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Default can i import a new bodyshape from another game and use it as preset??
hi guys.. i kknow how to create presets for the sims 4, but i wanted to import a more realistic bodyshape as preset, so in milkshape i modified and merged the base body of the sims 4 and a realistic bodyshape i did for the sims 2, but when i try to create the file with the sims 4 morph maker, it obviously says that the number of vertices do nhot correspond between the base body and the modified one.. do u guys know if there is a way in the sims 4 to export higher poly body meshes?? in the sims 2 t was really easy

anyways, here is the body:
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File Type: rar sims4bodyhd.rar (327.3 KB, 13 downloads)
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