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Default Is the Sims4Studio site functioning? other ways to make walls?
I have been trying for a couple of days to register at the Sims4Studio site so I could download the program & make walls. For a long time I kept getting the message that any user name I tried to use was unavailable, but I finally guessed the trick that the user name had to be less than 6 letters. Now the validation code isn't coming. But the most recent posts are pretty recent!

Just in case the site isn't alive, is there another tool for recoloring/ making WTF packages? I did quite a lot of both in Sims 1 and Sims 2 & I'm itching to do it again.

Edit: I found TSR Workshop & I'm working out how to use it but the tutorial page won't load & I don't remember my account details at TSR (from 10? or more years ago) so I can't read the forums there, so I'm going to mostly extrapolate from earlier experiences & hopt for the best.
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It is alive, that's weird. Try clearing your web browser cookies/cache. Also, I just checked, but you can download the program without having to register.

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Thank you! When I looked before I was sure I saw "you must register to download!"
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