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Default New Creators Gallery, December!
Hello all! What with northern hemisphere days getting disgustingly cold and it getting dark around lunchtime, we seem to have got a big crop of fabulous new creators this month, including one who fixed some absolutely terrible EA texturing in great style. Hopefully we'll get even more over the Christmas holidays.

AvatarCreatorFirst UploadGame
aminovasDefault Cow Re-texture for the Farm Fresh Folk Cow (Overrides)
symuxDisable University Life social interactions in non-University worlds (Miscellaneous)
FertieModern Beach House (No CC) (Residential)
AsIsCeltic Medieval Kilt (Everyday)
KawabJedi Order Career (Careers)
Charity10 Recolours of Mercury Sims' Male Kimono for Adult/YA/Elder Males (Everyday)
afissiswantiniThe Mo-House (Residential)
DanjaleySleigh for Toddlers (Miscellaneous)
Beenbo1015"The Teen Heart Throb" Three Posters (Decorative)
King CandyThe Shogun's Castle (Community)
jolouiseswift1991Danthonia Court - A University Dorm for your Sims! (Apartments)
fer456No autonomous go to home! - ¡¡Please RE-DOWNLOAD!! (Overrides)
CalendulaVignoble Nectary: A petite Nectary for Dragon Valley - No CC (Community)
SweetAmberkinsPomegranate Evening Dress for AF (Formal)
Glmr972-Story Family Home (Residential)
Devon99Violeth (Other)
haydenmoore911Suburban Family Home! (Residential)
mixa97srFinal Fantasy Castle! (Residential)
claireguitarNo More Autonomous Change Into Outerwear! (Overrides)
darkmoonightMiniature Horses-4 of them! (Animals)
Anais123An interesting modern cottage (Residential)
Scarlet_117Sarah (Other)

Thankyou and congrats to all you lovely people!

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Congratulations to you all.

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Glad to see myself here
Congrats everyone!
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Welcome new creators and I hope to see more uploads from all of you.

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always happy seeing newbies on board. Welcome all, and I look forward to downloading your contents
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Welcome and congratulations new creators

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Yaay! Congratulations, new creators.

Just call me Blake! :)
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Congratulations, new creators, on your first upload and your new shiny, orange names!

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How nice, lots of new creators again, congratulations!
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Welcome to the new creators

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Awesome! I hope I will be there soon
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Welcome new creators! Yay for more imaginative and fun stuffs!

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/me gets into the spirit of things and congratulates the December new creators again, then notices it's February...

I am Ghost. My husband is sidneydoj. I post, he downloads, and I wanted to keep my post count.
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