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Need Help with the Groundshadows for My Staircases
I thought that taking off the straight side of my new staircases would be easy, but now the groundshadow has disappeared and is instead showing up on the stairs themselves. There should be three different kinds of shadows for my stairs: the groundshadow, the shadows that provide shading on the sides, and these little shadows under the posts, but the shadow texture is now showing up where the posts on the straight side used to be.

All of my attempts to fix this have been met with complete insolence from the staircases (including removing the straight-side's post shadows and combining the post shadows with the groundshadow/sides shadows): pitch-black shadows and difficulty moving the cases once placed is unacceptable!

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Description: The stairs in question
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To get rid of the shadows on the stair treads, you can delete the mesh for staircasestraightdeco_shadows_alpha, and any references in SHPE and TXMT. OR (easier, maybe) change its target in SHPE to the null TXMT (##0x1C050000!joselle-a-memorable-staircase-staircasestraightartnouveau_null) and don't bother with deleting the mesh.

The groundshadow seems to be there - in both your pic and in SimPE - it's just really faint. If you want it more visible, you can either stretch the groundshadow mesh a little bit, or edit the genericrectangularsharpguob-alpha texture file to have a little more white to the sides.

ETA: Just realized that the method above will also remove the rail shadows on the curvy side. If you want to retain those shadows, you need to edit the staircasestraightdeco_shadows_alpha mesh in Blender or MilkShape and delete only the little squares that line up on the straight side, reimport the edited mesh, and make no changes to SHPE at all.


We have been stuck too long with "New Mesh" as the apex of creation.
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@dARE Thank you!! I made the change you suggested, and it worked beautifully.

As for your ETA, well, every time I tried to mess with the mesh for the deco-shadows-alpha mesh IN ANY WAY, the stairs would throw an epic hissy fit, so they are just going to sit there and pout (while being tied to the null in SHPE LOL). As far as I recall, the shadows for the stair-sides should be tied to the groundshadow mesh, so I don't think they'll be gone? I didn't notice anything when I was taking pictures earlier.

If it looks really bad I'll update again, but I've already uploaded this new version, since they work and look good.

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