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The Gorgeous & the Desperate updated 2/18/2013

Sunset Valley, a small town nestled in the valley along a beautiful pristine lake.

At first glance, Sunset is a peaceful quiet town, where all the inhabitants seem to coexist peacefully and live out their lives with relative happiness and bliss. But first impressions are always deceiving...
I am just an ordinary citizen of Sunset, a neighbor to many of its inhabitants, and yes, I can tell you, that behind the walls of many of the beautiful homes in this town... there is never peace, nor is it ever quiet...

Agnes Crumplebottom, recently widowed over the accidental death of her newlywed husband Erik Darling. Agnes sat in her chair, face blank with emotion or feeling. No thoughts were going through her head, no memories of the time she had with Erik or dreaming about the future she could have had. She was numb. Then the doorbell rang...

Some of her neighbors had decided to throw her a small get together to help her get through her grief, despite all of her objections.

"Agnes, hi... how are you doing?" Nick Alto asked consolingly.

Agnes rolled her eyes and looked away, sighing heavily.
"Nick, why am I not surprised you came."
"Well of course I'd come Agnes, you're such a dear friend why wouldn't I come."
"You know, I know you don't care, and that the only reason why you're here, is for Gunther."
Nick's smile turned into a frown as he looked at Agnes.
"Is he here? Did he come yet?"
Nick nodded his head and mouthed an "okay" and walked away.

The next guest entered the house, Claire Ursine. She looked around cautiously, and caught the gaze of Agnes, who looked at her strangely. Claire smiled and waved, then walked off.

Cornelia Goth along with her husband now came in. As soon as Agnes saw the two she got up and marched over to Cornelia with a very agitated look on her face.
"Agnes, how are-"
"Cornelia, I always knew something was wrong with you."
"Oh god..."
"I specifically told you I don't want a gathering, I'm fine by myself!"
"You just lost your husband Agnes for god's sake you can't simply isolate yourself, you need friends, you need family!"

"And you know what this is doing to me SIS! I'm feeling more depressed and suicidal the more people keep asking me how I'm doing! Leave me alone!"
"You know, I think you're the one who something is wrong with Agnes."
"Ya I guess you're right Cornelia, I didn't marry a vampire and I don't dress in black and purple so yeah, I guess something MUST be wrong with me."
Cornelia closed her eyes and sighed, shaking her head with disapproval.
"I'm getting a headache."
"There's some alcohol in the fridge, go help yourself." Agnes replied and walked away.

"Gunther! What a surprise didn't think I'd run into you here."
"She's my sister-in-law..."
Nick laughed and patted Gunther. "Right of course, well I'm here just to show support for you and your family."
"That's very nice of you Nick..."
"Of course my family couldn't make it, they had previous arrangements."
"Well I'm sure Agnes would appreciate your support."
Nick laughed and rolled his eyes back.
"Hmm, I don't see the Landgraabs anywhere."
"Ya, I guess they couldn't have made it."
"Yep, they probably thought they were too good for us, you know how they are, all snobbish and all."
"So did you get my reports? What did you think of them?"
"It was really well written up Nick I was impressed, we should hold a meeting to discuss those ideas of yours."
"Of course Gunther."

"Agnes," said Fiona McIrish softly. Agnes turned around, clearly upset but trying her best to mask her disinterest in this woman.
"I'm so sorry about your loss."
"Oh I'm alright, I can keep it together."
You know I'm just your neighbor and I really don't know you well-"
"You're right, you don't. Didn't you have more important things to do than visit little old me," joked Agnes.
"Well I lost my husband as well and I know what you're going through and all and it's, it's very hard you know."
Agnes sighed, smiling weakly.
"How about I stop by tonight, we can chat and get to know one another a bit more."
"Will you take 'no' for an answer?"
Fiona shook her head.
"Okay. But you know, I'm just gonna get a bit of air and step outside for awhile."
"Okay, you do that Agnes," said Fiona and she rubbed Agnes' shoulder.

Agnes stepped outside and walked towards her husbands grave. She stood towering over it, her face going back to devoid of all emotion, all thought. She longed for him to come back, she longed for his touch, his kiss, his love. She longed to be with him.

Nancy Landgraab got into her car and checked her rearview mirror. She fixed her makeup and her hair, before starting the engine on her car. She checked her watch, and muttered.
"Damn it, I'm late."
Then her cellphone rang, it was her husband, she answered it.
"What is it honey I'm in a rush."
"Did you forget that today we were all heading over to Agnes' place?"
"No I didn't forget Geoffrey but I have an important meeting that I have to go to."
"You know we should really be there as a family to support Agnes."
"She doesn't even want us there! Let her live alone and wallow in her own misery I say!"
Geoffrey sighed, "And who's watching Malcolm?"
"He's a big boy Geoffrey he can handle himself, he's probably off reading a book as usual. I bet he doesn't even realize I'm gone."
"Nancy, we shouldn't leave him-"
"You know what, I'm late. I'm ending the call and I am heading to work."
Nancy closed her phone, checked her hair and makeup once more and drove off.

Malcolm stood in the foyer, looking out the window as he watched his mom speed off. He pushed his glasses up his nose, she didn't even say goodbye he thought. So he got his favorite fantasy book, sat down by a chair, and began to read.

