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Default GEOM Slider creation; vert counts are identical but also... not?
Okay, so, bear with me, this might be weird;

I've essentially sculpted the TS3 female face into the shape I'd like it to be and I'm attempting to make a GEOM slider that will crush the sim's face into that shape (sure seems easier to me than trying to recreate it ingame) -- So I've been following this written tutorial and I get stuck at the Mesh Toolkit part with replacing the position values. I've triple-checked my edited face & the unedited face, and they have identical vert counts. I'm 100% positive on this. But the program keeps telling me they don't and it goes kaput, refusing to do anything and telling me the count is different between the two GEOM files. I tried to basically bypass this but ofc the slider didn't work when I got it in game, so this is very obviously an important step to making the slider that I can't get to work

Here's some evidence the two meshes are basically identical besides the shape (Yes I'm still on Blender 2.79... Don't hit me)

And this is the error I'm getting;

Any suggestions...?
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