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Lab Assistant
#76 Old 5th Jul 2009 at 2:59 PM Last edited by Duncan Disorderly : 5th Jul 2009 at 3:37 PM.
Originally Posted by Britva
I too am sorely disappointed in Sims 3. I loved the variety in Sims 2 I made skins with fur and scales we had aliens and neighborhoods that were Victorian, Medieval, SF, you name it it could be made or moded. Nothing seems modable in Sims 3 no meshes no clothes. I have to agree I hate the inability to have a custom neighborhood and create stories. I loved setting up a neighborhood and playing out story-lines something that seems impossible in this new disaster of a game. I have genuinely tried to like the game I have played it since the day it came out giving it the old college try but nope after reading this thread I am going back to Sims 2 until the bugs are worked out and the game is fun.

I don't know if it is a personal problem of my computer or not but my game has a tendency to crash when making sims in CAS. Very frustrating and not at all helpful to my enjoyment of this incarnation.

I couldn't agree more, it's like they have taken away much of what made The Sims 2 fun. Yes, there are one or two new features but I'm still left with a feeling that the game feels empty.

One thing that I find annoying is the the hand tool, objects are frustrating to pick up & place. In fact the interface as whole feels like the programmers rushed it through, it feels sloppy. Opening the neighbourhood was a great idea, making it so confusing and complicated ruins that good idea. In fact I feel more cut off now.

CAS is sad, so much has been taken away. The paultry amount of hairstyles, clothes, skintones look like custom content from a tacky Sims 2 fansite. The level of quality I've seen on this site for TS2 objects made by fans is far better. The new bodyshapes are a joke & the sims themselves are just plain ugly and all look basically the same. I can't believe we can't set their height. The sims in TS2 *feel* alive, these lack the little touches that gave TS2 spark. These sims are cold and lifeless. Molding the sims faces feels far less flexible than TS2 interface in my opinion.

The few objects the game provide are generic and boring. There are simply no fun objects that stand out like the hukka in TS2. I can't believe there isn't even a diving board for the pool! Damn, we're even back to square only swimming pools & foundations. Not even a hot tub!!! The fish bowl is a joke. Ummmm, here's a thought, custom made fish tanks incorported into build mode with a selection of fish and plants and decors. Imagine the possibilites, like a pet mermaid, sea horses, was this too much too ask?

I was expecting curved walls & foundations & fences, being able to swim in a pond. Flowing water would have been a great new feature, giving you the ability to make streams or rivers. Linking a river on terrain where it goes from higher to lower could create waterfalls. Why no washing machings? Sonic showers? I can think of a ton of things. I feel like this game has taken a step back. Charging us for downloads at *The Store* adds insult to injury.

TS3 feels like a pirated copy of TS2. I can't shake the feeling that we had an original Rolex watch with TS2 and now we have an imitation Rolex with TS3.



Test Subject
#77 Old 5th Jul 2009 at 11:58 PM
I'm a bit torn about how much I like TS3. Fact is, I like the gameplay, I just hate the way the Sims look.

I really love the open neigbourhood and the ability to leave the home lot to visit friends. My Sims often go on a family outing to the park or the bistro. Sometimes they go to the lakes, but then they usually just go home one by one in the matter of a minute of gameplay. I like the ability to have them all hop in the car and go somewhere, but I wish the "get in" animation was still there, and that there had been spots in which to park the car rather than sticking it in the pocket. Now I generally pretend that there is a parking lot out of sight where all the cars go. I like the new cars better than the TS2 ones.

I like the fishing/gardening/collecting. I'm a big fan of scavenger games so that is a big thumbs up. I hope EPs give us more things to find, grown and collect.

CASt is very useful. Being able to "Paint" everything the exact colour you want is great. It's so easy to drag and drop a texture or just the colour over to another object. Love it!

Separate shoes are great, and there is a good selection of styles I like for men. For women there are too many sandals and pumps, and not enough sensible foot wear. I wouldn't have minded female cargo pants or a pair of regular boot cut jeans either, rather than flared vs. pipelined. (Oh right, there is one, but it has a weird design on the butt.)

