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Default Mt komorebi legacy challenge
Mt komorebi legacy challenge is a challenge in in my general that might be good for those explore sims in you in this challenge you mist have two different families one which is your main family you will be playing with and the other being the family your betrothed lives in

In your main household you should have a mom , dad, one or two grandparents , and a teen daughter or son . if you decide to have a daughter she must have self assured , proper and romantic after the traits have been assigned you must put her for formal in a few kimono's and at least 2 kimonos for her everyday wear and they must live by the temple.
Now time for the challenge. Before she reaches young adult she must master the charisma skill, and the cooking skill and have a at least a A in school. And she must clean anything that is dirty or mop up any spills and take out the garbage, she must clean if there is anything to clean . and after she must do her homework . friday - sunday she must go on dates with her betrothed. After the sunday date before she must go home look in the romance section of the socials and click court its like flirting but once she has courted she must go on dates from 7 to 9 Friday - sunday with the betrothed and among the course of the dates she must over a rose to the betrothed , give a gift friendly or romantic , she may not mess around with him until there married. Once the teen ages up to a young adult she must live with his family and sleep in a different bed as him in there room after 2 sim weeks he must propose to her in front of her family and his . once engaged he must master the handiness skill the comedy skill , and get a job as either a writer aka the manga writer career in my opinion or a salary person. Once that is established after marriage they must start working on there family after the two toddlers turns into kids they must move to a another household in mt komorebi. And she must have at least 5 kids . each kid must master four skills before they can age up into a teen
Two out of 5 teens should have the the new. aspirations that came with snowy escape the other three must have soulmate , faboulsy whelthy , mansion baron. As time goes on once they age up they must all find a significant other and start the next generation, as for the first born of each legacy which ever household you decide to play with must complete there aspiration and master cooking, charisma , handiness or comedy.
For more story telling aspect use mc command center for story progression
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