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Default WCIF rusted/decaying/haunted house furniture?
I'm looking for furniture and other stuff that looks antique and broken down.

Awhile ago I found this, but I can't remember where I got it.

I want stained sofas, stuff with chipped paint, counters that look dirty and worn, anything of that nature (and wallpapers mottled with fading and stained)
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Default re stove
That stove is from here
cheap Living Room Set
There are some grungy shabby walls on this site .. click where you see the little green arrow in the right hand upper corner than click where it says PC
There really isn't a lot out for grunge/goth recolors yet and nothing for new meshes yet since only HugeLunatic is meshing here for Ts4 so far and most of the creators at TSR who are meshing for TS4 do mid-century modern, modern, shabby chic, and urban industrial/ retroccycled furniture not grunge
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heya walls are by me
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