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Default Cant form groups with self employed sims as they always say they are about to go to work.
My active sim cant form groups with any of his friends who have self employed careers as they are always about to head to "work" even though self employed have open work hours.
I think that this happens because of those open hours as I guess the game sees it as all hours are working hours. But what can I do to still be able to form groups with those sims, apart from making them quit jobs?
Is there a mod I can use to force an outing? Nraas maybe? Anything else?
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have you tried visiting a place with "go to lot with" function? That always seem to work to form groups.

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He does follow me there, but the grouping itself doesn't happen, so its never an official outing.
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What if you were to use NRaas MasterController to give the self-employed sims the day off, meaning doing so a day in advance of the planned outing?
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It magically got fixed by restarting the game. At least with that sim, really weird. If it happens again I will try as Igazor suggested and get back to this thread. But as it stands now my sims were just pulling "its just a prank, bro" on me lol.
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