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Default New Subset Flashing in NH
I may have gotten myself in over my head lol
Anyway, I was just trying to make the Streamer Surprise Connecting Column have a matte pole instead of a shiny chrome one, so I cloned it, got rid of the envcube, fixed it up to be mostly matte, recolored it, and added it as a subset since it already had its own texture. I got it all working *except* that the pole part now flashes blue in neighborhood view, I'm assuming because it wants a LOD90 to display. I added a texture for it and a txmt pointing to it in the hopes that that would work, but it didn't. I can't seem to find a tutorial about it, either. Can anyone help?
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Is this how you want them to look?

Because that's how they are looking in my game. I'm thinking, perhaps you forgot to delete Accessory.cache and Groups.cache in the documents folder? If you make small changes to an object and then don't delete those files when starting the game again, they can make your game use the "older" version of your file. Idk how to explain it better, haha. I know simmer22 has given a really good explanation of this somewhere (which I ofc can't find now, lol).

Anyway, I did find an old reference in columnconnectingpartygarland_chrome_txmt which you might want to delete:

(and don't forget to commit + save )

Edit: it doesn't have a second subset for me though? :o
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You have to add the "columnconnectingpartygarland_chrome" line to all the GMND "tsDesignModeEnabled" item lists, since all the GMDCs and SHPEs have that group. If it's missing in the GMNDs, the SHPE can't find them properly (if they have a texture it will find them but they'll not be recolorable), and they could very well flash blue under some circumstances.

Also a couple tips for cloning options
- Tick "Pull only default color" if you want to make a version with just one texture instead of getting all the default textures.
- Ticking the "Create a standalone object" option should pull up the "Fix Integrity" box at the start, so you can give the object a new internal name and new instances - there's a chance if you forget to do "fix integrity" that resources could override original items. Tutorials for adding subsets usually have this step, and tou still have to do "fix integrity" once more after adding a subset (clicking "ok" in the box is fine), but it could be an idea for other projects as a way to remind you of an important step.
- I think the "Set custom group ID" box needs to be ticked for the project to be a standalone, too (not entirely sure).


Deleting cache files tend to be more of a CAS item issue fix. Changes should show on objects without deleting cache files (although it doesn't hurt to try - I usually have to delete them before running my game, so haven't really noticed any issues with objects) - but sometimes you have to replace them for the changes to show, maybe also update the thumbnail (ctrl + Right-click the thumbnail picture)
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Hmm that's weird, maybe I uploaded the wrong version. The one I've uploaded now is definitely the right one. It has a recolorable subset for the pole. Until that subset is made, it doesn't flash blue, so I must've accidentally uploaded an earlier backup.

Edit: Oh, maybe I should mention that it only shows the "chrome" (pole) subset when you select it in the catalog. It doesn't show up if you use the design tool after it's placed.

Would it be easier for me to just make a CEP for the original column? XD
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All the "tsDesignModeEnabled" in the GMNDs need to have the "Chrome" subset enabled if you want the Chrome part to be properly recolorable. It's not enough with just the first one.

I'm guessing this could be why the subset doesn't show properly when using the design tool or is flashing in NH.
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Oh dang, that worked! Thank you!

Is it necessary for me to keep the lod90 textures for everything, then? I guess I can just delete them and see haha
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Are you keeping all the colors, or just the edited one(s)?

The LOD texture seems to be mapped differently than the full version, so it's probably needed. If you don't want to keep the LOD you have to figure out how to make the item show up in NH view without one. It's possible, but I'm guessing the item could be a bit "high poly" (according to EA, anyway - it's probably somewhere well below 5000) which is why they added a LOD.

I found a couple tutorials on how to make items visible in NH view if you want to try removing the original LOD and texture and rely on the main ones, but not sure which ones are the best (you may have to borrow a bit from both)
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