Geoffrey got off the phone with his wife and looked out the window at the town that he was driving through, he then sighed. Am I happy with my marriage he thought to himself. But yet, he didn't know the answer. The taxi pulled up to Agnes' house, Geoffrey paid the cab driver and got out. He entered into the home, only to be greeted by...

"Landgraab? Why the hell are you here?"
"Red? Isn't that the devil's color, it suits you."
Nick looked at him with dis contempt. "Well at least I look good, you on the other hand, look like you picked that suit up from the bargain bin at 'Plaids R us'"
"Are you resorting to name calling now Nick?"
"You started it Landgraab. So... where's your horrible wife?"
"She had a meeting."
Nick looked stunned and confused, "With who? Gunther's here."
"Ah the real reasoning why you came. To schmooze with your boss."
"I don't have time with you Landgraab! I need to go."
Nick waved his hand in Geoffrey's face and left the house.

Geoffrey approached Agnes.
"Geoffrey, you came too." said Agnes in a rather unenthusiastic voice.
"Can you believe that guy!"
"Who Nick? No, actually I can't believe him."
"He only came here just to get close to Gunther! I don't even think he knows why everyone came here for."
"And then he leaves as soon as I tell him Nancy's having a meeting without him."
Agnes only looked at him, He didn't even ask how I was doing, though I don't care and don't want him to, he's just as bad as Nick, she thought to herself.
"Where is Cornelia? Do you know?"
Agnes scorned, "Probably off dying her hair." She retorted back, and stomped off exclaiming that this gathering is over.

Nick stomped his way to his front door, he was furious.
"How dare she have a meeting without me! That little tart, I'll teach her not to mess with me!"

Meanwhile, just a few steps away from a fuming Nick, his daughter, Holly Altos was on the phone chatting it away with her best friend, Bebe Hart. She looked at her father and shook her head.
"My dad just came back from the Crumplebottom thing."
"Thing?" replied Bebe on the phone.
"Ya thing, its not a funeral, it was just something where her friends and family come to console her."
"Really?" laughed Bebe.
"Ya, I don't understand why he went though, we don't even know Ms. Crumplebottom that well, and mom talks bad things about her anyway."
"Ya I didn't know her all too well either."
"Well those are my parents. Hey you wanna see a movie later tonight?"
"Sure, would love to get out of this house!"
"Alright, we meet at five."

Vita Altos sat on her couch thinking. She was thinking about a lot of things, but one that stood out most in her head was the fact she needed more campaign funding to promote her from just a local representative. So Vita decided that she would throw a fundraiser and invite some of the rich to her party. She believed she would hit three birds with one stone. Her husband would be able to increase his relationship with his boss Gunther, she'd schmooze off the mayor, and gain campaign funding as well.
I am cleverly brilliant as I am beautiful

So she got on her phone and began calling the mayor and her rich friends, she was having a party.

"Holly, I'm having a fundraiser." Vita said as Holly entered the house.
"Oh well I'm going to the movies so, I won't be able to attend."
"I think not young lady, the mayor will be coming and I want her to see what a close loving family we are."
"More like manipulative..."
"Holly, why do you always call me and your father these things?"
"Because you guys never have the best intentions for anyone but yourselves! You don't care about anyone, I don't understand why you need to have a party to collect money when you can simply walk up to their homes, ring their doorbell, and basically just take it from there."
"What? It's the same thing what you're doing now."
"I am your mother young lady and you will do what you're told! And plus, I don't want you hanging around that girl, her parents are mental and she probably is too, I don't want any of that rubbing off on you."
"How could you say that?! She's having such a hard time dealing with it and then there's people like you who say things like that!"
"I only speak the truth dear now please, I don't want to argue, go and get changed, end of discussion."

A few moments later the guests had arrived for Vita's fundraiser.
"Ah Vita, such a pleasure to see you," said Gunther as he gave her a kiss on her cheek.
"Gunther, the pleasure is all mine, I am so glad you were able to make it, where is Cornelia?"
"Ah she couldn't make it, had some errands to run. And if it's for a good cause for this town, of course I'd come."
"Ah I see, well the money I raise here not only goes for the campaigning, but a large portion of it is going towards Sunset for civic and community projects."
"Always thinking about the community aren't you Vita."
"Of course, I always have the citizens of Sunset in my heart," she said, flashing a fake smile towards Gunther. What a load of bull, she thought to herself.
"So is Nick here, I need to have a word with him."
"Of course, he should be down here any minute. You two use the whole night to discuss whatever work matters you may have."
She chuckled, and in a loud but elegant manner, yelled out "Nick!"

"No need to scream Vita I'm right here," he said. "If only she gave that much enthusiasm to our marriage."
Vita laughed, then shot Nick a piercing look.
"Well I'm off to talk to Sheena, we have a lot of important matters to discuss, it was a pleasure talking to you Gunther."
"Of course Vita, and I'll write you that check later tonight."

