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Default WCIF this hair..
I took some hair out and thought I could live without it but I can't, I just can't lol

I searched through my tumblr likes and couldn't find it at all, and sims resource too.

Can someone tell me where I can find this hair?:

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Maybe this one? It's hard to make out:

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Originally Posted by sweetdevil
Maybe this one? It's hard to make out:

That's not it, but I downloaded it though so thank you

I found the hair though, here's the link in case anyone would like it too!:

Thanks for your help!
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I'm kinda curious b/c I'm seeing a lot of this lately people cleaning out CCs and then regret removing some or they reinstall the game and lost a lot of ccs. We're in the age of terabyte HDD/SDD, I assume none of us are running out of disc space to store backups? I mean I have my mods/CC stored on my SSD, but they are copied to ramdisk each time. So that's 1 backup. Then I have a zipped backup on another partition, that backup itself has a backup so technically that's 2 more backup. Then I have the most recent backup on a separate external HDD, making it a 4th backup. And finally I have all my CCs in original download form on another dump folder, 5th backup.

Granted I don't have as much as most people, dccache + mods around 2-2.5GB. So 5 backups consists of around 15-20GB, but what else am I going to put on my HDD? :D

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