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Hey guys,
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I'm trying this again and dang it's hard! Family members dying left and right, even with high athletic skill. I'm on day 21 now, it's autumn and I still have children in the household, so it's probably goodbye to them soon, with the germy moodlet hitting almost daily.

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Default UNOFFICIAL improvements
So I've been watching a Let's Play of this challenge recently and it reminded me of some issues I was facing back when I was playing it myself. I really wanted to give it another go and test some "improvements" I came up with to give it some spice. And I figured why not to share with with others? Maybe some people will like them too? So here we go

There were three things bothering me about this brilliant challenge I otherwise love very much:
1. If you focus on maxxing out your sims' Athletic skill, they are almost immortal becuse the chance of dying to the virus is very low in that case so they are just immune most of the time. It felt somewhat too powerful because you just have a lot of time in the early stages of the game to train them all the way up.
2. The ending still didn't feel hopeless enough for my taste. Too many sims survived
3. The days when there are no events are usually just killing time and waiting for one, which can get boring sometimes, especially when you're stuck at home.
Plus if you've played it once and know what happens and when, it is even easier to use the right strategy the next time you play it.

So to address lack of events and things to do plus to give it some variety in another attempts, I created a table of random events which are rolled for each midnight if there is not a regular event going on that day. I tried to come up with events that will give you some objectives to fulfill or take away some of your resources so you have to make an effort to replace them, or just wreak havoc on your sims' relationships and so on. There are two separate tables of random events, one is for the first half of the challenge and the other is for the second half. Most of them differ, trying to fit the vibe of that part of the game. The events for the second part are also naturally more hardcore to add to the thrill

Countdown random events
Day 60 - 30:
1. Illegal party - Screw the rules! Your sims want to have a party! Host a party and invite as many sims as you can to it. Make food for everyone and don't worry, people will surely bring some too. Order a pizza if you still can. And then invite the pizza delivery boy to join you, too. Dance, drink, party hard! Sure, everyone has to do a virus check, but who cares, right?
2. Blackout - Seems like your sims are without electricity today. Bummer. (re-roll after Day 33)
3. Broken fridge - Your refridgerator stopped working and all your food inside went bad. It will take a while to fix though. You have to delete all meal leftovers, fish and meats from your fridge and you cannot store any new leftovers in there until the next day.
4. Boredom - Being stuck at home all the time is boooring! Your sims are feeling unmotivated and can't do any skill building today.
5. Tempting fate - One of your sims is feeling rebellious today and decided to visit a neighbour across the street despite the quarantine. They have to leave early in the morning and go over to the closest neighbour house. They have to spend all day at the neighbour's place and can only go back home after dark.
6. Garden pests - All your plants got infested with some nasty parasites and died overnight.
7. Love is in the air - Every young adult or older sim must woohoo at least once today. If there are no valid options within your household, they have to lure in an outsider (townie/NPC). If it's after Day 45, they have to Try for Baby instead (if possible).
8. Water shortage - You cannot use any water today. Not even for watering plants. Also you can't clean anything. Yuck!
9. Protest - People are protesting against the curfew and your sims are not going to stay behind. All young adults and adults in your household must visit City Hall lot and hold a protest. You can make a real protest event if you have University Life, or you can just hang around for a while, pretending
10. Unexpected guest - An old friend of your sims appeared at your doorstep all of sudden, begging to stay for a while until the situation gets better. Invite a sim over to your house and ask them to stay the night. Everyone in the house has to do a virus check. The sim has to stay until the next day. If you have any Good sim in your household, you have to ask the visitor to move in unless your household is already full. If you don't have any Good sims, you can decide to either move the friend in or let him/her go. If you move them in, you don't have to do a virus check again.
11. Paranoia - One of your sims is having hard time to cope with the whole situation. Choose a sim with the lowest mood at the moment (child or older) and have them argue with everyone until their relationship drops in red. Then have the sim spend the rest of the day isolated from everyone else, doing something to make them forget about the reality (reading/playing games/listening to music/playing a guitar/drinking etc.)
12. Skilling spree - Your sims decided it was time to use their free time in a meaningful way. Every sim in your family has to earn at least one skill point in a skill they haven't learned yet.
13. Leisure day - Your sims are once again allowed a day out! You can visit a local park from 1pm to 5pm and enjoy whatever activities you choose while there. All shops and stands are closed.
14. Reinforcements - All able-bodied sims are called to reinforce the thinning ranks of various emergency crews. All Young Adult and Adult sims have to report at either Military Base, Police Station, Science Facility, Hospital or Mausoleum at 8am. They have to stay there until 6pm (taking tours or whatever). They don't have to do a virus check unless they touch someone. If you have any children who cannot stay at home alone, you can leave one sim at home to take care of them instead of going to "work".
15. Test subject - They are testing a new vaccine in the local hospital and are looking for volunteers. You can send one of your sims (teen or older) to take a tour around the hospital and then roll a die.
1-2...the sim has to do a virus check
3-4...nothing happens.
4-5...the sim becomes immune
16. Competition - A competition is hosted in the community today. Your sims are allowed to visit a community lot and participate. It can be any game that is available to you: darts, chess, eating contest, snowball fight.... If your sim wins, give them §1,000 (kaching cheat).
17. Neighbour's kids - A desperate neighbour asked you to babysit their kids for a day. You can't really refuse. Find a neighbour who has a child and a toddler or create a family in CAS and move them into your town. Then move the two kids into your house (or if it's full, invite them over for a day) and take good care of them from 8am to 8pm. Then the neighbour will pick them up again and you can move them out/send them home. You don't have to do a virus check, they're not sick.
18. Outbreak - Everyone has to do a virus check.
19. Calm before the storm - Nothing really happens today.
20. Lucky day - You don't have to do any virus checks today!