"Nick, how are you?"
"I'm doing good Gunther, nice seeing you again at another function," chuckled Nick.
"Well this one's for a good cause, I'm all up for helping the community."
"Yes right, so what did you need to speak to me about?"
"Well, it came to my attention that Nancy held a meeting and... you weren't there."
"Gunther, I had no idea about this impromptu meeting, I didn't get a call, a memo, nothing from her."
"You know she's trying to make me look bad Gunther, in front of you I mean, she and her husband deliberately try to undermine me to make me look as if I'm a terrible Vice-President for the company."
"I don't think you're terrible Ni-"
"In fact, I came up with that proposal all by myself, and what has she done? Hold pointless meetings left right and center as if there's no tomorrow!"
"On that note Nick, that's what I've been meaning to let you know, we'll be holding a conference tomorrow, were going to be discussing that very proposal you gave to me."
"Yes, you can go into further details about it then. So see, I don't think you're a bad vice-president," he laughed.

Now where the hell is that daughter of mine, I need to introduce her to Sheena...

"Mayor Keith, I'm so glad you made it."
"Oh Vita, call me Sheena, mayor Keith sounds so impersonal."
Both of the women laughed.
"Of course."
"It's so nice of you to throw something like this."
"Yes, most of the proceeds from the fundraiser are going towards the town, only a small portion is going to my campaign effort."
"Well I'll be sure to put in a good word for you when election for congress comes around Vita, you are such a charismatic and ambitious woman, you'd be a great asset to congress."
"Thank you Sheena, you know if it wasn't for your braveness and your wisdom, I may not even be running, I really do look up to you. As a woman, as a mother, and as someone with a career, you truly are someone to be idolized."
"Oh Vita you're making me blush," laughed a flattered Sheena.
"It's true, you should be very proud of yourself. You're doing a great job running Sunset."
"And it's people like you who make it easy, you know what, I'll write you a check and leave it with you tonight, I'm sure you'll be very happy with the amount. You deserve it."

At the cinema meanwhile, Holly stepped out of her car and ran to her best friend, hugging her.
"Oooooh I'm so glad you came, I thought for a moment there you weren't going to show."
"Sorry Bebe, was held up."
"Another party I see," said Bebe, pointing at Holly's dress.
"Ya, another 'fundraiser', the proceeds are apparently going towards the town, yeah right, my mom's keeping that all for herself."
"Would she really do that Holly?"
"I wouldn't put it past her, but enough about the 'Altos', let's go see the movie."

What in the world? What are the Alto's doing now? Is that Gunther's car- OH MY GOD the mayor is there too! Those scheming there holding a fundraiser! And they didn't invite us, Nick is probably over there licking Gunther's feet and brushing his hair!

"Sweetie! Malcolm!"
"Yes mom," Malcolm replied walking into the room.
"Go and get dressed, put on your suit, were heading out."
"But I'm hungry, you haven't made anything for the whole day!"
"Malcolm I don't cook you should know that by now, and there'll be food where were going now hurry up! I don't want to get there to late."
Malcolm scowled and walked away.
"Dear, dear... Geoffrey!"
"What Nancy?"

"Go and get dressed, were heading over to the Alto's."
"Sorry, I wanna go to heaven not hell."
"Geoffrey, there having a fundraiser without us!"
"They probably didn't invite us for a reason Nancy, in fact I'm glad they didn't invite us because it means I don't have to turn them down."
"Geoffrey! We need to be there as a family! Sheena's over there, and so is Gunther!"
"I'm busy Nancy, I have a lot of work to take care of that I need finished before tomorrow."

"You and that laptop."
"You're one to talk about work dear, always holding meetings and running off."
"You're a surgeon, what work do you have to do on a laptop, heart transplants!?"
"Nancy," replied Geoffrey looking at his watch. "You should get a move on, you're already late."
Nancy scowled and walked off, and Geoffrey continued typing away on his laptop, smiling.

"The movie was good wasn't it?" laughed Holly.
"Ya, I just love every movie Prad Bitt is in, he's so dreamy."
Both of the girl's laughed. Then a beep came from Bebe's phone, she took it out of her pocket.
"A text... from my neighbor..."
"Is everything alright?"
"They're acting up again."
"Do you need to go?"
"Yeah I really should get back, just to get everything under control."
"Bebe I'm so sorry."
"No nothing to apologize about Holly I shouldn't have left them alone."
"You can't just watch over them forever."
"Then who's going to do it Holly, they have no one but me, it's my responsibility as their daughter to help them."
"And sacrifice your own life?"
There was a silence.
"It's the price I'm willing to pay. Thanks for the dinner and a movie Holly, it was fun."

Ding Dong
"You don't have to be on your best behavior today Malcolm, if you wanna push down a vase or tear down a painting, go right ahead."
"Isn't that damaging someone's property? Can't you get cha-"
"You're a minor sweetie, you won't get in trouble."

The front door opened.
"Jeez can't you guys just ever sit at home quiet! What are you doing here!"
"Out of my way Nick!"
"Excuse me! This is my home!"
"And this is my town!"
"Wanna tell that to Sheena over there!?"
"With pleasure, now take that fat from your gut and shove it in your mouth! Shut up!"
And she pushed Nick out of the way and entered the home, Malcolm waved at Nick and followed suit.

