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Need a great gaming laptop for the sims 3
I have a budget around a 1000 bucks to buy a new gaming laptop for the sims 3. I would like to play the game on high settings with reshade and a whole lot of mods and CC without any lag or crashes if possible. Right now I have two gaming laptops that I'm considering, but I don't know which one to choose from. One of them is a HP pavilion, 16.1 inch gaming laptop with a gtx 1660ti, intel core i5-10300H and 512 gb of ssd with 8 gb of ram for 900 bucks on amazon. The other is a 2020 Asus TUF F15 , 15.6 inch premium gaming laptop with intel quad core i5- 10300H, 8gb of ram, 512 gb of ssd and a gtx 1650ti with a rgb backlit keyboard for 850 bucks on amazon. I would like to know if anyone could tell me which one would be better? I know that a gtx 1660ti would obviously be better than a 1650ti but the Asus TUF laptop seems a bit more better built than the HP, although I could be wrong. I'm willing to look at some better options if recommend, but I figured that these two laptops should do just fine. I just need a great gaming laptop that's not going to overheat or give me any problems in the future while playing.
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They're good laptops. Still, for a $1000? Seems a bit high these days especially with laptop going down and people are more into tablets and combos. That being said, do you have a Costco account? Look up their websites for laptops. Even if you don't have a Costco account, they have items on sale on Costco website that are better deals, you just have to pay an additional nonmember 5% fee.

Anyways, the breakdown is either one of them will run TS3 on high setting, but I don't use reshade so I can't tell you much about it.

Intel i5- 10300H: This will do just fine at 45W TDP

Nvidia gtx 1650ti: 50-80W

Nvidia gtx 1660ti: 80W

It is exactly as you expect the 2 cards are identical except one is slightly faster and consumes more power. You have to decide for yourself what is your preference. More power could means that it will fight your CPU for power since your CPU TDP is 45W. If not balanced correctly, you might be sacrificing GPU performance for CPU or vica versa. Maybe, I don't know since I don't have time to do the math.

Relatively speaking, there really isn't that much of a difference between 1 quality level in these cards to be really concerned about. Buy one you are "comfortable with." I don't know much about ASUS, but personal opinion, being someone who owns a HP gaming laptop, it is the worst laptop I've ever bought. After 1 year, the fan lost oil traction and I had to keep oiling it and it stinks. The motherboard burnt out after 4 years and I had to replace it. It also overheats like crazy so now I run a cooling pad. But that is my laptop, they may have improved it since.

Personal opinion is the "quality" of the laptop the most important and brands do matter. Just like if you buy a Honda Civic at an economic price or buy a high end Saturn, which is a piece of crap.

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