The big drawback for me is that I don't really think the Sims look good anymore. I know I'm not the only one feeling that way, they are not called "pudding faces" for nothing! All my Sims are based on my own original characters, and in TS2 I was getting pretty good at making them look the way I imagined them. I didn't want to critizise the new style until I had tried some Sim-creating for myself, but it's been a month and I still don't see how it would be possible to recreate my favourite Sims from TS2 as anything that actually looks like them. Custom skins won't help when it is impossible to sculpt the face into a similar shape. I haven't tried the expanded sliders yet, maybe that will do the trick, but I'm a bit pessimistic. Usually I don't even set the cheek slider all the way to the left, because it just makes the Sims' face look hollow and old rather than clean-cut and attractive. The default faces are too similar, and no one is very attractive. There is only one jaw that doesn't have a pointed chin, and that one has no chin at all. Oh and has anyone mentioned the permanent double chin yet? Riiiight...

In TS2 I had quite a few children running around (I always play aging off, so they remained children) as I thought it added a bit of realism and variation to family life, and besides that, they were cute. I was actually hoping that TS3 would add more to the child stage, but instead they seem to treat it like a stage you just "go through", because the children all look very similar.

At this point I'm getting a bit disheartened about the game, because this is such a major problem for me I'm not even sure if I'm going to be getting any Eps or just play TS2 with all the limitations it has. In TS2 I was looking forward to each new EP for months, because I wanted my little ones to have more things to have fun with. Now I'm not sure I want to spend that much money on a game I don't feel the same way about. TS2 is over and done with as far as EA is concerned, and TS3 is the present and future. I had really high hopes for this game, especially in the parts where TS2 was a bit disappointing. There may be some really good features added in EPs, but I feel that the damage has been done, really. I also hate the fact that there is not BodyShop to allow us the make tons of custom genetics anymore. Wer can have default replacements but nothing else.
#78 Old 6th Jul 2009 at 4:13 AM
Originally Posted by foxxy_moron

What I Don't Like[/B]
Create A Style for furniture. Kill it now! Too much effort. Sims 2 had the furniture organisation down for serious!

ALL MY SIMS ARE RIDICULOUSLY UGLY. i cannot seem to make a pretty looking sim. they all have this sad pouty droppy look about them! and no matter what I do, I cannot make them look any better.

Don't take away my CAS for furniture, no no no! I love it. It means I don't have to download a gig of CC just to get three different chair cushion designs/patterns for one set of dining room furniture that I love. While more variety in the shape of furniture would be great, I've stated elsewhere I'm content to design houses with what's there because of the seemingly limitless pattern/wood/fabric combinations that already exist. When designers here start making more than just the awesome patterns they are already producing, well...I may spend days lost in CAS for clothes and furniture.

As for ridiculously ugly Sims - I still don't get that at all. They are certainly unique, for which I rejoice because I hated the wooden look of Sims 2 and the fact that all my people looked the same except for skin tone, eye color and hair color. I never used Body Shop for Sims 2, this is true, but the fact that I don't have to in Sims 3 and yet all my Sims look unique and lovely says to me that the tools that are in-game for the Sims 3 are more robust and easier than the ones from Sims 2, which needed a second program to make workable.

I really continue to say that the reason the Sims franchise makes so much money is because there are so many ways to play it. The fact that all of us have such divergent opinions on what's good and bad certainly helps make my argument.
Test Subject
#79 Old 6th Jul 2009 at 6:43 PM
I realy don't know how I should rate TS3. It just feels so unfinished, especialy in CAS. The lack of hair/facial hair styles for men is a joke and the few available look crappy for the most part. Same goes for women. I just can't understand how people who get paid to do this all day can do a worse job than modders who do it for free in their spare time....and it's not even a close contest. I'd take almost any of the skins/hairstyles/eyes available here FOR FREE over the junk EA just sold me.

The gamplay is ok I guess apart from the fact that the story progression doesn't work unless a mod is applied...they can't seriously expect me to believe in a living town if they ONLY spawn random sims. Why is it that again mods are needed right away to make gamplay even fun (for me that is) and why if they obviously rely on costom content so much is there no more Bodyshop or even better an even more advanced toolset for customisation?

Don't even get me started on their ridiculous online shop...so uncool....