"Nancy, you came too..."
"Of course I'd come, its a fundraiser, love to give my money away," she shot a fake laugh.
"So I held a meeting today, got a lot of work done."
"Ah yes, I heard about that, and now that you're here, were having a conference tomorrow."
"Oh about what?"
"Well Nick recently gave me a report about a very intriguing business proposal and that's going to be at the top of the agenda tomorrow."
"Nick... gave you... a business proposal... without my knowledge..."
"You should take that up with him."
Nancy looked shocked, and then Nick entered the room and her look of shock turned to anger.
"Well I'm heading home now, Nick, tell Vita I'll leave the check here, it was a wonderful party but I need to get home to my family now."
"Alright Gunther, thank you for coming, I'd sure Vita will really appreciate it."
"Ah yes Gunther nice talking with you, sorry I couldn't have come earlier, we could have chatted more. Tell Cornelia I said hello."
Gunther smiled. "I will," and left the room. Immediately the fake smiles on Nick and Nancy's face turned upside down as they looked at each other.


"Good night Holly."
"Bye Mr. Goth, are my parents in there?"
They both paused, all they could hear was Nancy and Nick arguing and going at it.
"I got my answer."

"You know what you are Nancy, you are a crazy, snobby, slutty psycho bitch!"
"And you know what you are you fat piece of lard?! You're a trashy no good manipulative flaming piece of douche scoundrel!"
While the two continued to argue, Vita sat in her seat, looking at the checks and the cash her guests had given her for her fundraiser, with a huge smile of glee on her face.

Holly looked at her parents, her father screaming at Nancy, and Vita looking at all the funds she had raised, knowing full well that none of that money was going towards Sunset. This is my family, oh Bebe, I'd trade your family for mine anyday...

Soon after Nancy stormed off, Nick realized Malcolm was still here.
"Hello boy, why are you still in my house? Can I help you?"
"Why don't you and my mom like each other?"
"Well that's easy, you see every person has some good traits and some bad traits to them... except your mother. She has all negative traits, plus she's a liar, she's constantly plotting, and she's just hateful. So you see, once someone has these qualities to them, it's very hard for a person to like them. Did I answer your question?"
Malcolm only looked at him with an expressionless stare.
"Yeah..." and Malcolm left.

I am cleverly brilliant as I am beautiful.
Continuing next post right away, too much pictures for one post apparently lol, not end of chapter, but almost done
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Default Chapter 1: Welcome to Sunset Continued

Yes, on the outside Sunset is a peaceful and quiet town, but look inside the walls of many the homes, and you will find...

Those who would manipulate and scheme for their own corrupted means...
"Soon... I will be mayor of this town, and all will have to bow before me..."

Those... who lie for the most noblest of intentions...

"How is she?"
"She isn't doing well Gunther, she needs that surgery done right away, or else she will die."
"Just give me some more time, I'll get you guys the money."

Even the town's most upstanding and trustworthy citizens... participate in unlawful practices...

There are those who are unhappy with their marriage...

So turn to others for the affection they need...

And then there are those... whose lives are changed when someone in their life leaves them...

They say when someone dies they take all of their secrets with them...

But as Agnes Cruplebottom was about to find out, not all secrets go to the grave...
Ding Dong

Agnes Cruplebottom looked outside, wondering who it could be at this late hour. Fiona McIrish. She opened the door and stepped outside to greet her.
"Oh Agnes, I saw your light was on so I assumed you weren't sleeping yet."
"Yeah, I was still up..."
"Well I came just to see how you're doing... can I come in, would love to talk."

The two woman stepped in.
"I'll just make us some tea."
"Oh ok."
Fiona noticed the book Agnes was about to read, she picked it up.
"Ah a little late night reading?"
"Oh, it was Erik's favorite book, I was just gonna look at it, maybe take a little ready," Agnes said from the kitchen.
"Oh," and Fiona took the book and sat down.
Yes, we all have neighbors with the best intentions, who always love to stick their nose into other people's matters...

But what happens when they stick their nose in too far...
"Oh, a note fell out from the book..."

What do you do when you find out someone's been murdered...

My first story upload here, very excited about doing more. Comment and tell me what you think :D
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This is great!

Hee Hee Hee!!!Me likey the sims!
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I lovvve this story!
I love the way it's set out like desperate housewives!
It's great
Good job x

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Aww thanks, that's what I'm trying to go for, a bit of Desperate Housewives and Melrose Place combined, course you guys haven't seen some of the Melrose Place-esque storylines yet :D
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this is great
keep it up <3
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2nd Sep 2009 at 4:12 AM
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Hey is this being updated?

It's a great story =]
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#8 Old 6th Oct 2009 at 12:54 AM
this is pretty good. Do you plan on updating, or leave us in the dark on who died?
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#9 Old 9th Oct 2009 at 8:14 AM
I was thinking it was 'Desperate Housewives' inspired too, but I've no idea about Melrose Place. It's well written and set out, as well as intriguing. And the dialogue is great, expressed through the characters' personality. I really admire that, because I struggle with dialogue myself. Also loving the images. Creative and fun.

Holly is a darling, isn't she?

