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My game just crashed when I was quitting without saving.
After saving a lot several times without any issues.

I don't... I just... What?
Can't say I've seen that one before.

Maybe it has to do with the light mod I'm testing out, but I don't know. My game is doing a lot of strange things these days (although the mod seemed to work fine - game didn't blow up, and no pink)

I'm also having issues with flashy-blue accessories with a new method I'm trying out, so I'm considering going back to the old trusty method because it's a lot less blue-flashy and I know it works. It's weird, because it only happens for some of the ages, not all of them, and random ages (sometimes Bodyshop, sometimes random sims in Bodyshop, sometimes on lots but on random ages) - but they're all set up the same, and I was pretty sure I'd fixed them to remove all the blue-flashy problem stuff, so it doesn't make sense...

My game is just a whole lot of I don't even right now...
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Originally Posted by Orphalesion
Well no, the bus doesn't really ever take the kids anywhere. They stay on the lot invisible and unselectable.
What happens here is that the return script that performs the checks whether a Sim has been to school or not is borked, so instead of counting as having gone to school and performing the animations that make them descend from the bus, and be given homework, the Sim kid is just reset, hence it "appearing out of nowhere" and since the game now doesn't recognize that the kid performed the "at school" action, a grade is subtracted.

Just asking...those three households, are they households where kids and teenagers live alone, without adults? Because to me that only happens to children who live in households without adults.

thanks, that makes sense. but not as much fun.The lots all had adults; at least one of them was a big household (like 20 people)

Namaste... or "go"
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