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Default Sims4Studio stuck on Extracting Tuning for a long time... Help!
Hi. I'm new to modding and I'd like to know how long it typically takes to extract tuning. Mine's at a little around 40 minutes now, and I think it's never gonna finish.

Edit: It's letting me highlight buttons as if I can click them. Is it technically done but it won't say that it's done?!

Edit #2: Before you say 'read this tutorial', I am following a few tutorials. They said it was supposed to take several minutes but I didn't think that meant 40+ minutes.

Edit #3: I guess I'm REALLY impatient cause it just finished after about an hour (don't know exactly how long though).
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Seems like you accidentally posted it in ts3 rather than the ts4 forum, so I moved the thread for you  Hopefully someone will be able to help!

Personally I've always noticed it takes a little. I wonder if it might be PC related, as in, if you have a low-end PC, it taking a bit longer. Since that was the case for me in the past 
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It's mostly like this for everyone. Having a decent computer helps but it's still going to take a while regardless of your specs, and with each pack we get it becomes worse. I haven't kept track but mine is at least at 20 min, but with XML Extractor it's less than 6 minutes

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