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Thanks everyone who has replied so far. It's been enlightening to get different player's feedback. It does seem as though there are several fairly common themes. One is that for varying reasons, people like starting with characters who already have some backstory and they enjoy playing that backstory and then replaying it while changing little (or big) things to see how that changes the story. And a second thing seems to be sharing a sense of community through the characters so that other players have some feel for what's happening and can better relate to what's going on in each version of similar neighborhoods.

I can easily understand the second one. I've played my custom Shape Island hood for more than 100 Sim days, well into the 4th generation with close to 200 Sims now, but I don't share details about it because no one else can relate to my Sim characters or storylines just as I can't relate to what's going on with the Brokes or Goths or Grunts since I don't know anything about them or the town. And the first one, replaying to see how the lives change, can be intriguing although like Simmer22, I'd probably get bored playing them for any length of time.

As BeckyBoo did, I started my hood from scratch. A lot of pre-planning went into it - creating 50 single adult CAS Sims to start with and the premise being these 50 were volunteers in a social experiment on an island without communication to others off of the island. So that's why they had no relationships or family ties to start with. They were blank slates trying to find compatible mates among the other volunteers (3-bolt rule) and then to see how their lives progressed from there.

Many of the storylines developed on their own - like one of the first single Gen 1 residents found herself unexpectedly pregnant and then upon having twins, wondering how she was going to be able to feed and clothe her babies and pay her pills once her leave ran out (no interaction allowed outside my playables) as she would have to either lose her job or lose her twins. She was already selling off her house furnishings when a fire from low cooking skill destroyed part of her kitchen making her situation quite dire. I honestly had no idea how things would unfold. And then in the middle of the night one of her previous relationships (not the father of her twins) dropped off a karaoke machine as thanks for a great date together (before the twins). The money she received from selling that random gift got her through the toughest times and also began a more serious relationship with the gift giver. Not planned and a heck of a story but not of that much interest to other players here other than anecdotally.

I don't get bored with my hood now that it's more established because with each rotation, there are baby Sims born, elder Sims dying and toddler, child and teen Sims aging up and establishing their own personalities. I've chronicled the lives of the residents through an imaginary reporter writing stories with pictures for their local newspaper (The Shape Island Reports) so that I can go back and read or reread what happened to them, their parents or even grandparents and recall what happened in the game several real-life years ago.

It has been helpful to gain insight into how others have played the original neighborhoods and how by doing that they find enjoyment with the game.

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Question on deleting files you've placed via scriptorium. I have stairs that I want to delete from my game that had a txt file I put in via scriptorium. I know where the scriptorium files are in the TSData files, my question is do I just delete those and the stairs file in the download folder? Seems kind of straightforward to me but I'm always suspicious of things that seem too easy.
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Originally Posted by Clashfan
...do I just delete those and the stairs file in the download folder? Seems kind of straightforward...

Yup. That's all you do
...Easy-peasy Mac 'n Cheesey

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