Awesome so far, hungryhippo. Can't wait for more!
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kk sorry for keeping this in the dark for SO long I will upload chapter 2 this week and to make it up for the long wait I'll give updates very fast cuz I feel bad for having this out for so long.
Sim Princess in Pink
#11 Old 16th Oct 2009 at 4:29 PM
Wow!!! This is by the far the best Sims story I have ever read! Ususally I get bored and don't even finish reading to the end of the first chapter but I just couldn't stop reading!!! Can't wait for the next update, this is amazing stuff! I'm not going to look at the Alto's in my game in the same way again lol.

Please, Call Me Lou :D
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Chapter 2: Don't You Just Love the Beach

Don't you just love the beach? I do, and so does many of Sunset's young and fun-loving adults. Beautiful homes line up along the beach, and you can't help but envy the gorgeous people who inhabit them. Everything must be perfect for them you tell to yourself...


Never judge a book by it's cover

The Gorgeous and the Desperate

Stiles McGraw had recently moved into the Roomies household. His first impression of his roomates were that they were a couple of cool young adults who seemed to mind their own business, and that no one would bother him... boy was he wrong.

"Oh my god there he is... he's so cute..." Blair whispered to herself.
"Blair get a grip, he's your roomate, so all you have to do is walk up to him and say 'Hi, I'm Blair, I don't think we met'. That's what people do, its how they introduce themselves."
"Is someone there?" asked Stiles as he noticed Blair's whispers. Blair froze.

"Oh hi there," said Blair as she stepped out from her corner. "Sorry, was just talking to myself about... work."
"Oh..." replied Stiles as he closed his lap top.
"Well since I'm here my name's Blair." And she held out her hand. Stiles shook it.
"Hi I'm Stiles."
"Oh I know." Blair shot back. "But not in a stalker kind of way following you, looking through your things in your room, I just know cause you know, everyone talks and you're the new guy."
"Ah, okay..."
Laughs could be heard downstairs.
"She went through his things?!" laughed a voice from downstairs.
Blair's face turned into shock.
"Oh, there having a party down there, I guess there talking about the local wild girl Madison VanWatson next door hehe, she's so fat she goes through people's things for food." Blair laughed to herself trying to cover up the discussion downstairs that was very clear was about her.
"Okay... well I better get going."
"Of course, it was nice meeting you- oh! I almost forgot."
"Were having a party tonight, you should come."
"I live here."

Tamara Donner and Emma Hatch continued to laugh it up, making fun of their roomate Blair.
"God she is such a dork," laughed Tamara.
"Hi, my name is Blair, and I'm madly in love with you even though I know nothing about you!" replied Emma.
"Geez, the guy must think were a bunch of weirdo's now."
"Yeah, you know Blair is sweet it's just, she needs guidance on how to communicate with boys. Y-You should show her the ropes."
"And what does that supposed to mean Emma?"
"Oh you know, you have a lot of experience," she joked.
"And you should think of sharing some burgers with her instead of eating it all yourself!" Tamara retorted back, clearly offended. Emma laughed.
"Geez Tamara, can't take a joke. Anyways I'm gonna talk to him next, scope him out so we know if he's a psycho or not."
"You do that Emma, after all you are the BEST judge of character."

Thornton Wolff rang the doorbell on his friends home. Hank Goddard opened it up and greeted his best friend, inviting him inside.
"What's up man?" asked Hank, happy to see his friend.
"What's up with me! What's up with you man!? You're married! Hank Goddard is married!" laughed Thornton.
"Yeah, I woke up this morning and thought the exact thing and I was like, 'wow'."
"Yeah its a feeling alright, I hope it all works out for you two."
"Hey, what about you, how's married life for the Wolffman?"
"Well... another arguement this morning."
"Ah man come on, you're MARRIED, you're gonna be getting into arguements all the time."
"I know, but this time is was about... kids. She wants kids."
Hank sighed and looked at his friend.
"Yeah that does suck, are you guys even ready? Me and Pauline have made it quite clear to each other that were not ready for that yet"
"Well she thinks we are and I for one know I will never want to be a 'Dad'."
"Yeah... well I hope you guys clear this up and everything works well for you guys."
"Yeah thanks, guess I just came over here before work just to vent to my best friend."
"Anytime bud."

Thronton left, and Hank sat down by the table outside the kitchen.
"Hun, it smells like you're burning breakfast."
Pauline was silent, then the sound of burning came from the stove.
"Ah Pauline not again!"
"What?! What do you want me to do?! I don't see you up here trying to make us something to eat!"
"I know, but I told you that maybe you should head down to the grocer and take some cooking lessons."
"And are you going to pay for that!? Because I know for a fact you're not and it's going to be on me!"
Hank sighed and shook his head.
"You know what here! You make breakfast, I'm done!"
And Pauline stormed away from the kitchen and upstairs.
"Married life..."

Jamie Jolina... many people envied her. She was beautiful, talented, and was on her way to becoming a doctor. In many ways, she seemed perfect...
The phone rang, and Jamie turned around and looked at it, she picked it up.

