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Default EasySTBLManager for TS4
This is a port of the STBL management tool I did for TS3, with an added function to batch copy strings from one STBL to another in the same package. This is kind of a quickie and needs more testing, especially to make sure the modified STBLs work in-game, so use caution and keep a backup of your original package.

Extract and run EasySTBLmanager.exe.

Edit: There's a weird bug when using the Musher function which I'll get to ASAP. Use at your own risk meanwhile.

And another edit: The bug was in my brain, I confused Spanish with Portuguese. That'll teach me to test when I'm tired. Everything seems to be working okay, but keep backups.

6/20/17: Version - Cosmetic changes to correct problems with display and resizing.

6/20/17: Version - Fixed errors causing modified STBLs to crash the game and garbled display of strings in the tool after modification.
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This is so helpful! Especially the Musher Part to copy single Strings only!

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