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In Poverty Point, elder Natalie Haywood died. With the rent due the next morning, her daughter Jenny and son-in-law Hermann decided they no longer needed their three-bedroom townhouse; they thought they and seven-year-old Adam would fit into a two-bedroom bungalow just fine, but they didn't realize how much stuff they had, so Hermann's exercise machine is parked outside in the yard.

Vandana Forde left the orphanage for university, where she's moved into a dorm with Sharla Ottomas, Sophie Miguel, Isaiah Gavigan and Stewart Pearson.
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Andrew Henderson, the first born in my hood, has just gone to Uni He will be joined soon by some of his friends.
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I was stuck degragmenting my hard drive when I really wanted to play because my computer was getting very slow recently.I'll be back into setting up my towns and playing my BACC again soon.
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So I've been getting back into the game and I made a random test sim to live out in the boonies of Pleasantview and she ended up with Darren Dreamer. After a couple weeks of playing the field, they just got married right after the birth of their son Levi. Dirk isn't exactly jazzed about having to move but he's close to Larissa so it looks like they'll at least be friendly until he's off to college if he ends up going. In my towns, they have to have a B+ average and get at least one scholarship to go, so he might not end up going, but if not, he can stay and run the bakery that Larissa started on a whim that's just kind of hanging out on her property.

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