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Default Anyone Play Sims 3 through Lutris?
When the Sims 3 was fresh and new I used to play it on my Macbook. Time passed, and the Macbook slowed to an almost stop, so I transferred all my Sims stuff to a new desktop computer built by my boyfriend (now husband). The only catch was, the computer he built runs on Ubuntu. For years it was a tedious endeavor trying to play my Sims game, but then he discovered an emulator-type thing called Lutris. Now the thing runs smoothly.

Anyone else use Lutris to play Sims 3 or other games?
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Lutris is not an "emulator", it's just convenient wrapper for installation, configuration and execution of wine (also not an emulator) environment tailored for particular windows program

It's working just fine on any modern distribution.*

*technically speaking it should work even a bit better in theory.

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