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Default The Matrix Legacy Challenge
I don't have the strength to get into whether we're living in a computer simulation. But do you know who's definitely living in a computer simulation? Our sims. And if they were to figure that out, here's one of the ways I think it might go down!

General Rules:
Set lifespan to normal.
Unlike many challenges, cheats are fact they're your main source of income! Because you're hacking into the world. Here are the restrictions on them:
Once you have 10pts in both logic and programming you can use the kaching cheat once a day. Once you have mastered charisma, fitness, rocket science and handiness on top of logic and programming you can use the motherlode cheat once a week. Tell me if, after playing the challenge a bit, you think this is too much and please give me your ideas on how to tweak the numbers!
You can design and move in a partner once you've mastered all the skills needed for motherlode, although they have to remain oblivious - cannot develop any programming skill (I'd advise you to put a lock on your sim's computer.)
Every day, you have to hack something and every week you have to roll a dice for a random thing to happen.
None of this - cheats, hacking, events etc can start until your current sim has level 10 programming skill. Make them reach it as soon as possible.
If you have multiple, pick your favourite child to succeed and then either move them or all their siblings out.
Have fun playing this and please please please let me know if you enjoy it!

Events (pick a day of the week for these to happen on and roll a dice whenever that day comes):
1: They might not be able to stop you, but they sure can cut your funding. Reduce your money to zero and don't use cheats for the rest of the week.
2: Again, no killing. But reduce your lifespan to short and keep it like that until the next generation.
3: Turn your partner into a total stranger in seconds with a relationship cheat!
4: Glitches aren't always bad...use the motherlode cheat three times regardless of whether you have the skills yet.
5: Move out and to an empty lot (slap a random townie in your house so you don't take any furniture with you).
6: Again, benign glitches...increase all your existing skills by 1 level.

Generation 1: The Founder
Aspiration: Computer Whiz. Traits: Genius, Bookworm, Hates Children
You had a normal childhood. Loving parents, non-terrible grades, a few friends even. You were always good with computers, though. And when you mastered programming, you found something very strange. You dug a bit deeper, and your whole world fell apart when you realised. You dropped out of everything, becoming obsessed with escaping. After all, what else could have any meaning now? You never liked kids, and only had one to make sure your legacy would continue when it became clear you weren't going to be able to finish your mission in your lifetime.
NNote: I had a lot of fun having this sim be born organically, making their parents and having them grow up, but it definitely isn't a requirement.
Reach level ten programming skill quickly, preferably before adulthood if you play as a teen.
Only ever use the worst class of anything (none of it is real anyway, why bother?)
Adopt your first and only child as an elder. Make sure they have the top notch toddler trait and complete an aspiration but don't really bother with them beyond that, make sure you're never close.
Complete the Computer Whiz aspiration.

Generation 2: The Family Guy/Gal
Aspiration: Big Happy Family. Traits: Outgoing, Family Oriented, Cheerful.
Your upbringing was pretty darn terrible. Your only parent was cold and dismissive so you resolve to never, ever, treat your kids like that. So you build your family and love them to pieces. Oh and try and topple the system you're trapped in. That too. But the family stuff is more fun.
Meet your partner organically, no person creation here!
Become soulmates with said partner, and good friends with all your kids. Have at least one kid and adopt at least one more (unless you're gay, in which case adopt at least two or fiddle with the gender settings!
Complete the big happy family aspiration.
Never let your partner see you hacking.
Make sure all your kids have the top notch toddler trait.

Generation 3: The Wordsmith.
Aspiration: Bestselling Author Traits: Creative, Loner, Perfectionist
You've always loved writing, and your parents always told you to follow your dreams. But, obviously, beautiful creativity doesn't mean much in a computer game. So when it comes to zealousness you almost rival your grandparent. You are dedicated to destroying the fake world you live in. And so, the bestselling book series. Totally, completely fiction, you assure everyone. Wink wink nudge nudge. People now joke about the simulation they live in. And then they start to notice the glitches.
Complete the bestselling author aspiration and have all your books themed around the simulation.
Create and move in your partner and cheat their romance bar, relationship building is time consuming.
Complete the writer career as a journalist on top of all your novels.
Ignore your child as much as humanly possible, but have them organically (shouldn't be a problem regardless of partner's gender because you're creating them).

Generation 4: The Cult Leader.
Aspiration: Friend of The World. Traits: Genius, Erratic, Outgoing.
The realisation drives you a little mad. Well, it drives everyone a little mad, but you especially. So you start a cult. The whole 'only one aware of the world we're living in' gets to you, and you start truly believing you're god. And now you can rule over your own little world.
Recruit at least four members (or as many as you can if you have a household size increase mod).
After you've recruited enough followers, fill up the rest of the cult with children.
Never use cheats, live off what you can make by hacking.
Designate one cult member as the artist and have them fill every wall with either surrealist or from reference of people hacking paintings.
I've left the mechanics of this cult pretty much up to you because they're fun to make and play around with, but again tell me if you want more specifics!