Meh, what can I say it isn't actually a bad game, but I have been spoiled by so much free AWSOME custom content for TS2 that TS3 just seems subpar atm. Thanks to all those dedicated modders out there that made the Sims so great...seems EA can't realy keep up with you.
Lab Assistant
#80 Old 6th Jul 2009 at 8:40 PM
I like this game
I have had my game since the day it came out and i can honestly say that i really like this game. There are a few things i dont like but i like more then i dislike. I like how the kids do their homework instead of just sitting it somewhere and forgetting about it. They actually do it on their own without me telling them too as well. I also like the seamless neighborhood. It is a great feature and i am interested in seeing how the EPs will work with it. I also like how you have the YA age group without an EP. I can honestly say this is one of my favorite games now. I havent even played my TS2 since i got it.

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Test Subject
#81 Old 7th Jul 2009 at 9:33 AM Last edited by willisj : 7th Jul 2009 at 9:35 AM. Reason: Forgot my manners
With the wealth of content from this site alone to draw upon, I think EA has been very slack with the content that shipped with TS3. Most of the supplied furniture is disgusting and the wallpapers and floor tiles are hideous. Nothing seems to match up in a house.

I know it's early days yet, and I DO like TS3, but God I miss my custom content!

Edit: Forgot to add my thanks to all the creators and modders that made TS2 so great. Many thanks
8th Jul 2009 at 8:52 AM
This message has been deleted by Black_Barook!.
Test Subject
#82 Old 9th Jul 2009 at 7:12 PM
ONE thing I really HATE is the fact that one cannot drive cars out of the driveway, it really messes up my machinima movies... How come on sims 2, you can see a car drive out, but not on sims 3? It's pointless, and they've gone back on themselves..Bring back will wright I say!

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Mad Poster
#83 Old 9th Jul 2009 at 7:17 PM
Originally Posted by gwiondavies
ONE thing I really HATE is the fact that one cannot drive cars out of the driveway, it really messes up my machinima movies... How come on sims 2, you can see a car drive out, but not on sims 3? It's pointless, and they've gone back on themselves..Bring back will wright I say!

The spaces can be placed everywhere. You can't have proper animations.
Field Researcher
#84 Old 13th Jul 2009 at 8:29 AM
I love sims3 overall. But two things that annoy me are the lack of body sliders. Although there are some but not enough. The cheeks annoy the hell out of me. Actually this will make it three things, the age slider where you choose overall how long you want them to live. I want to be able to choose each age from childhood. Maybe I want a longer adulthood but shorter elder but also longer young adult.

Most people probably know but there is a petition over at the official site started by Evil_one about the body sliders if anyone wants to sign it. I did.


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#85 Old 13th Jul 2009 at 8:43 AM
I haven't played T3 yet. But over the weekend I bought my son a nice new horse whipping pc, and, of course, Sims 3 to go with it. He played it for about fifteen minutes and then went to playing pc games we've had laying around for ten years. That probably speaks in itself, huh?

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#86 Old 13th Jul 2009 at 9:12 AM
Originally Posted by Mylinda Antoinette
The game is all right, but I'm very disappointed in the lack of an education career track! What about those of us who want our characters to work as teachers? I really wish they'd added an education career track...

Yes, this is what I find totally ridiculous. There is a school building in the game, so it would be logical to have an education career track. But I guess that would be asking too much from EA
#87 Old 13th Jul 2009 at 2:12 PM
If I recall, in early reports on the game (pre-release), there was supposed to be an Education career track. Why it was left out or removed is beyond me.

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Lab Assistant
#88 Old 13th Jul 2009 at 4:24 PM
Originally Posted by AngelicScot
If I recall, in early reports on the game (pre-release), there was supposed to be an Education career track. Why it was left out or removed is beyond me.

Maybe to tie it in with a University EP...
Lab Assistant
#89 Old 13th Jul 2009 at 7:37 PM
The past week I went back to my Sims 2 and have been happy and relieved with my old neighborhoods. When I want I can switch between families and have unique sims with fashionable clothes! My S3 was just too buggy, last time I tried to make a new sim it crashed on me before I could save her (a chronic problem with my game).

