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#10226 Old Yesterday at 6:13 AM
I bookmark everything that I find important. But mod the sims (MTS) is near the bottom of my list. I keep my bookmarks organized from the most important down to the least and I have a long list.
#10227 Old Yesterday at 10:58 AM
I'm more on the "Oh! Shiny!" side. Then I download right away or I postpone downloading if I don't feel like it or I will download later when I'll feel the need for it.
I register on Pocket and when it comes to MTS stuff I use the "favourite this" feature.
I'm trying to only add cc I may need.
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#10228 Old Yesterday at 6:41 PM
Mistakenly grabbed the UNI bonfire instead of the balloon archway next to it, but happened to do it while rewatching the Lord of the Rings, specifically the scene where the Beacons are being lit one after the other, and now I'm running through in my head how it could be fun to make a few different beacon hills with the bonfire on top of a tower or promontory...

I'm actually kicking around a few different medieval high fantasy build ideas lately, come to think of it.

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#10229 Old Yesterday at 8:19 PM
Oh no, the bookmark thing doesn't really work. I don't even wanna think about the amount of bookmarks I have to go back and download. I'm sure that's in the hundreds, or considering that I often don't go back, the thousands.

If anyone's really curious, the way I do it, is that when I see a download, I categorize it--stuff I wanna put into my game right now, or stuff that can wait/themed stuff I think I might be able to use later for a certain style of play. For stuff that can wait, I bookmark--after all these years I've had to start categorizing my bookmarks, so I put it in a folder like "2 DL: Hair" or "2 DL: Clothes", etc. If I'm in the mood to download, I'm supposed to go back to those folders and look over the stuff again. Like I said, rarely this happens. Though, if I have come across something multiple times, I do bump it up to the "download right now" category, and try to at least download it and save it in my "To Test" folder I have outside my game folder.

With the stuff that I wanna put into my game right away, I leave the tab open to download. This leads me to having a bunch of tabs eventually because 1. If there are links within the thing I'm downloading, I often detour and find more things to download. For example, let's say I'm downloading something from DeeDee, because I often download from there, and she links to the AF version that her TF and EF things are converted from. Well, of course I need the AF version, too! But what do you know, I've never seen this creator before (or it might be a creator I haven't visited in a while)--so I go checkout what they've got. Turns out several lovely-looking things! So more tabs open.

Then 2. I leave tabs open for things I want to download right away, but don't want to download right now because doing that properly will take a while and I don't feel like doing that. This category is for things like mods, houses, big sets like you might find in a GOS event or from Sun & Moon, or sets that have everything in individual zips (a real pet peeve and turn off for a heavy downloader like me). I try to do a lot of my filing and organizing upfront--because for me at least, doing it later is a pita and/or doesn't happen. That means I need to make sure the files are named properly--creator name, but also now I put the site, unless I download frequently from the simmer, and whether or not something is repositoried/texture-referenced. But I also need to check the zip/rar and make sure there's previews inside (and not just swatches). For mods, I need the description/faqs, too, and all the relevant info, so I take screenshots and make jpgs of that stuff, since that's supposedly better than putting txt files in your downloads folder. If there's a txt file included in the download (and there often isn't), I check that to make sure it's duplicate info/there's no other stuff I need to document; if there is, I screenshot that too. And then, depending on what the mod is, I double check my Downloads folder with my file locator for older mods or mods that cover related areas. I check for conflicts, remove older versions, and figure out the best load order. Even if I don't put the new mod in my Downloads right away, it's helpful to note that stuff so that when I do test them out, I don't run into issues.

For sets, I dislike subfolders, and with a Download folder like mine (22.8 GB), it's a no-no. So it takes a bit more time to make sure individual zips are put back together, or big sets with subfolders are extracted in one folder. And, depending on what it is, I do try to name it properly, especially now that I've been organizing my folder (for, like, years ). That means I rename files with the original creator and put the recolorist or the editor at the end of the file. I also track down the item in my folder, if I already have it, and put the new recolors or updated meshes in there. I'm trying to stamp out duplicates so, yeah, files go in the original creator's folder. For things like houses, I usually want to redesign the inside, so I might open up Paint and make notes for the new layout I want. But what's more time consuming is tracking down any cc that might be used. Again, I'm trying to stamp out duplicates and confusing folders so I hunt down the original upload, if I don't already have it, and put that in my folder. That way I know exactly what the item is, I have proper previews, and I'll have the complete set if there is one.

And then finally, I have my tabs for MTS open, for threads I was reading or comments I'm following up on, etc. So yeah, 123 tabs. But that's just cuz I've become very strict about my filing and do a lot to files/folders before I accept it in my folder.

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