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Originally Posted by wndy26
Just wondering... how would one go about having a male single heir raise 3 kids on his own? Do I move in a female sim, get her prego 3x and kick her out, or accidental death or something? Inquiring minds want to know....

You can adopt them, wait for her to have the baby then move just the baby in using manage world or do either of the things you said
This weeks update-Chapter 5.4
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Hello! Thank you so much for maintaining this challenge, I use it all the time. Will this be updated for Cottage Living and the Spa Day refresh?
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Chapter 5.10
@offictionandfantasy- yes I am working on it. I already added changes to the roles for Cottage living, a new career, adapted the gardening career, and adapted the green living goal. I haven't played spa yet but when I do will update the rolls
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