Day 29 - 0:
1. Rats - They came out of nowhere and ate everything they could find. You have to delete every food item on your lot and in your sims' inventories. They didn't harm your plants or anything growing on them though.
2. Thief - Someone managed to harvest your garden and get away before you noticed. You may not harvest any plants on your lot today, except for those locked inside of your house.
3. Raiders - Bad guys raided your house. You have to either fight them off or retreat to safety. Roll a 20-sided die to determine raiders' strength.
Fighting: Choose sims who will fight for you. These have to be teens or older. Their strength is their Athletic skill points combined. Then roll a 20-sided die once for your sims and once for raiders and add the number to the group's strength.
You win: If your final score is more that the raiders' score, they are defeated and your house is safe. They even left an item you could use. (Use money cheats if needed.) Roll a die to see what it is:
1 - a bag of supplies: 25 food items of your choice (buy them at grocery store)
2 - a weapon: add +5 to your score each time you are fighting raiders from now on
3 - a bicycle: you can buy a bike stand and a bike
4 - a motorcycle: you can buy a parking space and the cheapest motorcycle
5 - a car: you can buy a parking space and the cheapest car
6 - a sim: one of the thugs begs for their life, promising to work hard for you if you let them stay and join you. Maybe your numbers are spreading thin or you could simply use an expendable sim for high-risk missions? You can create a sim aged between Teen to Adult of either gender. He/she is Athletic and Kleptomaniac and you can choose the rest of their traits to your liking. That sim is not infected and you don't have to do any virus checks.
It's a tie: If your scores are exactly the same, your sims were able to fend off the thugs, but they have been injured and need to rest and heal for the rest of the day. The sims participating in the fight may not leave the lot or engage in any skill building or work. They have to rest as much as possible until the next day.
You lose: If your final score is less than the raiders' score, all your sims participating in the fight are either killed or badly injured. Roll a die for each one: Odd number means they were killed, even number they survived but were injured. Injured sims must not leave the lot or engage in any skill building or work. They have to rest as much as possible until the next day. At least your other sims managed to escape. Your family loses all their food, books, skill building objects, electronics, generators, vehicles, lights, decór, colectibles and crafted items. The raiders cleared your house thoroughly. They also harvested all your veggies and destroyed your garden, leaving only trees and freshly planted seeds.
Regardless of the result, all sims participating in the fight (and surviving it) have to do a virus check.
Running: Your family has fled the house, leaving their precious possessions behind to save their own lives. Your sims must stay away from their lot for a whole day. They also lose all their food, books, skill building objects, electronics, generators, vehicles, lights, decór, colectibles and crafted items. The raiders cleared your house thoroughly. They also harvested all your veggies and destroyed your garden, leaving only trees and freshly planted seeds.
4. Wild animals - Wild animals ate all your outdoor plants while you were sleeping. Delete them all.
5. Sickness - One of your sims is very ill. Though it's not T-12 virus, it's looking very grim. One of your sims will need to go to the local hospital and attempt to scavenge some antibiotics (take a tour). If they successfully make it back home before midnight, the sick sim is saved. If not, the weakest sim in your household will die (a sim with lowest Athletic skill - youngest if there's a tie).
6. Lust - If you have two sims who can, they have to try for a baby no matter if they are together or not. If your household is full, they have to at least woohoo. If you don't have two such sims, one of your sims have to befriend some townie or NPC and try for a baby with them.
7. Cabin fever - All sims in your household aged child or older must become enemies with each other. They cannot attempt to mend their relationship until the next day.
8. Depression - Check all your sims aged teen and older and whoever has the lowest mood at the moment becomes severely depressed. You have until 6AM to get them as happy as possible. From that time on, check on their mood frequently and if it ever drops below green, the sim will ask the Reaper to take them away (you have to kill the sim).
9. Riots - It's not safe to go to the town today. You can only move around the outskirts and must avoid community lots.
10. Bad storm - The weather today is so bad that your sims have to stay inside all day.
11. Foundling - Your sims discovered an abandoned baby and decided it was simply too cruel to let it die. You have to adopt a baby unless your household is full.
12. Wall collapse - The shack your sims are living in is shoddy and old and a part of its wall have collapsed. Delete three units of your house's outer wall. The only way to repair it is to collect 10 rocks (can be space rock, unsmelted metal or uncut gem) or pieces of scrap per a unit of wall. You can also delete a fully grown fruit tree from your garden to substitute for 5 rocks. As soon as you collect the necessary materials, delete them and replace the missing wall. Repairing the wall may take longer than one day and the damage will stack with other wall collapse events that may occur later, so you better repair it quick!
13. Refugee - A refugee is seeking shelter in your family. You can accept them or send them away. If you accept, everyone in your family has to run a virus check. Then create a new sim to add into your family. You can choose any age from child to elder and either gender that suits you. However, you have to randomize their traits. The refugee brings with them one book of your choice, 5 units of food of your choice and a sleeping bag (if you don't have sleeping bags in your game, you can buy them a cheapest single bed).
14. Water shortage - You cannot use any water today. Not even for watering plants. Also you can't clean anything. Yuck!
15. Controversial offer - Another group of survivors sent a message to your family. Without any women they are dying out and are offering you food and guns in exchange for a woman in fertile age (teen to adult). If you disagree, they won't give you trouble. If you agree, you will get 50 food items of your choice and +10 bonus against raiders, but you have to move out one of your teen/YA/A female sims. You can never move that sim back again.
16. Rebellious teen - If you have any teens in your family, one of them decides to run away from your group and join a local raider gang. Make the teen enemies with all other household members and move him/her out. You are allowed to befriend that sim again and ask them to move back in with you. However, all other sims in your household will have to do a virus check in that case.
If your only teen is the last grown up sim in your household, this event does not take place.
17. Nostalgia - Your sims are feeling nostalgic about their long lost home. Someone of the original residents from the first half of the challenge needs to go to their old address and spend at least two hours wandering around. You can then buy one item that was in the original house and is reasonably sized (use common sense) and place it in your current shack. The sim brought it back to remind them the good old times.
18. Outbreak - Everyone has to do a virus check.
19. Calm before the storm - Nothing really happens today.
20. Lucky day - You don't have to do any virus checks today!

