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Default Piano Issue - No sound when performing
I have created a piano cloning from the Chimeway Daughter's Saloon Piano.

The options to Practice and Perform are available to the Sim.
When the 'Practice' option is selected, the Sim sits at the piano and plays and there is the sound of music.

However, when the 'Perform' option is selected, the tip jar is placed near the piano, the Sim sits at the piano and plays but there is no sound?
I tested this with Darren Dreamer (who has 7 Creativity Skill points and definitely have more performing options) but it was the same story.
Do I need to change a behavior function? I would have expected the cloned item functions to be transferred.

Any help would be most welcome.
Thank you in advance!
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I have now created another piano - a 'grand' piano, this time cloning from the piano that came with Bon Voyage (although I thought it might be FreeTime?).

When I got Darren to practice the piano - no issues with sound, then I got him to perform and play for tips.
Darren sat at the piano and plays but no music sound yet Dirk has thoughts of Darren playing well and tips him $50!

All other sound is working in my game and there was no other sound e.g. a TV or stereo that might conflict at the same time when Darren was practicing or performing.

Thank you in advance for any help!

Update I don't know if this makes any difference, but when I cancel performing, there is the sound of the piano music slamming as it comes to a sudden end.
I am now considering removing the performing function as it might be my only option.
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