"May I please speak to Jamie Jolina?"
"This is her."
"Ms. Jolina, this has been the third time this month we have called to inform you that you are three months repaying back your student loans-"
"I know I'm sorry, it's just a lot of things have come up and I haven't gotten a chance to-"
"Ms. Jolina we have grown very tired to be quite frank of your excuses and your NSA cheques. If the full 3 months payments are not received by the end of this month, we will have no choice but to cease paying for your medical school, and repossess your things."
Jamie remained silent, tears welling up in her eyes.
"Are we clear Ms. Jolina, I am sorry for the tactics we have resorted too, but you must understand, you have to pay back this loan."
"Have a good day."
Jamie hung up the phone, and began to cry.
Where am I going to get $15,000 from

"Hey there!"
Stiles jumped, startled by Emma's surpirse greeting. He quickly closed his laptop and turned to Emma.
"Emma... Emma Hatch."
"Stiles, McGraw."
"Hmm Stiles, I like that name," she flashed a flirty smile at him, then punched gently on the shoulder. "I'm just kidding," she laughed.
"Oh..." he smiled weakly at her.

"So Mr. McGraw, you've met the resident hopeless romantic Blair."
"Ya, she's pretty cool."
Emma gave one big laugh. "Are we talking about the same girl here?!"
"Well she's kind of... chatty, but I guess she's just a very social person."
"Ah okay, soooo... do you think she's cute?"
"Nothing," she laughed. "So, even though you do live here, will you be mingling at the party tonight, it's a beach party but indoors so you know it'll be, what's the word, HOT!"
"Ah no sorry, I have to work."
"Oh what do you do?"
"I'm in a band, practice at the theatre tonight."
"Oh that's so cool, I'm sure Blair will just die once she finds that out."
Stiles looked at her, not quite sure what she meant by that.
"Anyways, sucks for you, you won't get to see Blair in a bikini," she teased and she walked off chuckling to herself.

"Coming, coming," Pauline said as she ran towards the ringing phone.
"Hello, Pauline here."
"Hey girl."
"Tamara, what is up?!"
"Your life Pauline! Or should I say Mrs. Goddard!"
Pauline screamed excitedly.
"I know, we kinda got into an arguement this morning but it's okay, the shock that I'm married kinda overshadows it."
"Hehehe married life, anyways I was just calling to remind you of my party tonight."
"Ugh Tamara I won't be able to attend!"
"Why the hell not?! You have to be there, married or not, you're my wing girl."
"I know, but my boss organized a dinner for me, I think he's going to promote band manager!"
"Really?! Oh my god that's so good I'm so happy for you!"
"Yeah, so I have to go to that, I'm so sorry."
"Yeah, wekk my party is still gonna be a blast without you. Anyway, can you at least come to the pool with me and Jamie?"
Pauline checked the time.
"Uhh no, I have to run some errands then head in to work, but next time okay I promise."
"Alrite sexy chica, you take care."
"Bye Tamara."

"Sucks about Pauline."
"Yeah it does, but that's okay, you're still coming to the party right?"
"About that..."
"Ah man what the hell!?"
"I got called in, the hospital is so demanding and I can get called in at any time."
"God you guys have like the worst schedules, you guys are never available for my parties anymore. And it's a beach party!"
"About that again, ummm, why is it a beach party and it's indoors and you're house is not directly on the beach... kinda confused."
"Shut up Jamie, you have to come in your swimsuits therefore making it a beach party, the whole highlight and attraction to the beach is all the beautiful bodies walking around in skimpy clothing. Don't tell me you go to the beach just to go in the water," she laughed.
"You're right, I only go to the beach for the topless muscular men."
Both of the ladies laughed.
"So, is everything good with the next superstar doctor?"
Jamie smiled.
"Yeah, everything couldn't be better."

The beach is a favourite of many of the young generation today, simply because of these things... parties and bikinis...

"This is going to be great ooooooooh, look at you Mr. Hot Biceps."

"Oh Thornton, you're here, did Morganna come?"
"No she's at home," replied Thornton, barely paying any attention to Blair.
"Is she okay? She said she would make it."
"I dunno," he responded, looking over Blair's shoulders at some of the girls passing by. Blair turned around to look at what he was looking at.
"Aren't you- you know what, never mind." And she shook her head and left.

Blair walked upstairs only to be disgusted.
"Oh my god Madison, no wonder the ceiling was looking like it was about to give way downstairs, you were up here stomping like an elephant."
"Oh please Blair, you're just jealous that someone is here dancing with me instead of with a little girl like you."
"Leighton I'd be careful if I were you, there isn't much food here, and so the next thing she'd go after is you."
Madison let out a grunt and continued dancing with Leighton.

"What is this we have to eat Tamara?!" said an annoyed Claire Ursine.
"Why it's some low carb sodium free dish, I picked it out of consideration for everyone, mostly you and Madison."
"Well what type of 'beach party' serves low carb sodium free food, where are the hot dogs and the hamburgers!?"
"Ha that's an easy question, try your fridge."
Claire prepared to lunge forward, but Jared stopped her.
"Hey Claire, calm down man."
"Get your hands off me, you no longer have that right."
"Oooh drama between the exes," laughed Tamara. "Anyways, Ayeshia, as I was saying before I was rudely interrupted-"
"Umm actually I was just about to ask Ayeshia something," cut in Cyclone Sword.
"Cyclone, she's your girlfriend, you can talk to her whenever you want, can I like have a conversation with her for like 5 minutes."
Cyclone Sword sighed.

