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Top Secret Researcher
#26 Old 17th Feb 2019 at 3:38 PM Last edited by Victor_tor : 17th Feb 2019 at 8:30 PM. Reason: spoiler added
Okaay, let`s try something special for dear Mrs. Crumplebottom.

Game - TS1
Lot Size - 630 sq. m.
Money spend - §49980
Bedrooms - 1
Bathrooms - 1

1. No electrical items other than lighting, kitchen appliances and perhaps a phone.
2. Decorate in a fussy, dated fashion. Clean, modern lines are not appreciated.

Bonus Challenge I take part:
A Room for Mr Tibbles
Furnish a room of the house for your sim’s old, cantankerous feline friend.

Optional Challenge I take part:
2. No CC: Ms. Crumplebottom hates anything new and some of this darnfangled CC is simply too shiny and modern for her tastes! Build and furnish from the game only!

I tried to share all my love to this house special for my dear Ms. Cruplebottom))) The lot is far enough from others to hide. House is sorrounded with high walls with barbed wire finish to hide it much more from all the neighboor. There`s a beautiful shelter made in castle-roman-llama-provence style with a pond and little gazebo. It has kitchen, bedroom and WC. And a little outdoor patio for mr Tibble.
Hope Mrs. Cruplebottom will not feel herself imprisoned inside. This house was constructed as a symbol of something stylish and beautiful in her heart that`s sorrounded by the high and spiky fencing.
Look under spoiler to enter and have fun.

Here you can see more of my creations and conversions for sims 3. ;) I`ll glad to see your comments in.
Field Researcher
#27 Old 17th Feb 2019 at 4:51 PM
Default Entry
Game - TS2
Lot size 2x2
No CC used
Budget over $30K, about 35 I think.

Mrs C decided to move to Bayside Flats, and bought the most remote cottage she could find. She decided to go for a bungalow, as increasing age would make stairs a hazard. The second bedroom was soon converted into a combined kitty room and sewing room.

Mad Poster
#28 Old 17th Feb 2019 at 5:02 PM
And I present an attempt as well.

Game: The Sims 2
Price : 29,593
Lot size : 20 X 30

I have kept the bedding defaults (chose a simple one) and the default roof trims I use in my game, but there are no other cc (as far as I know).

Not very welcoming from the outside, the house has a concrete facade. Actually there are double walls on 3 sides. No front door and no front facing windows either. If you have to come in, please go around the house and do not complain about the trouble.

No stairs, since old people find it hard to climb all the time, and a double bed (definitely not for romance, definitely not - but an old lady has to look after her back. That is why there are two comfy chairs). A gas stove in the kitchen, a book shelf and a place for a cat. What more could she want?

Tour the hideaway:

I hope you enjoyed my interpretation and thank you for the challenge!
Top Secret Researcher
#29 Old 17th Feb 2019 at 5:27 PM Last edited by Victor_tor : 17th Feb 2019 at 5:56 PM.
Justpetro, haha! Black cat eating flamingo is absolutely something about Ms. Cruplebottom saw two youngsters public kissing

And put this hideout backwards seems as chick-leg house of Baba Yaga from russian fairytales. She was the nasty one too))

Here you can see more of my creations and conversions for sims 3. ;) I`ll glad to see your comments in.
retired moderator
#30 Old 17th Feb 2019 at 8:26 PM
Young hoodlums with their "hip hops music, sagging pants, and smart widgets" weren't the first to start calling the distinguished subdivision of "Cattle-laddle Mews" as "Catlady Mews" ("Cat Lady meows" ), but the name suits Agnes just fine, thank you very much!

Lot size 30x20
Lot value: $47,351

From the entrance, the small foyer opens into the parlor where tea, knitting, and nefarious plotting can be enjoyed with the steady of tick of the grandfather clock and the crackling fireplace. The rustic kitchen is just through the archway where a warm log-burning stove and an oven can attempt try to melt the frozen heart of a jilted spinster. The back patio, accessible from said kitchen, is perfect for the budding gardener! Out of the parlor and through the hallway, you can find the bathroom completely clean with as much empty counter space as the void in your heart and a large mirror for reflection on past mistakes. On the other end of the hallway is the bedroom, the perfect place for antiques that are only to be seen, never touched or used.


I don't mind if you call me "MSD" or something for short.
Perhaps someday I'll have leisure time back...
Field Researcher
#31 Old 17th Feb 2019 at 11:25 PM
I´m sure my screenshots, don´t match the challenge terms. But i post my material anyway.

Agnes Crumplebottom in her living room. Yes she adores brown.

