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Originally Posted by Volvenom
Is Paralives even that close to release? They probably haven't chosen artwork yet at all. Someone suggested it was a fashion type look. Perhaps it's the designers drawing.

We do know the art style now, in general. It has a somewhat "drawn and coloured-in" look, so perhaps even less photographic than The Sims. But more grownup - "less goofy" as one of their devs put it. Things will be in proportion, we won't have giant dollhouses and mailboxes. It seems to be being developed bottom-up. So increasingly the terrain, the things, the people and their animations are settled, but as yet they've made no declarations about what it will be like to play, whether or what aims there will be for the player. I guess we're supposed to keep our folk alive and prosperous but we as yet know nothing about the AI or autonomy and I believe they may not have decided anything themselves. But they're actively listening to our views.

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I think the new build kit will be plant or outdoor focused. Of all things the same is missing, we get this.

We can't get a wedding/party kit?

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