"Claire I'm only trying to help. Are you still mad?"
"I'm not mad Jared I'm moving on."
"And what about us?"
"What do you mean 'US' Jared?! There is no us!"
"You're pregnant!"
"And I will raise this child on my own! You proved how useless you are already!"
"Fine, whatever," said Jared and he walked off.

"Oh... my... god..."

That ass

Blair sighed, "I guess Stiles couldn't come, which makes me alone again."

"Where is Pauline, I thought she would have came. No calls or anything, I wonder where could she be." Hank puleed out his phone and sent a text, looking at the screen of his phone, waiting for a reply.
"Hey Hank, not in much of a party mood?!" shouted Morganna.
Hank turned aroudn and smiled. "Just waiting on my wife."
"Oh you're such a good husband, unlike mine, who's here and yet, I have no idea where he could be." She laughed, clearly having a bit to much to drink.

"Hello Thornton..."
"Why if it isn't Tamara, how are you."
"Oh bored, I have nobody to dance with. How about you, where's the wife?"
"I have no clue, but I don't think she cares or would want to dance with me."
"Well, someone like you does not deserve to be a wallflower." And she held out her, and Thornton took it.

"Oh my god..."
"What?" asked Jared, turning to Morganna.
"God Tamara is such a slut, I don't understand does she not see the ring?"
Jared laughed.
"Come on."
"Shut up Jared, let's dance!"
"But we hate each other... I'm confused."
"And I am a little tipsy, now come on, lets dance!"

Hank started calling Pauline now, but there was no answer. She wasn't picking up her phone. Where was she? Hank sat down, clearly worried, wondering where his wife was. Why didn't she let him know.
"Hey Hank."
"Hey, Blair."
"Pauline not here, worried about her?"
"Yeah a bit."
"That's so nice, you worried about your wife."
Hank chuckled.
"What it is. It's so romantic and, and ummmm, knightly," she laughed.
"Knightly?" he responded with a lugh as well.
"Yeah, your like a knight and she is your princess."
"Hehehe alright Blair, and who is your knight?"
Blair sighed, "He's not here. But I'll tell you all about it at work tomorrow," she said as she smiled at him and left.

"Hey Ayeshia, great party huh. Well anyways we never really got a chance to talk much anymore and I-"
"You know what Cyclone, I'm sorry but not tonight."
"What? What's wrong?"
"I have a head ache and I'm not feeling all to good, I think I'm just gonna go home and lay down."
"Oh let me walk you there."
"No it's alright, it's next door I'll be fine."
And she walked off, Cyclone feeling a bit sad.

Claire Ursine noticed Morganna and Jared dancing, rather provacatively.
"Isn't she married?" she muttered to herself, clearly upset over the matter.

Blair sat down by the table, alone and sad. Then she noticed someone standing beside her, she turned to the person and screamed in shock.
"Hi Blair."
"For god sakes Connor get the hell away from me! That's not how you approach a person, I turn around and all I see is your crotch in my face my god!"
"Sorry, you just seemed sad and I was a bit worried."
"Well thanks for the concern Connor but I'm fine thank you."
"Okay.... hey would you like to dance?"
Blair looked up at Connor.

"Finally," exclaimed Tamara. "Were alone."
"Yeah..." said Thornton, a bit nervous.
"What's wrong? You seem tense."
"I'm alright."
"Okay good, I would hate to make you uncomfortable..."
"Well with all that dancing, I'm definately not uncomfortable."

Back at the party, Emma Hatch entered the room and looked around. She saw Blair, Cyclone, and Hank all with frowns on their face.
"Hey! What's going on?! This party ain't over until I start singing!"
The three looked up at Emma and smiled.
"Hey Emma, you're finally here."
"Well I should've have came earlier, you all look bored! I knew Tamara wouldn't be able to throw this party successfully."
"The party is fine Emma."
"Then why aren't you all dancing and having a good time?! Oh... don't tell me all your hearts have been broken."
They all looked at Emma.
"Aaaawwww man guys!"

"The stars are beautiful out tonight," said Tamara as she looked up to the sky.
"Yeah... it's also getting pretty late."
"Oh don't tell me your an not a night owl."
"I do have a wife."
"Oh yeah, hehe, I nearly forgot."
"Don't take it hard, it was fun dancing with you, you're party was great."
"But you're taken, it's alright, I wasn't expecting anything."
Thornton touched her cheeck with the back of his hand. Tamara closed her eyes, enjoying his touch.
"I should get home, have a good night Tamara."
"You too Thornton..."

Yes... many often envy the residents of the villas resinding along the beach, but if they really knew the truth...

Of two friends, who don't realize that they care more for each other than they do their special someone...

Or of the popular and cute girl who seemed like she was living the life of a princess, but was truly alone and scared in the world...

Or of the obsessions, that may slowly creep into the heart of the unsuspecting, spurring them to do the most unthinkable...

And the happy newlyweds, where only the husband is home that night, sleeping alone...

Or the unhappy newlyweds, who are desperately trying to patch their marriage up, but often wonder if it's really all worth it...

Then there are those... who will do anything to get ahead...

"Hey Pauline, sorry it's so late but I'm glad you were able to make it."
"It's alright Landon, we didn't really get a chance to finish up what we were talking about at dinner."
"We didn't... so will you accept my offer?"

