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Here's what's happening in MooVille.

University highlights: Farley Whippler started seeing Danielle Wade; it didn't take too long for them to get engaged and move in together. Sisters and roommates Eleasha and Marta Flexor are both in love with Luis Wade; Eleasha is more serious while Marta wants to play the field--not sure how this will turn out, but for now, Marta is being discreet. And Aaron O'Feefe is just being a good student and not doing much interesting.

Back in town:

In the Flexor family, Max went on an all-night date with a townie. It didn't take long for Christa to find out about it, but Max quickly sweet-talked her into not being furious with him.

In the Indie family, Mitch has been playing at the piano bar every day and maximized the creativity skill. Gwen won three scholarships and maximized the cleaning skill, so she will be moving to university next.

The Furley family is just as chaotic as usual. Brooke got sick from food poisoning and had to stay home from school. She would like to go to college but she has only one scholarship, and it seems unlikely she will save enough money for tuition in time to go. Nuha is enemies with both her sisters now.

In the Dawn family, Chloe-Ann had a run of bad luck at university: first, she burned down her kitchen and didn't have the cash to replace anything; then, she went to her final in a bad mood and got put on academic probation; finally, she got food poisoning from bad pizza and got expelled for missing class, so she moved back home.

In the Whippler family, Patryk asked Judy Dawn to go steady, she accepted, and then he just ignored her. He has spent most of his time skilling but shows no interest in going to college. Chaz is moving up the ladder at his slacker job. He has started dating another townie, named Scarlet.

Finally, in the Day family, now that Kaleem is out of a job, he has started playing piano in the coffeeshop for tips. Sahra is trying to get pregnant, but no luck so far.
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@Sunbee: I have all the sympathy in the world for you! I had to reset a neighbourhood not long ago because I fell asleep "at the wheel" and apparently did crazy things.

In newly founded Simsby-on-the-Fjord the first babies, twins Isambard Jr and Evita were born and aged up to toddlers. The overwhelmed mother is Eva LigneDeTemps who runs Contes Des Fées Fragrances (perfumes, garden gnomes and paranormalities) and the proud but ridiculously inefficient father is her roommate Isambard Aching. Contes Des Fées Fragrances reached level 6 and got the best of the best award, Eva developed a crush on the business reviewer.
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Here's what's happening in MooVille today:

In University: Almost everyone became Juniors. Farley Whippler changed his aspiration to Romance. Marta Flexor changed her aspiration to Popularity. Luis Wade changed his aspiration to Family. He and Eleasha Flexor had a falling out over a flirtation with the cow mascot; she slapped him, and he fell out of love with her. Everyone else kept their aspirations the same. Aaron O'Feefe has been dating a dormie named Mary, and when she wrote his term paper for him, he knew he wanted to marry her. He proposed, and she moved in. She is just like Aaron: Family aspiration, studying Biology for a career in Law Enforcement.

I didn't play the Whippler, Flexor, or Indie families.

In the Furley family, neither Brooke nor Halima won enough scholarship money to pay for college, so they are still working on that. Nuha, however, got three scholarships, so she headed off to college and intends never to come home again. Marla also has food poisoning, so she and Brooke are trying to rest.

In the Dawn family, Chloe-Ann did not listen to medical advice and went to work, so she unfortunately died of food poisoning. Judy won two scholarships and had enough money saved, so she moved to college.

In the Wade family, Debbie had a dream date with townie Matthias, so she asked him to move in. He is Knowledge and is working in the Business career. In the other Wade household, Victoria only learned one toddler skill, but she still grew up well.

In the Day family, Sahra got pregnant and then got fired from her waitressing job. Now no one in the household is employed. Kaleem has been playing piano for tips at the coffeeshop, but they probably won't pay the bills with a baby on the way, so someone is going to have to get a job. Their daughter is named Zoya because I think she will be the last baby of this first generation.
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@sturlington -I use a dwonload from here that lets my sims trash their bills which would be a smart move in your case and I'd also advise using that uploader's unlocker for career rewards as well to help with the money issues with the charisma podiums like I do when sims are between jobs.
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This recent session was the start of round 7, and I'm not going to lie when I say that it started with a bang.

So, two households were played; the Lotharios and Dina Goth.

Cassandra was not amused when she discovered that her daughter was pregnant out of wedlock. So she made Garnet and Orlando have a quick wedding party, where Orlando took the Lothario name and the flu. Cassandra also caught the flu and eventually Isabelle did too. Grandma's Comfort Soup took care of it.

Orlando got a promotion, as Isabelle left for college. Garnet gave birth alone in the bathroom, where she had a little boy called Keith Lothario. Not long after the birth, Amin Bear came to set the house on fire and took a few items. The police won and the firefighters showed up, but not fast enough to save Cassandra who perished.

The next day, Don returned home from work and immediately died of old age in platinum mood. Garnet got promoted.

I also experienced the Gardener glitch, however with me, I just got a bunch of object errors, which resulted in a bunch of Gardners raiding the house. Only one did their job eventually, while the others played chess, slept in Cassandra and Don's old bed, and had a bubble bath. It was bizarre.

Amin Bear showed again and this is where the Lotharios met their end. Orlando was stuck on the landing with newborn baby Keith, so couldn't call the fire department, and Garnet wouldn't stop doing the fire dance to call the firefighters. I'd tell her to call 'Emergency,' but she'd keep cancelling it out in favour of screaming at the fire. So, the fire grew and expanded killing Orlando, Garnet, and two of the Gardeners.

Poor Arthur Goth watched all of this unfold, including watching his cousin's son being taken away by the Social Worker.

I think Keith is the first baby orphan...

Dina Goth:
Dina only had two days left remaining, so it was just playing the waiting game. She also caught the flu from Garnet's wedding.

So, forgetting she had the flu (and the game not notifying me like it usually does), I allowed her to go work and continued looking after her needs. She died of disease, a day premature, after having a bath.

The Grim Reaper stayed to watch the TV and stayed there for 24hrs until the burglar scared him off. I'm not even joking.

For a change, these first two lots weren't boring! I'll be playing Victoria Goth next.

When a game is predictable, it's boring.
That goes for any medium that isn't life.
That's why The Sims 2 is my favourite sims game.
It has elements of unpredictability and everything feels more involved.
The Sims 4 is another story altogether...
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Thanks, @TadOlson, but in MooVille I am trying to make things more challenging for my Sims in terms of saving money and moving up through college, jobs, and nicer houses. It is a different play from the way I've played other neighborhoods, but I am enjoying it right now.

Just a quick update on the Furley family:
Thankfully, both Brooke and Marla Furley recovered from food poisoning. Because I have in realistic sickness, I've found food poisoning to be hard to get over, but they were cooperative and rested enough to get well. Brooke then reached the top of the Criminal teen career, which earned her another scholarship. This plus the money from a promotion for Phineaus enabled her to scrape together enough for both she and Halima to go to college, if they room together. They will be behind their little sister, but they don't want anything to with her anyway.
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@sturlington -I've also got restrictions like career rewards are only meant for sims starting out on arrival to keep them going while looking for a job or getting started on a trade or vocation like getting crops planted to start farming if they chose that instead of a job.I actually have jobs restricted in my BACC because the first residents are mostly supposed to be farmers homesteading and some might be in trades.

I got a washoom on my service center in Riverdale for my TOT challenge and got the sims crossing sign on the home lot before having to exit my game.I've got some shopping to do which is why I couldn't stay in the game long.
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