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Originally Posted by Squidconqueror
That and pop culture references tend to be dated after a few years.

I have no idea what you're talking about. The Sims 3 Katy Perry Sweet Treats pack is obviously timeless.
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Originally Posted by Bulbizarre
Have all the traits been converted yet? I believe that I was looking into it, but decided to wait until they were finished so I could sort out any mod conflicts all at once.

The traits themselves are simply icons you put in a sims inventory. They don't do anything on their own. That's what I've got in my game at the moment. The trait mods on the other hand, I believe are an ongoing process, and are being made by different creators, so they may never be truly finished. I plan to give everybody traits over the next few weeks and then when I've finished my Uberhood rotation, go and look at what trait mods are available and put the ones I want in my game.

I think as well as the 99 Sims 3 traits, there's also some custom ones made by other creators. IIRC, Midge has custom supernatural ones for their mermaids, fairies and ghosts, and I'm pretty sure there's Avatar The Last Airbender ones too, but for now, I'm sticking to the basic ones.
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Originally Posted by inspiredzone
I have no idea what you're talking about. The Sims 3 Katy Perry Sweet Treats pack is obviously timeless.

Funny thing is, I had no idea who Katy Perry was until that pack came out (and probably still couldn't pick her out of a small crowd. I have no interest in her or her music, even the simlish kind. I know I kept thinking "who's that?" and I also didn't buy that (or any of the other) stuff packs for TS3. Truth be said, I haven't heard much of the music that came with TS3 or TS4. I don't mind TS1/2 music, but having it on repeat was a bit too much (calm music is fine, but I'm not fond of the simlish singing), so by the time TS3 and 4 came out I was mostly playing with sounds off anyway. I prefer either silence or making a playlist unrelated to sims I'll run through once or twice before it's back to silence.
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inspiredzone and simmer22...
The funny thing for me is that I actually like Katy Perry's stuff pack! I like a lot of the buy objects (which I find ideal for toddlers' and kids' rooms and I like the cake-something (I can never remember that name, grr!) venue that came with the pack. I, also, like the pool venue! (And, now, I'm bracing myself for the... disagreements storm! Sue me but I like it ). The clothes, though, are a conctant pain for my eyes!

About the OP's question, I agree with most or the previous replies. Though, I will repeat the rotation way of playing, which took me a while to get used to but now I love it. It's always kind of thrilling going back to a family and seeing what they have been up to when I was not playing them
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The props weren't too bad, I guess - but they didn't have a lot of uses. Mostly they looked like they would take up a lot of floor space, and I usually prefer keeping rooms somewhat tidy and instead decorate the walls so there's room for skilling toys and such. Maybe they would work for an ice cream store or some sort of gingerbread house or candy themed building, but that's not something I personally do a lot of, and maybe as photo props. I downloaded some 3t2 conversions of them, but I don't think I ever used them for anything (I probably had plans to do some photoshoots with them as background props). The clothes looked to have no practical uses ingame other than for funsies. If it had been an integrated part of the Showtime pack, then maybe I'd gotten the chance to appreciate them more (or not), but there were other stuff packs I'd rather consider buying than this one (I ended up with just the EPs).

While we're on the subject of themed SPs and kids' rooms, I had much fun with the (TS2) FFS pack. It had 3 distinct styles (under the sea, princess and race car) which I used quite a lot for kids' rooms before I started downloading CC (and long after, because a lot of the furniture is quite nice). They had a full set of matching furniture for kids' rooms in a lot of color variants, which I appreciated a lot, and while I didn't use the clothes much but they were quite nice as a dress-up theme. I also liked the TSS pack, and loved a lot of the clothes and the child/teen furniture. The nice thing was that you could use only items from those packs and keep the kids' rooms entirely in style.
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Race car? The third theme was space. But I also really love those. I love the whole Family Fun Stuff pack.

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I thought the space theme came with Pets, considering that the Kim family had it decorating their house.

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The space theme was indeed with Pets (there were space-themed furniture for pets and some for the rest of the house, too) - which I forgot about despite using it a lot in kids' rooms.

The race car theme I always thought was FFS, but it's possible it's a partial "lost and found" set with FFS and GLS, but it's the one I used the least so I'm not entirely sure. Maybe just a few items were included in FFS/GLS, and it's entirely possible I have had the unlocked/unhidden version for a while. Here's Numenor's fixed set:

Maybe I got the race car mixed up in it because I had a feeling there were three sets in the FFS pack, but it could be there are just two (castle and under the sea, and for some reason "Hawaiian" or vacation-themed clothing - not sure what their thought was there...).
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That's also another thing I like- EPs like Pets had other themes in their content besides the easily predictable ones.

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I could've sworn there was space stuff that came with FFS. It matches the other two themes--it has the same furniture, the same patterned wallpaper. The Google search results claim that there's a space theme in FFS, but when I pulled out the game booklet that came with the disc, there was nothing space-y in it. 'Tis a mystery indeed. If only I had my game, I could boot it up and see which collection the kids' space stuff is organized into. Though that's another thing--I know for a fact there are TWO space collections, so it could be that one came with Pets and one with FFS.

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Originally Posted by alljoj
That's also another thing I like- EPs like Pets had other themes in their content besides the easily predictable ones.