Sit down relax a little, and play some chess.

The bar is her favourite spot. Let yourself go, and toast to anything.

Nothing beats a comfy sofa, after a hard day at work.

Who would say no, to a wonderful card game?

Agnes adores her sports car.

Tartan McBadgerface
Original Poster
#32 Old 18th Feb 2019 at 12:01 AM
They may not match the challenge terms, but when it's at that level of amazing, I don't care Thank you for the laugh!

Everyone is doing great! I love that there's a TS1 entry too!
Blenderized to Pieces
retired moderator
#33 Old 18th Feb 2019 at 5:43 AM Last edited by porkypine : 18th Feb 2019 at 6:36 AM.

Ok! I totally blew the budget but whateves! I needed to fuss it up! A LOT! My Sims 4 fussy stuff is expensive! $103,141 Simoleons!

Mrs. Crumplebottom and Mr. Tibbles heard of a place that is wonderfully quiet during the day. It is so remote that they say that no one is ever around! The few neighbors work nights and sleep days so it is nice and quiet, just the way she likes it. She found an old house to rent in Forbidden Hollow for a decent price. The only caveat is that the landlord asked her to never go into the crypt since it belongs to his family. She assured him that she would never intrude upon his ancestors and is not foolish like some of these young kids going around ghost hunting. The deal made, she moved in post haste.

Mr. Tibbles is happy. He has his own room with his pet fish right outside his door.

Just click on the thumbs below for larger images. Sorry for the dark images, Forgotten Hollow is a night neighborhood for vampires so it's always gloomy, even in daylight..
Blenderized to Pieces
retired moderator DELETED POST
18th Feb 2019 at 6:05 AM
This message has been deleted by porkypine. Reason: fat finger duplicate! (don't ask! lol)
#34 Old 18th Feb 2019 at 7:08 AM
This is a silly question, but... is Mr. Tibbles a certain kind of cat? I mean, does Mrs. Crumplebottom have a cat in the game that we know? Not me, but people who've seen Mrs. Crumplebottom?
Top Secret Researcher
#35 Old 18th Feb 2019 at 9:19 AM
Originally Posted by Sunrader
This is a silly question, but... is Mr. Tibbles a certain kind of cat? I mean, does Mrs. Crumplebottom have a cat in the game that we know? Not me, but people who've seen Mrs. Crumplebottom?

I found Mr Tibbles is a part-kneazle cat from Order of phoenix HP book series. He never appeared at any Sims. So to add him to Ms. Crumplebottom is like as cross-over between two communities.

Here you can see more of my creations and conversions for sims 3. ;) I`ll glad to see your comments in.
Mad Poster
#36 Old 18th Feb 2019 at 10:45 AM
Not only does Ms. Wrinklebutt love her cat, she loves putting birdhouses where Kitty can stalk the birds. She also likes to knit. Kitty disappeared for a few days and Ms.W was afraid the animals in the woods had got her, but she found her, tangled in the yarn. You will get a pic of Mrs. W and cat whats-his-name playing with yarn on the porch. Here is a shot of her living room...fussy enough for you?
A picture of Ms. W's mother; we see why Ms.W likes cactus and other sharp and nasty things.
And her garden, where she grows mushrooms and other oddities.

Stand up, speak out. Just not to me..
Mad Poster
#37 Old 18th Feb 2019 at 3:27 PM
Mine is finished, but I need a Mrs. C clone to playtest it and liven up my photos! And I can't make her appear in the SimSurgery window. I have her extracted clothes and hair. Can anyone tell me which Sims 2 face template is hers?

Ugly is in the heart of the beholder.
(My simblr isSim Media Res . Widespot,Widespot RFD: The Subhood, and Land Grant University are all available here. In case you care.)
#38 Old 18th Feb 2019 at 7:02 PM
Originally Posted by Victor_tor
I found Mr Tibbles is a part-kneazle cat from Order of phoenix HP book series. He never appeared at any Sims. So to add him to Ms. Crumplebottom is like as cross-over between two communities.

Yes, I see that. I don't know that series either, really, so I will come up with Mr. Tibbles, the second. The first one was a childhood pet.
Test Subject
#39 Old 18th Feb 2019 at 9:22 PM Last edited by HugeLunatic : 19th Feb 2019 at 9:14 PM.
Ms. Crumplebottom's Hideaway
Game: Sims 4
Lot: 30x30
Price: 49,802

No CC!

If you like it, you can download the house from my profile. Also, I made Ms. Crumplebottom and Mr. Tibbles and you can download them separately from the building.