Generation 5: The Socialite
Aspriation: Party Animal. Traits: Confident, Outgoing, Noncommital.
What do you mean your upbringing in a cult might have scarred you a bit? You're fine. Completely fine. And you'll find that out at the party. Which is not a replacement for a stable home at all. So what if the world isn't real? It feels real. It feels fun. So you make your way through life, partying and trying to amass as much wealth as possible.
Complete the Party Animal aspiration and then either the Serial Romantic and Mansion Baron (or both if you like a challenge).
Use money cheats at every possible opportunity.
Cheat for the player trait, make a bunch of your dream people but romance them without cheats.
Throw a party every day.
'Accidentally' get pregnant and never acknowledge your child.

Generation 6: The Reset
Aspration: Angling Ace. Traits: Cheerful, Bookworm, Neat.
You're a pretty average sim. Unfufilling career, partner and 2.5 kids, fishing the one hobby you really enjoy. You're content, if not massively happy. Oh, and you have no memory whatsoever of your childhood. Just one of those things, huh?
Max out the business career (either branch), complete the Angling Ace aspiration and become an adult before you can start developing the programming skill at all.
Meet your partner normally.
Erase all skills and reward traits from childhood and teenagerdom.
You must also max out the logic skill before you realise something is wrong and can start cheating.

Generation 7: The Gamer
Aspiration: Computer Whiz. Traits: Geek, Genius, Goofball.
It might feel a bit weird to play a video game inside a video game. But they're just sofun! Besides, you think of it as training. It has to develop some skills, right? If escaping the Matrix turned out to be one big video game, you'd be amazing at it. Oddly, for someone so averse to growing up, you feel a huge attachment to your kid and try to raise them as best as you can.
Complete the Computer Whiz aspiration.
Complete the Tech Guru Career in the esports gamer branch.
Max out the video gaming skill.
Live entirely of pizza and quick meals and what you can mooch of friends until you have your child, then you can start cooking.
Become good friends with your child and make sure they complete a childhood aspiration and get the Top Notch Toddler trait.

Generation 8: The Muscle
Aspiration: Bodybuilder. Traits: Active, Good, Slob.
You've never been as smart as most of your family, but you try your hardest. Sports have always been your absolute favourite thing and you throw yourself into them, trying to become as strong as you can possibly be just in case you can punch your way out of the Matrix.
Complete the Bodybuilder aspiration.
Complete the Athlete career in the Bodybuilder branch.
Marry your high school sweetheart.
Must max out fitness on top of programming before you can start.
Visit your parents once a week at the very least.

Generation 9: The Glitch.
Aspiration: Random. Traits: Random.
You don't know what happened, you don't know where you are or who you are. You don't know or remember anything. You're in a white room, with just a computer. You never get hungry or tired. Something's wrong. You just don't know what.
Lock need decay and aging before you reach level 10 programming skill, after that give yourself a bed, toilet, shower and fridge and reenable both.
But only if they're the colour you pick for your room; everything has to be in that colour.
Mess around with the 'set as head' debug (shift and click) to make the computer massive.
When you've reached level 10 programming, make a very, very messed up sim (that fits with the colour scheme, and move them in.
Have a child with said sim.
When you've maxed out every skill it is possible to max out with the computer alone, move out, taking your partner with you.
Realise that you're genuinely in love with your partner, eyes where their teeth should be eyes where their schmeeth should be, complete the soulmate aspiration with them and have a kid or two.

Generation 10: The End.
Aspiration: Renaissance Sim. Traits: Good, Outgoing, Genius.
You have to get out. It's time. Your family has worked for it for decades, and you're going to achieve it. Just not alone. You gain the influence of the most powerful people in the world. You can't tell them straight away, of course, unless you like being laughed into next week. So you bide your time, climbing the ranks, gaining trust and slowly documenting everything. And then, finally, you can tell them. You're finally going to do this thing.
Complete the Renaissance Sim aspiration.
Complete the Secret Agent Career as a Diamond Agent.
After Renaissance Sim, complete Friend of the World.
Max out all the skills needed to do the motherlode cheat and three more.

And then you've done it! You've escaped! Big up you, round of applause, please send me pictures again and I hope you enjoyed!!
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I love this idea. I'm going to start on it as soon as I finish my current challenge.
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Originally Posted by ember.rain72
I love this idea. I'm going to start on it as soon as I finish my current challenge.

Wooh! So excited to see how it goes!
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