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Default Can't return from Egypt (long loading screen)
I wanted to return home from Egypt, but the loading screen does not go away. It is 7 PM, and I checked that I last saved the world in 5 PM, so it must be going on for some time, but I also know I didn't save for some time before heading home.
The loading screen's green bar reached almost the end, and the interactive images keep changing, so it is not frozen. Because when it was frozen, the images did not even change. So I don't know what is this.
Is it a problem that while I went on to the loading screen, I switched to the internet browser and watched youtube (so that I won't be bored while it loads)? Is it possible that that affected the game? I don't know.
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you need to save the game once before you travel just in case things like this happens. typically it is not a good idea to travel or travel home after a long session of playing, say 1 hr. that's why you save first. then quit and then travel. if you travel immediately after a game play session, you risk these kinds of issues.

however, if it is repetitive, like even after you load it and you can't travel, then you have a much more serious problem. but this is rare.

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After all my playing of over 30 generations of my family I had this just once thank goodness. Lost a Sim there too. So I just wrote something into the story about what happened. I save a lot before travel also. Unless others can help more that save/Sims are probably gone.
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