Absolutely! The TS2 EPs and SPS seemed to have a little bit of everything (but in mostly complete sets to furnish a spesific room), and there were always some items or sets I ended up using a lot even if I wasn't too interested in the rest. With some extra recolors added, some of the furniture items were suddenly a lot more useful, too. Like AL for instance. I never really used the witches or apartments much, but there was a lot of furniture and clothes I liked, and it added some modding options I now wouldn't be without (I sincerely have no idea how I made it without the Freezer Clock mod, which is based on a witch spell, before installing AL). Even Pets had some nice items that weren't pets-themed, and I liked the small animals too. The packs usually weren't "one feature" packs, but more multi-layered. They actually felt like expansions, and not just added content. The creatures also weren't forced on you in any way. You could have fun making your sim into a vampire or witch, or (almost) completely ignore the existence of them, all in the same game.

A lot of the time when I've built houses in TS2, I've found myself using mainly furniture from various packs. A lot of it is very versatile (espeically with recolors added), and unless you play ultra-realistic, the furniture can blend in nicely with both MM and CC. When I make test sims, I mostly give them maxis clothes and hairs, and I do like a lot of the clothes, particuarly those that came with H&M, TSS, SSN, some AL, and various others. I often find myself missing some of the simpler styles from TS2 when playing TS3 and TS4. In TS4, I feel it's always "more elaborate = better quality" which is quite annoying, because I don't want all sims to have expensive princess-style beds just to sleep through the night, or chess chairs that look like they belong in a castle. In TS2 there are a lot of nice-looking but still simple furniture with higher comfort and energy scoress something I really like. You can get quite far with some nice bedding or a different recolor (plus the fact that you can have different bedding combined with different bed colors in TS2 without having to use CC...). I can sometimes use the original recolors of TS2 furniture because a lot of the items aren't too different in color. While I like some of the themed sets, I much prefer a simpler style of furniture because it doesn't force you into one way of thinking, and allows for more mix-and-match. TS2 kind of has it all. Themed sets for kids, but also not-themed items to make a simple bedroom, because not everyone is into space, princesses, dragons or the oceanic look. Then again, there's also items that aren't themed a spesific way, but fit very well into various styles. I know I had a lot of fun with modernish, kind of space-themed redecoration for the Curious family, but everything didn't need to have planets/aliens or be vibrant green to achieve the look, and I could do it by mixing ingame furniture. I think that's the biggest strength of TS2 - the furniture is very mix-and-matchable in style. If something doesn't quite match in color, you just get a small set of recolors, and then everything matches.

The space theme was Pets - but I think it was called "atomic" or some such: and (couldn't find a good picture of the originals - I think the below pic may be concept art? But they actually look quite nice recolored, and they clearly state it's Pets. They also had some space-themed pet items like a dog house shaped as a round rocket, alongside more traditional and simpler styled furniture).
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There are so many features about the Sims 2 I like but you have to start with some of the expansions packs added to the game, My number one feature is Sims driving cars thanks goes to NL dating and group outing.
I love Seasons the different kind of weathers it offer, UV Teen can go to College ( but I personally never play that part of game. )
The different add on neighborhoods, Pets some like Pet EP some don't I do, it added more reality to the game.

I love the Building aspect of the game it enable you to build or learn how to build for your hood to build new home lots or community places.
I love the setup of the game that allow you to add customs and last Body Shop / CAS to create more Sims. All and all what not to love about Sims 2.

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i know this is vague, but the amount of real-life details. onlyabidoang made several videos showing off the differences in animations/interactions and that made me appreciate the game more. how sims will randomly look out windows, tuck in their kids, whistle, crack their knuckles in idle poses, cuddle in bed... this game isnt like playing with dolls its like... playing God.

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Wants/fears is peak of the sims. Memories are my other favourite-- and this might be an unpopular opinion considering how many mods there are to disable gossip, but I love gossip. I clear it off from the dead to help with bloat, but if a sim is alive, I love that they just collect a bunch of gossip about everyone. The only piece of gossip I don't like is when people gossip about llama/cow fights.

But to add something nobody else has pointed out to the conversation: I really love personality points compared to the later "personality" systems. Traits are fun in theory, but I'd much rather have traits as a system meant to add on top of existing sliding-scale personality rather than on its own like Sims 3 and 4 did. Not having a core personality that effects autonomy really results in Sims not having many differences in their choices at all. I also love that personality points are genetic-- I find being able to chose personality from traits lists doesn't give the same depth and randomness in play that genetic personality points do.
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Originally Posted by pianogrinder
My favorite thing about sims 2 is the ability to create your own custom neighborhoods with the map templates in game and the ones I created in Simcity 4. I have a lot of maps I made through SC4 and the ability to decorate them with in game and custom deco.

This is the main reason why my journeys with the sims 3 and the sims 4 have ended. The world/neighborhood customization seems so limited and I feel like I can't do things the way I want. With the sims 2, you can do literally everything and anything. The things that I miss from those games are however are the create-a-style from the sims 3 and the build mode and CAS from the sims 4. Otherwise, sims 2 seems to be superior, for me at least.
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I never thought I'd say this... but after having a go with the rigged faces in TS4 I sincerely missed morphed faces, and it didn't take me more than maybe a few hours to realize this. The ability to just completely skip the face when setting up a pose and worry about that ingame instead? Pure bliss! Only advantage TS4 has there would be toddlers (no morphs seem to bite on those, but at least in TS2 sims won't jump out of the pose the moment you hover over them with the mouse in buy mode, so there's that... ).

Pretty much everything about posing and OMSPs and such is better ingame in TS2 (although I do like the ease of making posepacks in TS4... but that's pretty much all I like about it. The experience was fun, though - I think If I happen to find some TS2 rigs and animation plugins for Blender I'll probably give it a go, because there are a few advantages to posing there than in Milkshape).
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The cats and dogs have really cute animations. I can't think of any that are bad or awkward.
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