants to go steady with someone. Chap Curious and Antoni Tinker became buddies as well. Chap also went to a date with a townie, or at least he tried to. As soon as the taxi stopped at their destination, she went off the lot and said the date had been fairly boring. Yeah, I didn't mean for the taxi ride to actually be the whole date, but looking at it like that, I'm sure it was.

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It's snowing in Arundel and while most residents don't go out and make snowmen, Gordon McClain did, but he got bored/confused with it and gave up before he was done. He is the owner of the Coin Trader, but he stocks flowers as well-he had quite a lot of his customers buying flowers for their spring gardens-Arundel will be in bloom in the spring, for sure!

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At John and Brandi Burb's house, their adopted son Carey became a child. John gave him a wormrat named Jet for his birthday, but Carey won't play with him because he's afraid of being bitten. Then John and Brandi both had a day off from work, so first they woohooed on the couch and then they threw an anniversary party, which conveniently fulfilled both their lifetime wants. All of the kids and their spouses were there, except Lucy (who wasn't invited) and Bobby (who didn't show for some reason), so it also was a family reunion. It was a good party, and John, Brandi, and Carey had all turned in exhausted by 8:30 p.m.


This morning, I went to play Nina Caliente's house. Her daughter, Mina, just graduated from college and moved back home. Mina's father, Daniel Pleasant, passed away while she was at college. Mina is a lovely girl, just beautiful and very sweet and thoughtful. She is also gay, one of six gay women playables I know of (and I used to not have any). Two of them are engaged, two are married, and the other is Mina's niece, I think. After she found a job in the Science career, Mina wanted to go on a date, so she headed downtown to the gay bar (Lulu Lounge) to see if she could meet anyone. The place was full of women. The only guy there was poor, lonely Martin Ruben. Mina met a girl named Amber and they really hit it off, so they went out to dinner. What does a Knowledge Sim want to do on a date? Play chess, see a ghost, get a cooking skill... They played chess and it was a good date, which ended with a little kiss, a crush, and Mina suddenly having the want to woohoo. (Hey, Mina, your date is over--maybe next time.) Meanwhile, at home Nina was getting over the loss of Daniel by inviting Don over. They had drifted apart, and I think she was mad at him for a long time because she saw him with someone else, but it didn't take long until they were back in love and woohooing everywhere they could. Nina sent Don home and went to bed happy and thinking about who her next conquest might be.
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I'm putting the wheels in motion for a bachelor auction/fundraiser for my hood. This accomplishes 1-getting these single guys a hook up in an interesting/fun way 2-An excuse to dress sims nice and take pics 3-raising funds for something new in my hood like a mental health center, dog park, community garden, or a patron fund to pay out to struggling artist sims.

Here's the loose structure I've come up with so far.
-Make a list of 'bachelor sims' I want to have sims bid for (the bachelors will then be responsible for taking whoever wins the bid out on a date!)
-Make a list of bidders, these sims are (preferably) playable (YA-Elder) sims that are single and ready to mingle, or romance sims, or just sims looking for a potential partner that hasn't found one yet.

Pick a place to hold this event, for me it's going to be the country club in one of my subhoods.

Teleport in all the bidders and the first bachelor.

Roll a 6 sided die to determine if the bidder will bid.
1-3 = no bid
4-6 = bid
Have the bidder 'flirt>check out' the bachelor because then here's a modifier:
Negative chemistry adds a -1 to bid roll, 1 bolt = +1, 2 bolts = +2, and 3 bolts = +3 so that way the bid action can align with the chemistry the bidder feels toward the bachelor.

Then for all the sims that are bidding, roll a 20-sided die.
Whoever gets the highest outcome wins the bid. If there's a tie, it's a best 2/3 value roll.
Modifier 1: If the bidder is affluent (100,000K +) they get a +3 modifier to their bid roll.
Modifier 2: If the bidder has a 7 or more interest in games then they get a +1 to their bid as they are 'competitive'

Optional to cut off a bidder at 1 win or they can try for more dates even after having won a bid.

So then, with the money transfer mod, the winning bidder sends their base bid value (from the 20 sided die) x 100 to the charity fund.

I have some other random die rolls planned that determine which place (subhood) the date takes place and what time (Morning, afternoon, evening)

But I think it's gonna be fun and provide some new drama and pairing opportunities in my hood :P

Uh oh! My social bar is low - that's why I posted today.

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Finished making the religion lots. Made a lot with the crafting stuff (sewing, pottery etc.) plus the get a job sign thing. Also made some adoptable children.

DJ Verse and Sam Thomas are madly in love. In Uni they stayed on top of their grades, friends, and DJ wrote 3 novels and painted a lot while Sam did a lot of Pottery, getting her silver badge. Sam also loves her crossword puzzles. Sam did have a slight urge to cheat on DJ (she has romance secondary) but quickly got over it. They moved into their own home downtown, where Beulah Land came to greet them right away.

The Printer Sisters work on school and their music. Making money through music as much as they can while in Uni. They are also madly in love in a polyamorous open relationship. Andy Bellum causes mayhem in the background, as he does. Starting fights, spreading the flu, putting soap in fountains, while they play their music on campus.

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Sophia Jocque is having a tough pregnancy. I feel bad for her... my mod that makes sims wash their hands, I think was preventing her from using the toilet when her need was bottomed out. I wanted to prevent an accident for her, but the mod kept forcing her to get up and wash her hands the second she sat down on the toilet. This happened half a dozen times until she finally gave up and wet herself.

I'm a young adult in poor health, trying to heal enough to complete my goals.
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