First, I thought that, as an old lady, she should focus on a small wooden house, with a little vegetable garden and some forest-like landscaping around, but, her house is actually a hideaway, so I eventually thought about "hiding" it a little. Around the house, I built a giant maze in which only she knows the way (and of course her sweet fat cat) and placed a few trees here and there so that the house can't be seen clearly from the road.

I hope you enjoy playing in this house and find your way through the maze!
Also, any suggestions are very appreciated so please write a comment as soon as this building gets on my page in order to show me what improvements would you have made or what advices you have! :lovestruc
Field Researcher
19th Feb 2019 at 1:03 AM
This message has been deleted by Rafael!. Reason: Was a silly idea
Blenderized to Pieces
retired moderator
#40 Old 19th Feb 2019 at 2:58 AM
Seraphyna Lux -- Just put a giant mousetrap in one of the maze pathways.
#41 Old 19th Feb 2019 at 3:18 AM Last edited by Sunrader : 20th Feb 2019 at 2:14 PM.
Default My First Challenge - Crumplebottom's Hidden Tiny House
I’m not a builder or decorator. I’m more a tweaker and a storyteller, so this house may not quite fit the "letter of the law," but certainly it fits the spirit. Because I wanted it to be REALLY hidden, from the players and the sims, I built it on quite a large lot, but the house, itself, only has a 6x6-squares footprint, and believe me, building on this lot, was plenty of challenge for me!

Mrs. Crumplebottom, despite her reputation, is not opposed to new ideas. It's just so obvious to her than many new ideas are bad. Retirement village? Bad. Private Tiny House far from jolly retirees playing bingo and entertaining sticky grandchildren? Good. According to Mr's Crumplebottom's internet research, the best "Tiny House" is attached to a "Big House" that someone else pays for. So, Mrs. Crumplebottom has convinced a friend (yes, she has a friend) that she is the perfect tenant for her recently vacated caretaker's cottage.

When Mrs. Crumplebottom arrives at the Fortress of Eternal Darkness just before nightfall, it turns out the house belongs to Mr. Tibbles, the cat. When the old Head Witch passed on, she left the house in her will to Mr. Tibbles. (Of course, Mr. Tibbles is just Mrs. Crumplebottom's "pet" name for him. His real name is quite unpronounceable by normals.)

The tiny house is filled with the cat's possessions and odds and ends from the big house that are no longer needed.

There's a worn red velvet sofa that's so uncomfortable Mr. Tibbles won't sit on it, but Mrs. Crumplebottom finds it quite adequate. There’s a fine fire of an evening and room for her sewing machine. There's a seemingly endless supply of hard wrought iron chairs from the days when covens met here in great numbers. (Now the covens are smaller and prefer to meet at the Holiday Inn.) Downstairs, there's an old red tub that Mrs. Crumplebottom feels unseemly, but, of course, she only uses it for laundry, preferring the modest, and efficient, all-in-one facilities installed by the last tenant. The Head Witch doesn't want anything marring her black color scheme, so Mrs. Crumplebottom puts all her color and florals and quilts inside.

Though she is officially his caretaker, Mr. Tibbles requires very little from her. She suspects him of conjuring food into his dish because, although she measures his daily portion precisely, he is, frankly, a bit... fat. He does his business outside, unless he's annoyed with her, when he makes a great show of using the litter box downstairs. And, though, she has never seen him deign to touch the cat toy, if she moves it, it will, shortly, reappear in the same spot just where she will need to step over it most, right at the foot of the stairs.

Even with Mr. Tribbles somewhat vexing ways, it's a great deal, living here. Mrs. Crumplebottom finds she is quite happy and relaxed. Turns out she's not fussy at all, when there's no one around to annoy her. She'll even leave her bed unmade and a dish unwashed now and then. She can save her pennies here, which she appreciates. She has a few light caretaker duties, mostly occasional sweeping, to give her a little exercise. She has plenty of time to sew and knit.

Soon, when the new young Head Witch needs to travel, Mrs. Crumplebottom looks forward to looking after the Big House and getting in a little extra reading.