I might not be so frustrated with this version if it wasn't so prone to crashes, especially the kind that hard shut-down my pc!

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Test Subject
#90 Old 13th Jul 2009 at 8:42 PM
I miss the car animation too! In TS2 I like watching them all scramble into the cars to go to work and school. There isalways one who is late and nearly misses it. I don't really think that the ability to park on the rooftop is awesome enough to justify a very unrealistic animation that seems a lot like lazy programming. Maybe if this was an event that only occurred once per Sim week I wouldn't have cared, but with the open hood Sims are getting in an out of cars all the time, and the "snap your fingers to magically summon car" function isn't even all that time saving. I wish there were more public parking lots instead, and the ability to pull over and park by the side of the road like we do in the less civilised parts of the world. There is a parking lot by the science facility, and each time I follow a Sim on their way to work there and see the coworkers' cars parked outside it makes me a little happy, because I know my other Sims are in there and may come to visit after work. I like realism, I guess.
Test Subject
#91 Old 14th Jul 2009 at 3:58 PM
Overall, I really like the game. Even though the open neighborhood is still a bit lacking, its waaay better than what we had in TS2.

All in all i only have one issue with this game, and that is:

Story Progression!
I really don't like how the game will spawn random bsbies for single, male, or elder sims. Most of these children were produced asexually, and only have one parent. This actually messed up my game a bit. My sim had married Leighton Sekemoto, and they had two children(plus his original two) together. Well, my sim died of old age,so I went to play with her children. When i went back, Leighton had magically given birth to a baby girl, thus completely screwing up my family tree.
#92 Old 15th Jul 2009 at 3:52 PM
The patch was supposed to fix the toggle to turn off story progression, have you downloaded it? I was finding story progression to be a pain in the keister and had to turn it off.

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#93 Old 15th Jul 2009 at 11:43 PM
Is anyone else totally spoiled by the CASt?--I love TS2 CC, don't get me wrong there's beautiful stuff and so much of it!--but I keep looking back in the TS2 downloads and going, "Only 4 colors for this? Really?" or "I would love that if I could only change the pattern!" Also, I like that the download folder won't become big and bloated just because I want a recolor of a pattern. Color wheel = love. :lovestruc
Test Subject
#94 Old 16th Jul 2009 at 6:41 AM
I'm definitely liking lots of things about the new Sims but I have a few grievances:

- the personal inventories are ANNOYING, I wish my sims would just drop their books instead of hiding them away in their magical invisible backpacks

- No height differences makes it hard for us shorties to have realistic sims although to get a somewhat anatomically correct body when you adjust the height, it would need to adjust arms and legs automatically as well. Squashing a person doesn't precisely work.

- What, they've never heard of art majors? What's with the lack of artistic careers? And where did my piano go?

- I find that the amount of standard objects seemed way lower than TS2. I was expecting more items.

- I always wished that you could view items by collection, i.e. all the Victorian style house building objects in one tab or give me an option in the pop up info window to link to "matching objects". I hate searching for the matching double window or fence option when I'm trying to make themed buildings.

- Stair options have always been lacking both in recolorabilty (er...or whatever you call it) and plain old style. What about half stairs connected by landings? Or curved stairways? Or how about some pull-down attic style stairs! I think this wouldn't be so disappointing if you could even just recolor the basic options. This also applies to fencing of course, although there are lots of options.

- I like the favorite things options but I wish they were a bit...broader? Like, picking a favorite activity or a favorite trait might be more useful than a favorite color.

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#95 Old 17th Jul 2009 at 3:20 PM
OK, so I've had TS3 for a while, ditched my legacy () for it yadda yadda, here's my review....

