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Default New Creators, January!
I've had the pleasure of approving some fabulous first uploads in the last few weeks. Thanks to all you lovely creators! :D

AvatarCreatorFirst UploadGame
brysonjrOnce Upon a Time's Ruby (Celebrities & Real People)
Titi022002Venice - a Street reproduction of Burano District. [NO CC] (Residential)
simgrassalidaleCottage Thatch for your sims! (Roofing)
Just_TweensRetro H&M Polka dot dresses for Young Adult and Adult (Everyday)
SomeHSDrake Farell-Male sim (HOT) (Other)
springrosesNew Year Sequin Dresses for FA (Formal)
AzureKitsuneRename WooHoo! to Make Love (Overrides)
Rue St-GermainI Saw Three Ships - Ancient Careers for Navigators (Careers)
EchoDreadhowlBoxer Career [TS3] (Careers)
fruitsymphonyWallpapers from the 1960s and 70s (Walls and Floors)
AudioclaveHis Majesty Peter Wyngarde (Celebrities & Real People)
YoshiitezaAja Espinoza: Beautifully Brown & Multicultural Collection (Other)
MeesterAmber House (Residential)
Blue775 Action Poses (with Pose List) (Poses and Animations)
bellakenobiAna Marie - a lake house (Residential)
LadyMaraCourtyard Villa Apartments NO CC! (Apartments)
marmbite1233 Spring avenue (Residential)
SmithFamiliesSimHouseMaster Chief Helmet Recolors! (Male)
eman721205 Robin Lane (Residential)
xDemoiselleGothiqueHearthome - a heart-shaped city (Neighborhoods & CAS Screens)
Chrystali8iPhone 5S (Electronics)
GingerstixxFree Spirit - Pose Pack (Poses and Animations)
WhacktheM0l3Hooked "Mako" Eyebrows (Facial Hair)
sami_babezOld Timer's Cottage (Residential)
fluorescentadolescent"Sway With Me" - 8 H&M Dress Recolors (Mixed Sets)
allymonk95"Believe It or Dot!" 5 Cupcake Dresses for AF (Everyday)
fishturtleSerena Oliver--the Flute Personified (Other)
celebkiriedhelFalling Water Build Set - Repository and Recolours (Doors & Windows)
chuckles_82No More Minor Pets and Wildflowers on Regular Spawners (Overrides)
Bubbly918Skysims Hair 171 Retexture Teen-Elder Female (Female)
Meagan JoEnvisage (Residential)
Naus AllienSport Bench (Sims Pet Stories -> TS3 Conversion) (Comfort)
gamefreak130Toddlers and (Optional!) Pets can Use Stereos (Overrides)
peachiekeneSim-Cola (INSTANT MEAL DEFAULT REPLACEMENT) 2 versions (Object Mods)
KayinwonderlandBulgarian Sheep Dog (Animals)
SeremelaAmandFarmhouse Dorothy (Residential)

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Welcome new creators, happy to have you here!

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Welcome to the dark side and congrats to all of you!
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Thankyou for your welcome. It feels both exciting and weird to be considered a new creator. :D

Simthing for everyone

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Welcome everyone, so good to see new creators, especially for TS2.

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Welcome to the creator pool!

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Pretty much new creators for Sims 2. TS2 lurkers can consider themself lucky

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Congratulations, and welcome. Have fun seeing your name in orange.

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Welcome new creators!Keep up with uploading your stuff here!
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Thanks a lot (: I am so excited
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Ty all is an honor to be surrounded by such talented creators and to be a new creator on the best Sims site on the net :D

You only live once make the most of it..:)
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Congratulations to all new creators for the first approved upload. Thank you for sharing your work with us and welcome here at MTS. Your talent is highly appreciated. Keep up the good work!
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Good to have you ll around and I must say lovely contents from you all. Really appreciated your sharing with us and hope to see more
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Welcome new creators! :D

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Default need faster skill an Lower skill mods plus the all food with the new 1.66 update
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[shriek] Thank you for the recognition! I really appreciate it. <3
18th Jan 2014 at 7:02 PM
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thanks for welcoming me
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Congratulations new creators!

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