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Returning to Simming after a long absense and curious about certain EPs
After a 10 year absense from the game I suddenly have the urge to return to Simming thanks to being furloughed and running out of things to keep myself occupied. Don't know why I stopped, I just did. The last product I bought was the High-End Loft Stuff SP and have everything that came before that. So Late Night EP and onwards is what I'm missing. I'm planning to buy almost all the remaining EPs and SPs I've missed so I just have some questions about three particular EPs that I might or might not get based on reviews I've read or watched (particularly LGR).

On the fence with this one. The careers just seem like they should have belonged in Late Night rather than a seperate EP. Also am I right in believing these careers cannot be maxed out without using the EP's built in social functions? Like touring for example? So besides the careers what else would make this EP worth getting?

Island Paradise
I've read a few Steam Reviews saying a lot of bad things about this EP breaking the game, causing massive lag, resorts not working and bad pathing, etc. Is this EP only worth it if you plan to add its assets to a custom made Create-a-World map? And even then does it still cause problems? Otherwise I'll most likely skip this one because it doesn't seem to have any worth while content apart from the real estate function, swimming in the sea and scuba diving.

Into the Future
Does not appeal to me in the slightest. Just seems like a cheesey futuristic version of World Adventure, which I didn't like much at all. Is there anything in this EP to make it worth getting if I never plan to send any Sim into the future?
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I've had the full collection installed without issues that couldn't be solved with Mods.The automated school assignment is game'breaking with students having routing fails in transit to scool or on attempting to enter the building.
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One of things that also puts me off getting Island Paradise EP is that it's a town, not a destination like in World Adventures.
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Showtime careers CAN be fullfilled w/o using simport. I have never sent or recieved a sim from another person and have maxed all those careers at one point or another. The rewards that are unlocked in game from simport can be obtained from a mod here on MTS {}. Personally out of the three you listed this is the one I enjoyed the most, but yes there was a lot of bitchin' at the release time because it was an obvious money grab when this stuff should have been in Late Night. I still found it enjoyable. Plus you get these following
Pool Tables
Golf Tee
Karaoke - seriously my sims love this damn thing
DJ Booth
Skee Ball

IP has a lot of routing issues. It mostly just the world that they built, but boat traffic also can cause issues too. You can use different world and make your own dive lots if you wanted to. The most enjoyable thing about this EP to me was the lifeguard feature, but I could live w/o it.

I have had ITF installed since it came out and I have never actually really played with it. Some of the items that came with it are nice though. Like tube elevators, hoverboards, and of course the plumbots.

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everything is a trade off. I absolutely would not get IP, but then you want resorts right? so you gotta get it. ITF is a must get b/c you get a lot of modern and futuristic stuff. Also you get to make androids. I didn't get showtime b/c I don't care for those active careers as I am a global player, but they got some nice items in there.

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Showtime: I like the EP and also (most of) the careers, like the stage magician or my favourite, the acrobat. You can max them with just one of the Showtime stage lots in your own world, no touring required. There are mods to unlock the rewards you'd get for touring, so no loss at all if you don't want to use this feature. Also nice objects.

Island Paradise: Swimming, surfing, scuba diving, boating in the ocean - that's exactly why I got it and don't regret it. You can use NRAAS mods to disable autonomous water routing which takes care of most of the complaints players have (the game likes to route sims per boat wherever possible whether it makes sense or not). The world seems to be very laggy due to badly done ports/houseboats and badly done routing overall. This can be improved (by mods and fixing lots) as far as I read. Lovely content, nice beachy/tropical stuff. You can also use NRAAS mods to use it as a travel destination.

Into the Future: indeed very specific. Comes with some really nice objects which, thanks to the CaSt-tool, you can customize nicely for non-future worlds. I love the plumbots and the astronomer career. But probably not worth buying the whole EP for that.
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Showtime is a pass for me, since the careers are sort of a miss, and I can live without the objects (i.e. the pool table is also included in University Life). The festivals can also sort of intrude onto your game's if unplanned for, but overall, it's a fairly inoffensive pack- preference being if you like the showbiz gameplay or not.

IP is perfectly fine only if you don't play in the world EA provided, and instead use a world with the content included. It's definitely very fun once you get it going, and provides a nice alternate lifestyle for your sims (houseboats). Resorts are ok, but their main charm comes with NRAAS Traveller and the opportunity to travel to custom resort worlds (i.e. @Nilxis' vacation worlds).