-I LOVE the seamless hood, it's very awesome, being able to make them just go places is marvy, no more loading screens
-I love the options when your at work, i.e. slack off, hang out, meet fellow workers
-The lifetime reward benefits are very handy & easy to get
-The water is beautiful
-CASt = WIN! I love the colour wheel and being able to customise things. My houses are totally beserkoid because I always randomise the objects.
-all different shapes and sizes, finally I can have large sims or skinny sims or muscly sims or in between (however a breast slider would be better)
- quick meals - my sims practically live on these, especially bread and jam

- runs slow on my PC
- Sims look all doughy and yucky. Blehhh. I just don't zoom in too far
- Sims just magically transport themselves into cars and pull bottles out of thin air and don't have to pick up dirty nappies. I get why people thought that these might be annoying in the sims 2 but the whole point of the sims is realism, it's meant to be a challenge, and they're taking away all the realism and all the challenge.
- Toddler stage is WAAAY too long! I liked toddlers in TS2 because you could handle the night feeds for 3 days and then woop straight away a kid. I know you can age them up quicker in TS3, that helps.
- The birthdays! They stand there wooing and cheering for hours, it is ANNOYING
- What happened to smooch, tender kiss, peck, romantic, kiss hand, up arm, make out? Now all we've got is shy kiss, kiss and make out, unless I'm missing something, and the making out looks more like nibbling to me, rather than a good ol pash. Is EA trying to make it more age acceptable or something?
- I find the whole recipe thing a little confusing...and the gardening.

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Field Researcher
#96 Old 18th Jul 2009 at 9:30 PM
There are things I don't like and things I like, and they've been mostly covered by anyone posting in this thread, I'd just like to add one (it's been said but I want to say it too!!!) :

Why oh why, why, why after 3 games and all EPs made, they still think I have to wake up my sim 5 hours before work only to eat, shower and whatever the sim need? 30 minutes to get up from the bed and go to the bathroom? 10 minutes to walk from a room to another? Is it too much effort slowing down that freaking clock? I remember in TS2 I had a modded clock to change the game speed! That was fantastic! Actions taking the right amount of time needed and I could do a lot of things! Maybe with the base game you can almost live with it, but when you have 8 EPs, you just can't do everything you want to, because it takes 20 minutes to throw out the garbage and god help me if you encounter someone on the way to the trashbin!!!! They stare at each other and probably play telepathic rock-paper-scissors to decide who goes first and you'll probably end up with the sim throwing it on the floor and whine about why noone taught them how 2 sims can use a door at the same time !!!
It's when your teenager wakes up, fill needs, go to school, back home, do homework, go to work ( they all like going to school and work? At their age I didn't care about school and thought working was a disease, cureable by staying home watching tv and thinking life was beautiful) fill needs, go to bed and have no time left for hobbies and friends unless you let your sim starve and have no fun, that you realize something's wrong!

I just don't get it, please someone help me getting it, but be aware that even if you try I still won't get it...

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Mad Poster
#97 Old 18th Jul 2009 at 10:11 PM
I have had this cursed game about a month now, and am fed up! I hate almost everything about it. I want to go back to my beloved Sims 2. The only thing keeping me from doing so is that my custom content suddenly quit showing up ( I don't even get the box showing there is custom content in game.) I've tried everything in the FAQ's, but nothing worked. If ANYONE has any other ideas, please post here (I started to put my e-mail but I think that might break the rules). I will check back ASAP. Am most desperate to fix my Sims 2 because I love the sims and want to continue playing, but I HATE, HATE, HATE this new game for all of the reasons already mentioned and many, many more. Thanks. smorbie
Forum Resident
#98 Old 21st Jul 2009 at 6:41 PM Last edited by harlequin_eyes : 21st Jul 2009 at 6:52 PM.
I'm annoyed they included this great feature of collecting metals and stones & sending them away to be refined, but have no nice display cases you can buy to show it all off. My sim has a buttload of gems & smelted metals and they're all piled on a bar right now because it has a lot of slots without a lot of space but it looks horrible. We need shelves or a curio case or something!

Also, this continuing memory leak/crashing issue is UNACCEPTABLE. How were they even allowed to release a game like that?
Test Subject
#99 Old 22nd Jul 2009 at 3:50 AM
Default Dead Sim.
I have a dead visiting sim in my game that the grim reaper failed to carry away. He is smellin pretty foul by now. How do I get rid of this dead corpse who keep saying he has to leave now, but goes nowhere?
Field Researcher
#100 Old 22nd Jul 2009 at 7:22 PM
@maryann - have you tried TestingCheatsEnabled True and then adding him to the family? Then he'll most likely be taken away by the Grim Reaper. Or you can get rid of him yourself.
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