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#26 Old 27th Nov 2014 at 11:42 AM Last edited by Arsil : 27th Nov 2014 at 5:03 PM.
Ehm, sorry for necromancing this, but I'd like to share a little tip. Maybe it's something obvious,
but I struggled a bit to figure it out and I hope this can save other beginner creators from wasting time.

If you just want to change the "green outline" that you see when you place or move an object,
you have, like already said here, to edit the footprint (FTPT resource). Now, you can easily do
that with S3PE right clicking on it and selecting "Footsie" at the bottom of the popup menu
(you need Andrew's extras to have that option, it's currently available HERE).

Now, I was trying to change the "for placement" footprint and that "green outline" remained
always the same in game. Then I figured it out: I was defining or editing a footprint area entry
(top of the window, on the left) instead of a slot area (bottom/left of the window).
I don't know where the default size of the "green outline" comes from if it's not defined there, from the object's class maybe?

That's it. EDIT: I don't think so.

There's something wrong. It makes no sense to use a routing slot to define the "green outline",
and if I try to add "routing rules" (to avoid passing through a pillar or table for example) I have
to do that adding an entry in the footprint area, but if I do that 2 thing can happen:
- if I also set the footprint as "for placement", the "green outline" reverts to its original size;
- If I don't set the footprint as "for placement" the object can intersect any other object.

I'm sorry, I feel very stupid now. I'll try to figure this out and then edit the message.

It seems that Footsie only changes the values in the "Closed polygon" thingy and not the values
in Lower and Upper, so you still have to change those using Grid (see first post). I apologize again.
#27 Old 20th Dec 2016 at 8:33 PM
Right-clicking in the main panel of Footsie brings up an option to "Set Reference Mesh"--what format does this accept? It opens a window to browse the file system, not resources within the .package file. I've tried feeding it .obj and .s3m2b, only to have it crash.

Apologies for necrothreading, but I think the answer to this might be useful for other people who want to edit footprints S3PE too.

EDIT: Figured it out. Export the MLOD/MODL resource (Export -> As File) before starting Footsie and browse to that to set as reference.

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