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Default Are there any downsides to making Rabbit Holes expand beyond lot boundaries or making a world a city before using NRAAS traveler?
I really love the look of Twin Towns! It has a lot of features I want! The only thing I wanted was for the downtown area (Falls Harbor) to look slightly more urban.

So, I replaced a few Rabbit Holes. The Public Services Offices was replaced with the Roaring Heights City Hall. The Sacred Spleen Hospital was replaced with the Roaring Heights Science Lab. The Science Lab was replaced with the Roaring Heights Police Department. The vanilla Office Building was replaced with the Roaring Heights Office Building. The Moonlight Falls hospital was placed where the Town Life Grocer was, the Grocer was placed where the Bookstore was, and the Bookstore was placed adjacent to the Theatre (the theatre's lot needed to be changed slightly, including moving the theatre rabbit hole). I also put down a 30x30 lot and put the island military base on it (I think it's from Barnacle Bay but I'm not sure, it's the little hangar). I also placed a lot between 2 existing houses and put a house I built for my new legacy family to move to.

Anyway, now that Falls Harbor has more urban Rabbit Holes and Fairview Heights has 2 new Rabbit Holes (and one new house), and because I like food trucks. I was wondering if I will run into any problems changing one value in one file in my copy of Twin Towns to change it from a suburb to a city? I plan on moving my newest legacy household from Sunset Valley 2020 v2 Vanilla to this altered Twin Towns using NRAAS Traveler. Twin Towns already has a few empty residential lots.

My other question group is as follows: if the main entrance to each rabbit hole is in a pedestrian accessible part of the lot it is on, can the rabbit hole extend beyond the lot boundary? Is it a problem if a secondary entrance appears pedestrian accessible from the world not part of the lot? Is it a problem if the rabbit hole has a secondary entrance seemingly accessible from a neighboring lot?

Thank you!

EDIT: This shows what I did to Twin Towns:

EDIT 2: The save for the populated Twin Towns crashed whenever I tried to load it with the NRAAS mods. However, it loaded just fine (with a few weird replacements despite having the DLC and Store content needed AFAIK) without the NRAAS mods. Although, it still won't load with the NRAAS mods installed after I edited the town before selecting a family...

EDIT 3: NRAAS ErrorTrap and Populated Twin Towns do NOT get along. The other mods work fine.

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