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Sims 2 Super Collection for Mac Users
So my PC broke a while ago and I've been stuck using my MacBook. I had the sims 2 super collection a decided to play it but realized it was lacking with a lot of things. Cheats like quartertileplacement or things like roof slope sliders don't exist and idk if its just me but I can't force error on things like sims or objects. I just wanted to know if there was anything else that the super collection is missing or if covered it all. Also I just wanted to know if other people play the sims 2 on Mac as well.
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My sister has the Super Collection. It is also missing the Freetime and Apartment Life expansion packs, but I'm not sure what else.
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Originally Posted by BeckyBoo8
My sister has the Super Collection. It is also missing the Freetime and Apartment Life expansion packs, but I'm not sure what else.

I went to check the Aspyr website to see if they would add expansion packs but they have no plans in doing that which is sad because the sims 2 is officially abondonware so they could do so if they wanted to. I guess it just takes too much time.
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The Mac Super Collection includes University, Nightlife, Open for Business, Pets, Seasons, Bon Voyage, Family Fun Stuff, Glamour Life Stuff, and Happy Holiday Stuff. So that means it's missing the Free Time and Apartment Life expansions as well as Celebration Stuff, H&M Fashion Stuff, Teen Style Stuff, Kitchen and Bath Stuff, IKEA stuff, and Mansion & Garden Stuff.

Quarter Tile Placement and Roof Slides came with M&G. Some other things you might not have noticed are missing include things like the moving paintings up and down on walls, which came with AL. Probably a bunch of other stuff I can't think of, but you're also missing all the gameplay from FT and AL (FT mainly is hobbies, which means it might include a few objects you might miss like the ballet bar, but it also includes a handful of careers you might miss. The lifetime happiness bar that can allow you to permaplat a sim without getting their ltw fulfilled if they've had a generally fulfilling life might be a major gameplay thing to miss, as well as the aspiration reward system built into that which would include choosing a secondary aspiration. Some of those rewards are pretty great and I have a hard time playing without myself, like the slower needs decay ones and the better chance card chances one. Apartment Life is mainly the apartment system, but social groups and social group townies are from AL. I played without AL for a while because my disk went missing and I can't really recall anything that bothered me back then about it being gone. FT has a lot more passive gameplay systems integrated into normal gameplay while AL you kind of have to want to use to be using its features.) TBH, besides free time, the thing I'd be most upset about missing from that list would actually be Kitchen and Bath stuff because before k&b I remember it being really hard to find a full matching set of appliances that worked with a kitchen as a whole, but that gap could be made up for with CC if you feel the same, at least.
In general, though, across two expansions and a load of stuff packs, the Super Collection is mainly missing a bunch of objects/wallpaper/flooring/plants ect that came in later collections.

There's probably some other missing cheats too, IDK why you can't force error, I thought that came with base game but I could be wrong.
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To be able to force errors, I had to download macspork.package from
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Originally Posted by carpetrodents
I went to check the Aspyr website to see if they would add expansion packs but they have no plans in doing that which is sad because the sims 2 is officially abondonware so they could do so if they wanted to. I guess it just takes too much time.

While EA don’t seem to have any interest in selling or supporting the Windows version, I’m pretty sure they’d defend their copyrights, so it’s not abandonware.

The reason the Mac version has the EPs and SPs it has is because the contract Aspyr agreed with EA was for a certain number of EPs, and clearly assumed that it’d pan out the way Sims 1 had. But very early on in the life of Sims 2 though, the Stuff Pack got invented, and Aspyr ended up porting some of those, which ate into the releases they could do. There was a certain amount of time lag involved with the Mac releases anyway, so by the time they ran out at Bon Voyage EA was already moving on to Sims 3, they were planning to convert that in house without Aspyr, and Aspyr clearly didn’t think it worth renegotiating for the extra packs for a game that was - in theory - already winding down.

So when they rebuilt the game in 2014 for Intel Macs, they just rewrote what they already had rights for, and the same when they did the conversion to 64-bit for Catalina compatability. It’s a shame. I’d happily have bought it a second time for all the missing packs, or done in-app purchases to add them, but it is what it is. I might wish that they’d added at least M&G for cross-OS compatibility since we’d then all be one the same game engine and features, but I actually like playing the game on a Mac. Once I’ve tweaked my Mac to allow more open files (and that’s less of a problem at High Sierra and above, since the limits were increased then anyway), it runs very smoothly and I don’t have to fiddle around with 4GB patches or graphic rules.

Though I do cheat. I have my old Windows game installed in a VM, so that I can jump across and tweak things in SimPE if I need to. But while I miss ceilings, wall height adjustments, the terrain tool, and suchlike... I don’t miss them enough not to be happy playing on a Mac.

The roof slope cheats do work, so even if the bit of the interface to adjust them isn’t there, you can still do it.
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Hey, I'm wondering if any of you can upload the MacSpork mod because MOTY is down apparently. I would really appreciate it if you guys could!
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I've never played the PC version of this game so I'm not sure exactly what is missing other than the rather obvious features from AL, FT, and M&G. I play with the original discs though, not the complete collection and that might also make a difference.

One thing I will warn you about as a MAC player is there is a file limitation, and depending on your OS it could be really low. I play on El Capitan and I had to increase my limit to be able to have just basic essential mods. Also, game mods that are built using the UC or M&G not only don't work but will probably crash your game. I back up every single gameplay session for this reason just in case and it has saved my neighborhood more than once.

I can only get one version of the roof slope cheats to work in my game. Basically I can change the angle on all of them but can't do it individually. I just deal with it.

The other big thing I can think of is CC walls and floors. Sometimes they show up fine no problem. Sometimes they show up gray. Sometimes they crash my game and I have to restore from back up. I know HugeLunatic once told me it had to do with how they were created. Still, it's hit or miss on them so be careful. I seem to have the most trouble with wallpapers and tile. Oh and I've never been able to add roof colors either without it crashing my game. Not a clue as to why on that one.

I did learn to add CC slowly and to make a separate file in my Downloads folder for anything new so I can isolate it to make sure it works. All those windows programs like SimPE or clean lot installer or the HCDU don't work either. You have to find ways around them, be really careful when installing mods and I personally don't download lots at all but I know some other Mac users on here do.
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