ITF is a hit-or-miss gameplay-wise as very little changes up your everyday sims' lives. Instead, it depends on whether you like the items or not (not many unique daily gameplay items IMO- you get a lot of reskinned stuff). Personally, I only got the pack because of the Zephyr train & the worldbuilding opportunities with it. ITF has very little impact on your game performance, since the only intrusion onto your normal gameplay is the portal (and even that can be modded out).

Personally, I skipped Supernatural + Showtime, with the Zephyr functionality being the only reason why I still have ITF installed.
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MurderPrincessK that link doesn't go anywhere for me. For mods I will be using NRAAS mods like I used too back in the day and then some. Does NRAAS mods now supercede mods like the MoreAwesomeThanYou mod?

With Island Paradise are the underwater dive sites created in Create-a-World? And resorts are more of a job oppurnity rather than a community lot right?
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Showtime is similar to Superstar (2003) from The Sims and Late Night is similar to Nightlife (2005) from The Sims 2.
"Allows Sims to become entertainment figures and includes representations of several famous personalities. Celebrities can make cameo appearances but cannot be controlled by the player, and include Avril Lavigne, Andy Warhol, Marilyn Monroe, Jon Bon Jovi, Christina Aguilera, Freddie Prinze, Jr., Sarah McLachlan, Jennifer Lopez and Richie Sambora. Adds new work and leisure items, and a new destination called "Studio Town", which functions as a workplace for celebrity Sims where regular visits may be required to maintain their fame and career, marking the first time where players can follow their Sims to work. Allows non-celebrity Sims to visit Studio Town for leisure." - The Sims: Superstar (

"The expansion pack centers on the new downtown area, which has various activities, such as bowling, karaoke, dining and dancing, as well as a photo booth, and includes a dating minigame which allows player to engage in their Sims' relationships in greater depth. Most elements from this expansion were incorporated into The Sims 3: Late Night for The Sims 3." -The Sims 2: Nightlife (

Though the celebrity system came with Late Night instead of Showtime but those careers/professions and really most careers/professions can get use out of the celebrity system which makes it versatile than how it was in Superstar.

All Showtime professions can be reached to the top without using any of the online functions. It is optional, not mandatory as I have quite a few Sims in those professions and have not used the online features in years. Sims progress through playing for tips, booking gigs, practicing, etc.

Here are some comprehensive guides.
Island Paradise:
Into the Future:

Personally, after deleting a few troublesome lots, I'm not having an issue with lag or freezing in Isla Paradiso. I have two of my Sims living there now but I'm currently playing another world in rotation. I haven't been playing in IP long and am currently on week 3 day 7. There may be boat routing nuisances though.

I have ITF but did not get it for Oasis Landing or most of the features. I do like some of the CAS/buy/build mode content.

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Oops, not sure what I did.

Dive lots can be made in-game w/o using CAW.
Tutorial -

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I definitely recommend Island Paradise of those three. Showtime has some nice careers but that's about it. I don't even play with ITF enabled.
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Thanks for that info MurderPrincessK.

After reading the guides Deshong posted I think I'm more or less decided. I will get Show Time and Island Paradise, but not Into The Future because excluding its gameplay it doesn't offer any content I'd really want..The designs especially for clothes look awful.
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Welcome back! I have everything other than K Perry and all installed and have no lag in my games on an old desktop and newish laptop. I think Showtime is very fun. I maxed Sims in each of the choices. I especially enjoy the singers. I love IP as love having the houseboats, pleasure boats and jet skis, and so on. The dive lots are pretty amazing. I like the feel of the world. I have houseboats in almost every world I make and play in. And I love to build lots into the water. You will have fun with these.

I enjoyed ITF also, but it is a very specific theme and if no interest to you it makes sense to pass on that. At least for now. You can always add it later if wanted.
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I would recommend the lot, but then I play with the lot installed, including all store items, with no issues.

I love the water activities that IP bought us, windsurfing, mermaids, diving and earning a living diving, getting in to a fight with a shark, living on a houseboat, relaxing on a towel on the beach, Shaka brah and THE KRAKEN! Come on, how can you not love it? IP is easily fixed, there is plenty of info how to do it on here and the forum, you wont regret buying IP.