Technical - Sims2, 6x6 squares (same as no-cheat on a 1x1 lot) using Grid Adjuster for a full no-slope basement, a 2-click porch/foundation, and a 2-click dummy level to raise the roof above windows, built on unhidden Secret Witches lot. Original house on lot untouched except for photo of Sim reading and light added behind tower window. Entire lot turned 180 degrees to take advantage of Light fortress in the background.
Mad Poster
#42 Old 19th Feb 2019 at 6:35 AM Last edited by grammapat : 19th Feb 2019 at 8:26 PM.
Love your story too; for me, that's the fun part! I've finished the house; it's on a very small lot (specs later) so I had to add a 3rd floor room - for the "mysteries". She is almost totally non-electric; her frig is a ICE-box, just like my grandmother had. I remember visiting Bonnie when I was little. She had so many interesting things; a frig that you put ICE in. Delicate china cups with flowers, and crystal. She was so proud that now she had indoor plumbing; it took me a while to find it! To get water you had to pump the handle on this big thing by the sink. There was a bath tub on the back porch, and off the kitchen was a toilet - in a CLOSET! If I made it in Sims it would be 2 squares. She would always invite me to eat fruit in a bowl, but it was rotten-- so I had to put rotten fruit in this house too. The light on that table looks out of place, but it's a special candle for the Venus fly trap. My house also has a tiny wood-burning "stove" (I never use in in-game because it catches on fire), I prefer a big black one that is supposed to be log-burning, but doesn't look it.
Ah, the upstairs room...She used to sew, but not so much anymore. Maybe she should have a boy from town bring it down. There are just too many memories up there; the wedding dress she made, pictures of happier days, a mans muddy clothes...

Yes, the house is hidden. It's on the side of a heavily forested mountain (so difficult to play with all those trees!)

Stand up, speak out. Just not to me..
Blenderized to Pieces
retired moderator
#43 Old 19th Feb 2019 at 7:02 AM
Great job guys! Who else is in?
Top Secret Researcher
#44 Old 19th Feb 2019 at 9:53 AM
I am waiting for Norn to show Crumplebottom's scinetific nature))

Here you can see more of my creations and conversions for sims 3. ;) I`ll glad to see your comments in.
Rubric Wrangler
#45 Old 19th Feb 2019 at 9:07 PM
Mine is a work in progress! You can see some pics in the Create channel of our Discord chat.

The meadows are in bloom:
who has ever seen such insolence?

Test Subject
#46 Old 19th Feb 2019 at 9:44 PM
Though I have been a member for ages, I think since Sims 1, but shortly after, Sims 2 came out. I have been more of a lurker than a participant. Maybe that will change, as I want to do this challenge. Everyone has done such a good job. I recently did a house in Sims 4 with a story involving Mrs. Crumplebottom, so it was a delightful surprise to log in and find this. If you are interested, you can find the house on the gallery. My name there is Staralien7 and the house is Crumplebottom Estate. This challenge actually fits in very well with my story-line. Anyway..guess I better get busy if I am going to do this. Happy Simming!
Tartan McBadgerface
Original Poster
#47 Old 19th Feb 2019 at 11:48 PM
Great work everyone I love how there are so many different thoughts on what Ms. Crumplebottom should be as a character! Good to see a few lurkers joining in too <3
Mad Poster
#48 Old 20th Feb 2019 at 4:30 AM
To assist in the creative process, I highly recommend listening to this track on repeat.

I mean really, can you think of more Crumplebottom-y music to design to?

Welcome to the Dark Side...
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Top Secret Researcher
#49 Old 20th Feb 2019 at 8:33 AM Last edited by Victor_tor : 20th Feb 2019 at 10:15 AM. Reason: Behave yourself!
Default Ms. Cruplebottom`s letter
Ms. Crumplebottom send a pigeon-mail I just recieved. She said:
I hadn`t EVER seen so many rulebreakers in one time! So many contestants who doesn`t respect the guidelines! I thought you all much understanding MY NEEDS!!
I need more flowers! I like flowers!! They`re better friends then all disgusting people! Less furniture cause it collects dust! And NO SPAM and NO RANDOM BABBLING in threads!
Behave yourself!
Ms. C.


Here you can see more of my creations and conversions for sims 3. ;) I`ll glad to see your comments in.
#50 Old 20th Feb 2019 at 2:02 PM
Originally Posted by grammapat
Yes, the house is hidden. It's on the side of a heavily forested mountain (so difficult to play with all those trees!)

Right?! I had all those spikes in the way in mine, ugh. I hid my Travellers' Caravan among hood trees on a lot, and that was a nuisance, too. If you have one, I'd love to see a zoom out of your lot to see how you did your mountain and trees.

It's so fun seeing everyone's interpretation of Crumplebottom's character, needs, and stories. I'm so glad this is a challenge just for fun, and we get to see these little windows into the characters of the creators, too - memories, ideas about aging, about being in society or out of it, it's all really quite wonderful. That's the eternal beauty of Sims 2 and why I love it so much.
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