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#51 Old 18th Aug 2011 at 7:27 PM
Excellent, lovely fog!
Rogue Redeemer
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#52 Old 27th Aug 2011 at 4:28 PM
I played around with sky files and fell in love with China's sunset... So I'm thinking if it would be possible to combine that specific part of China's sky files into Bridgeport's, to create my world it's own Franken-sky?

I'm guessing it would be done so that I'd need to extract China's INI's... but what parts/names of them would I need exactly to combine into Bridgeport's files...?
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#53 Old 29th Aug 2011 at 2:52 AM
Arisuka, China and the other vacation worlds don't have so many INI files or colour ramps as Bridgeport. So, you could export Bridgeport's ini files and then overwrite some of them with China's INI files (I've done this myself, for a world I made). That would give you the nice clouds and sunsets from China, but with occasional fog like Bridgeport.

China has one ini for governing the wall top colour, one for light quality, one for sky parameters (such as sun radius and weather frequency), two for weather types (one likely, one not likely) and one for flyover spline.

Bridgeport has all those, but has five weather types of varying probability, and also has an ini for sea quality (such as transparency).

Both have colour ramps which go with the weather types, to change sky/ water colour as the weather changes. China has two, Bridgeport five.

These are the files you need from China:

And Bridgeport:

The bits that you might like to change are the sunrise/ sunset times, and the interval between changing weather (the latter is especially useful for when you are testing, as you can set it to 4 hours maybe to have the game reselect the weather more often):

For each weather type, there is a probability weighting. If you set them all to one then you will have an equal chance of seeing each type of weather (so, when the weather changes you might get fog as often as fair weather). But if you set some to one and some to 0.5 or even less, then the lower numbers will have less chance of being seen. As an example, the really thick fog in Bridgeport has a prob weighting of 0, so you seldom see it.

Each weather type has its own ini file, and a colour ramp to go with it. Finding out which goes with which is tricky!
Bridgeport also has a water override, so that the water depth factor is changed to make the water more transparent (so that the murky texture shows through).

As a comparison, the default basegame setting is 10 for this figure, so if you find that the land is showing beneath your sea too much, raise that figure.

If you want to change the cloud settings, try comparing those in China to those in Bridgeport, and also in Tamlo's Medieval files easlier in this thread. If you remember that each weather type has its own ini file then you can soon figure out what weather each causes. For example, the lower probability weight weather files are the ones you do not see in game so often.

The colour ramps are easy to edit too- I used the information in GloamingMerle's post here to help me find out which bits to edit to change the colour for different parts.

If you'd like to see some I did, based on Bridgeport and China combined, take a look at these:
Some based on France and Bridgeport combined here:
I like the fog, but I also like some sunshine, and combining the EA files gives just that. Some images of worlds with these files in:
China/ Bridgeport:
Rogue Redeemer
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#54 Old 29th Aug 2011 at 8:18 AM
Thank you so much for taking the time to lay it all out! That is so helpful, I cannot even tell you! *gets hyper excited about testing out Franken-skies*

I had no freakin' idea that the files were THIS detailed...! It seems like adding rain, snow and so on would be only a few steps away from this, just... wow. So awesome. And gotta say, those skies in the pictures are just breathtaking. I thought that China's sky alone was amazing, but man, now that's something! The variety makes it all so much more atmospheric than the vanilla sky!
I must've been looking at France's sunset though, when comparing the pictures... But as China and Bridgeport are both misty and foggy, they go perfectly with my world as it's a Northeastern coastal American setting. Can't wait to start experimenting!
#55 Old 3rd Sep 2011 at 10:18 AM
I'd really like to help, but my ability to simulate weather/sky changes based on INI files really is guess and check. I kind of just adjusted random numbers to my liking when I made Oahu's weather. Seeing the overall pattern governing them is difficult, to say the least....

What I Do Know

;; Color of the directional light in the sky; double duty for sun and moon
;; No sense separating these until terrain can handle multiple directional lights

All the numbers under this heading changes the color of the light that renders a scene (much like how a lamp would change the color of a room).