You cannot have the same event happen two days in the row so if you roll the same number as you got the day before, re-roll til you get something else.

Now I am sure there are a lot of people who think I am insane to say the challenge is not hard enough, but I am a seasoned Apocalypse Challenge player and I can play pretty efficiently and it just wasn't hard enough for my taste. So in case there are some poeple around like me, I will share my other "improvements":

Day 30: Part of the new mutation of the virus is also that it ignores the first 3 points of Athletic your sims have when making the 2nd roll. That means if you have 7 Athletic and roll 6, you would normally survive because 12-7=5. Now the first 3 points of Athletic are ignored, which leaves you with only 4 points to deduct: 12-4=8, which is too high and your sim will die. This will essentially push you to pursue high levels of Athletic, which are more difficult and time-consuming to achieve than the first few levels are.

Now I moved some events a little to make space for an extra one:

Day 11 event -> moved to Day 12

Day 8 event -> moved to Day 10

And now the events are as follows:

T-12 Threshold: 11

A new strand of the virus has emerged! Any immune sims are no longer immune.
The virus has mutated into an even more aggressive form than ever before, ignoring the first 5 points of your sim's Athletic skill when making the 2nd roll.
Furthermore, the virus is present in the air in such abundance that all your sims now have to do a virus check every day (midnight) in addition to your regular virus checks when coming in contact with other sims or feeling ill.

T-12 Threshold: 11

The virus now exists in so many varieties that it's impossible to develop long-term immunity anymore. Immune sims are no longer immune and there is no immunity beyond this point.

T-12 Threshold: 12

The Doomsday is here! Everyone is sick! At noon (12pm) every sim in your household needs to roll directly for the virus (ignore the first roll altogether). If any of your original sims or their children survived, you win!
(Now try to survive THIS, hehe )

So that is basically how I tweaked the challenge for my next playthrough. If someone wants to give it a go, let me know how it went
And Misty I hope you won't be mad to me for messing with your challenge I think you did a wonderful job creating it, really
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If anyone is interested, you can follow my current game of the Doomsday Challenge at my blog: https://miaangelinasims.wordpress.c...sday-challenge/
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I gotta say this challenge has a whole lot different feeling to it in times like this. Everyone stay safe... <3 <3 <3
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Listen, is this thread a little dead? Sure, 12 months so, but that's ok.
I wanted to post to say I'm back. 7 years since the first time I played this challenge! Starting it yet again

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