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Originally Posted by simsample
Mine eat it like this:
Which is pretty much how I eat it, only I eat faster. And more. And I don't share my pizza.
That's more or less how I ate it in the restaurant! I wasn't sharing either, and the pizza was nearly as big as that one. I ended up taking two slices home.

To see for myself how Sims eat their pizza, I went to see Antonio Monty and his family. Wednesday started out chaotically at 53 Via Venezia. There wasn't enough in the fridge for Antonio to feed his family with cereal. First idea was to order a delivery of groceries. But he was hardly off the 'phone, when it occurred to him that pizza would be quicker, as they wouldn't have to cook it. So he ordered pizza too. The result was a traffic jam outside the house as a groceries delivery van, a pizza delivery car, and a school 'bus completely blocked the road in both directions. In the end, by the time both deliveries were accepted, there wasn't time to eat anything before the school 'bus left, and Beatrice, Benedick and Berjes Wilsonoff (the Downtownie teen whom Antonio took on to act as live-in nanny to the children) all went to school without any breakfast. Antonio for his part ate his pizza with his fingers, in the front garden, in his underpants!

I wanted to see how a really neat Sim ate their pizza, so when Berjes got home from school (with his first A+ report) he invited Julian round, and Julian in turn invited Andrew, who duly arrived, resplendent in his sailor suit. Now my friend Andrew, a Virgo, is a real neatnik; he's taken (with good reason) to calling me "Mr. Messy". I really wanted to see how he ate his pizza, so we got it out of Antonio's inventory so everyone could eat it. In the event Andrew ate his with his fingers like the other Sims; he held the slice by the crust and started eating at the pointed end furthest from the crust.

So that's it settled. What's good enough for Andrew is good enough for me. In future I'll eat my pizza with my fingers. My mother says that pizza was a traditional Italian workman's lunch, which he carried to work, so it makes sense not to use fingers rather than a knife and fork. (A Scottish workman carries a "piece" to work, and my mother thinks the two words might be related.)

Later in the evening Andrew became hungry again and, when I temporarily made him controllable, he decided to cook some more food. I got him to make burgers for everyone. I noted that they ate the burgers with their fingers too, holding them by the "bun" so they didn't actually have to touch the burger itself. But Sims' burgers are still a sensible size that they can easily hold in their hands. Real Life burgers (as served in restaurants anyway) have recently reached a ridiculous size, with so many things stuffed into them that they need a skewer to hold them together. I've recently started removing some of the contents and eating them with a knife and fork, reducing the burger in its "bun" (which we might call a "roll" in Scotland) to a size that I can hold in my hand and eat the way my Sims eat theirs.

So there's something else we can learn from our Sims -- how to eat our food properly!!

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Does anyone know where Chris Hatch went? I haven't seen him answering modding questions in a long time. Did he move to a new forum?
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I was asking this a few days ago, omglo. I haven't heard anything of him for a while, I hope he's still modding! Maybe he has his own site now?

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Thanks, hopefully he's doing fine wherever he's off to.
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I just installed the Ultimate Collection on my new Windows 10 laptop and expected all kinds of trouble but surprisingly after a quick fix with the 4GB patch and installing Graphic Rules Makers, it runs without any issues so far. I'll hope it stays this way once I add my download folder and neighborhoods.
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I saw this screenshot on insta of someone being nice on what I assume was an FPS game, and the other person being absolutely baffled and insisting they should be toxic. And it made me think.

Imagine if there was such a toxic competitive simming community. Someone calls you a slur bc you used toddler-bot (like aimbot but for toddlers) or a hacker because your sim reached level 10 of the culinary career. A random middle schooler who makes you 1v1 him in Strangetown (which one of you can marry their sim off faster), and when he loses he claims his dad works for EA and will get your account banned. Someone sees your generation 1 Kristen Loste and calls you a noob because you're not on generation 56 like they are. "Wow, I didn't know girls played the sims". Simming competitions on cons.
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