People are very divided on Showtime, but I personally love it. I couldn't play without it. I love the performer careers, especially when other sims throw pizza at bad performers The build buy content is some of my most used, the new collectibles are great and I couldn't live without the Diva trait I love the golf, the fried peanut butter and banana sandwiches and other interactive objects, it's a must have for me

Another one people love or hate is ITF, I love it, although I agree the clothes and hairstyles are a bit of a mess. The build and buy content can be CAS'ed to make some fantastic and original items, I love the careers that come with it and you can use those careers in any world. The LOTTERY, let's not forget you could win big, or little, always fun. Plumbots can be a lot of fun and handy around the home for those slobby sims. The new traits though are just worth it alone for me, I live for the humour in this game, more than anything. Bot Fan and Unstable traits are both pure gold

It's easy to overlook traits, careers, challenges and interactive items that come with new packs. Sometimes these make all the difference imho
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There is alot to love and not live in all of the EP's. I also own all except the Katy Perry SP, and I don't regret having them all. New traits, new items, new skills, new life states (big plus for me), new objects, clothes etc. Yeah there are some things that are buggy or can cause issues but honestly playing with NRass mods installed solves most of the problems & download the route fixed worlds from here that Ellacharmed made to replace the EA ones or download user made ones, there are so many beautiful worlds out there. Awesomemod is still used and available, but me personally I much prefer NRass mods as they are pretty much fully customizable to what you want, and Awesome really isn't, but that is my preference. Nrass is now here at a new site and still very active and being improved regularly.
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In Showtime there is one more career that is mostly invisible, and easy to miss: the DJ carreer. If your sim develops his invisible DJ skill by using the DJ booth, sooner or later he gets invitations to gigs on the SHT stage, just like the performers. I like that, a nice alternative of the Music career.
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Performing Careers don't require SimPort or any of the online features to be topped. Worthwhile content I would say be ton of new gameplay features it comes with. DJ booth, mp3 type of object, the dance sphere, golf driving range, arcade tables, ske ball thing, karaoke machine, genie lamp, and many more.

Island Paradise
Yes, but you could try Isla Paradiso fix modified version of the premade world which may or may not fix or decrease the lag.

Into The Future
If the future and quest related stuff doesn't interest, just like with Showtime I would only recommend you to get it for the new gameplay objects. Such as food synthesizer which allows you to set lot akin to a waiter-served restaurant, the clothing pedestals for clothing bontiques, soil rugs to plant garden on the roofs of your house, jetpack, hoverboard, all-in-ons bathroom, useful utility robots

P.S. Sorry for my bad english.
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Originally Posted by Floraflora2
In Showtime there is one more career that is mostly invisible, and easy to miss: the DJ carreer. If your sim develops his invisible DJ skill by using the DJ booth, sooner or later he gets invitations to gigs on the SHT stage, just like the performers. I like that, a nice alternative of the Music career.

Ooh I didn't know they could do that and I've been meaning to play a freelancing DJ for a while now. Can they do all SHT venues/LN bars and does the stage need to have a booth already placed or just bring their own? Do they have to audition for it or is it like a spontaneous opportunity?

Another thing I did - you can change the amount random sims will tip you while DJ-ing with Retuner so it's not so measly and you could maybe kinda live off of it.
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I don't get why so many people don't like Into The Future, the Build/Buy content is fantastic.

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Originally Posted by enable_llamas
Ooh I didn't know they could do that and I've been meaning to play a freelancing DJ for a while now. Can they do all SHT venues/LN bars and does the stage need to have a booth already placed or just bring their own? Do they have to audition for it or is it like a spontaneous opportunity?

I think you just need the skill and at least one SHT stage in town to receive an opportunity call from the Proprietor. For the actual gig. you have to go to the place with your DJ booth in your inventory because before the performance, you can "prepare the stage" just like the other performers, so they just bring their own. As for Audition for gig, this never came up so far to me, but maybe because my DJ generally don't keep his booth in his inventory...?
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Thanks, Flora Sounds cool, I'll definitely try it once I figure out where in BB I could possibly stick a SHT stage
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Originally Posted by AGuyCalledPi
I don't get why so many people don't like Into The Future, the Build/Buy content is fantastic.

IMO a lot of the build/buy could be replicated via CC, and there weren’t enough domestic items with unique gameplay attached.
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