;; Cloud Colors


;; Cloud's color based on which half of the hemisphere it occupies relative to the sun.

You need to change these values if you want a beautiful sky with multiple colors (especially at sunrise and sunset)...


;; Horizon Colors

Creates different light ambiances (like the first one I mentioned)


Some of the more obvious ones like Sky Color, Sun/Moon Color and Fog Depth are not as tricky to edit.

All of the numbers are attached to phases throughout the day, and the color each transitions to at that hour.


I also created a Fly-By, which is a pain because my only guess is to go into TAB/Camera Mode and save an angle, exit the game, then copy the coordinates from the WorldPresets file, and paste them in the world fly-through script. The "painful" part comes from the fact that the fly-by camera has to transition from one point to the next, and it doesn't always look how I want it to. Requires a lot of guess and check to be half-way satisfied.
Lab Assistant
#56 Old 3rd Sep 2011 at 11:00 AM
Great info, we need more people to relate what they did and the results. I'm not at this stage yet but it will come in handy then.

C'est la vie, they say, because they can't change their world, but, we can! That's why we have CAW! :rolleyes:
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#57 Old 3rd Sep 2011 at 8:33 PM
Thanks Jasumi, very useful.
Rogue Redeemer
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#58 Old 4th Oct 2011 at 1:51 AM
I noticed that Jasumi had uploaded custom skies, which can be used in other worlds. I'd really like to know how this can be done? Would be really handy to be able to change and test the skies often, when it's not part of the world itself.

I opened the file and found 23 .INI-files... But Bridgeport has only 10. Am I missing something in here?
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#59 Old 6th Oct 2011 at 12:34 AM
Arisuka, Jasumi's file override the ini files in Electronic Arts \The Sims 3 \GameData \Shared \NonPackaged \Ini. Some of those are overridden by the ini files included in the EA worlds, but not all. Details on generating hashes and how to do this here:

There are also other files which may impact upon weather and sky parameters, in the basegame Fullbuild0.package file, as discussed here:
Rogue Redeemer
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#60 Old 7th Oct 2011 at 8:34 PM
I now have more time and started looking into all this better... So basically, to get Bridgeport's and China's sky files into a single world I'd only have to import the files from the source worlds into my world, and that'd be it!
...But if I'd like to make them external/separate from the world, I'd have to also edit and override ALL of the ini files in the basegame folder, to fit together with the Bridgeport and China files?
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#61 Old 7th Oct 2011 at 9:00 PM
Bridgeport has five weather types, China two. So what you would have to do is to overwrite some of the Bridgeport files with the China files, then you'd have some days where the weather would be as in China, some days when it would be as in Bridgeport. That's all you'd have to do to make it work.

But, if you changed the probability weights and the weather randomise interval then you'd be able to control which weather/ sky types were dominant, and which are seen only seldom- and also how often the weather changes.

To make the weather as a default override you could just put the China and Bridgeport files into a package and put it into your Mods folder, it would do the same thing (but it would affect all worlds, unless they had their own sea/ sky/ weather overrides, in which case they would override that mod). You don't have to do all of the ini files in the basegame INI folder (or indeed, any of the ramps/ ini files in the fullbuild0 package)- you could choose which ones. So, you could just alter one aspect, or one weather type, or one colour ramp.
Test Subject
#62 Old 11th Jul 2013 at 11:58 AM
Hello! I know no one replied to this thread many months but I still hope for help. I want my Sunset Valley have the same sea colour as Isla Paradiso. What numbers should I write to the original ini folder?
Test Subject
#63 Old 27th Oct 2015 at 9:52 PM
Originally Posted by Sandrate
Hello! I know no one replied to this thread many months but I still hope for help. I want my Sunset Valley have the same sea colour as Isla Paradiso. What numbers should I write to the original ini folder?

Eh, despite the fact that this reply to this question is two years late, I would suggest to look into this link: http://brntwaffles.tumblr.com/post/...t-will-override
It might be helpful.
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