Don't you just love the beach? The young and the old love it for their own reasons, many for it's amazing view, it's relaxing feel, or all the excitement that runs along it...

Why do I love the beach you might ask, well...

It's for the dead bodies that wash up on shore...
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k again sorry for the long wait lol i'm really gonna try to get chapter 3 up by this weekend, and I'm hoping for 20 chapters by the time WA comes out lol to make up for it. Anywayz give feedback, if you have any questions feel free to ask, I'll even give spoilers if you want lol, even though it's just the beginning XD
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Again, WOW! I feel totally drawn in to this story. Its really making me want to play with the pre-made families! I have a very high dislike for Tamara now, sorta love to hate her lol. Great work once again, can't wait for the next chapter.

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Default Chapter 3: Return of a King

It began like any other morning... Agnes Crumplebottom was taking her usual early morning stroll on the beach, to clear her head and often think of the many times she spent here with her late husband. But this morning was different, as Agnes was not able to finish her walk...

Those who lived along the beach, were awoken by a high pitched scream.

"Are you alright?! What's wrong? What's the matter?!"
"There..." whispered a terrified Agnes, and she pointed to something laying on the sands...

The Gorgeous and the Desperate

Good morning residents of Sunset, I hope you had a good night's rest and have a nice cup of coffee brewed waiting for you to drink, because have I got a bomb for you. And I don't mean the recent murder crime scene on the beach, or the recent balloon boy scandal...

No... I've got much bigger news than that.

"Oh my god!"

All over Sunset, teenagers are waking up to one of the biggest shocks of their lives.

"I don't believe this..."

"Wow... this is gonna be great..."
What could it be you might ask?

"What the hell is he doing back..."

Well... just ask Lisa Bunch

"Ugh, who the hell is texting me this early in the morning?!"
Lisa walked over to her phone on the counter and picked it up.

"Oh god-"

"You happy Ethan," Lisa said sarcastically coming down the stairs. "You're front page news, 15 texts, 5 missed calls, all wanting to know if it was true."
Ethan turned around to look at his sister, and she grinned devilishly.

Every teen who was someone in the town would be buzzing over the news that the runaway king had finally returned... all except

Those who never cared to begin with

Yes, this was definately to be an exciting drama filled day, as Ethan Bunch had finally returned home after his mysterious exit a few months ago. But he's back, to take the crown of king, and what is his kingdom?

Sunset's Community School for the Gifted. But the drama never starts during school, no that's the time for learning, the drama always starts after the 2:00 bell rings...

"Hey!" yelled out Holly, running after Michael Bachelor.
"Oh... hi Holly."
"What's the matter why do you sound so nervous?" she chuckled.
"Well... you're talking to me."
Holly laughed. "Okay, I talk to everyone, and plus Mr. Wright paired us together for the project for journalism."
"Oh yeah, that."
"That? I ned a good mark for 'That' if I'm ever going to win that scholarship, I really want to become a journalist."
"I'm sure you'd get it Holly, you're one the most popular and over-charismatic girls in the school."

"What does that mean?" Holly asked, looking taken-aback.
"It's nothing, so I hear Ethan's back, I'm pretty sure that he'll be taking up alot of your time now and we won't be able to work together as much."
"I don't wanna talk about him right now okay..."
"Oh... alright."
"So, how about we meet together sometime so we can think up a topic."
"Yeah that'd be great, but not today I have work, how about Friday?"
"Friday's good, so then I guess I'll see you around."
Holly smiled, and walked off, Michael standing there looking at her leave.

"What a day huh," said VJ, laughing at the same time. "Out of the blue and with no warning Ethan Bunch comes back."
Parker stayed silent.
"I mean, where the hell did the guy even go? I heard he went to LA to pursue being an actor but that didn't work, or to New York to make it on Wall Street, or or Europle hahaha, yeah someone said how he went to Europe to 'find himself'," VJ laughed. "Hey, say something will ya! He was our best friend man, we the three musketeers ruling the school!"
"I don't wanna talk about it, let's just forget about the guy..."
"Forget? That was 6AM news Parker, 6AM news doesn't come all the time, only big news comes at 6AM."
"Yeah, that stupid text woke me up..."
VJ laughed, "Yeah, but still can't believe he's back..."

Ethan at this point walked up towards them, standing in front of the two, Parker's face turning to anger.
"Hey man, you're blocking the light!" exclaimed VJ.
"What the hell are you doing here?!" asked an angry Parker.
"Parker... we need to talk..."
"Now you wanna talk, 6 months after it happened?!"
"Parker, I know you're mad but this is between us, I don't want want VJ hearing everything-"
"Hey man! I was as much of a friend to you as Parker was!"
"It doesn't even matter VJ, cause sooner or later the whole school's gonna know, was that the reason you ran away?"
Ethan remained silent.

Parker got up to face Ethan.
"You were my best friend, and you know what, best friends don't do that to each other."
"Listen, how many times do I have to say I was sorry!"
"Shut up! Okay just shut up! You waltz back in here expecting everyone to just forget what you did and accept your apology?! Did you even see Holly yet? Did you even talk to her?"
Ethan remained silent again, guilt written all over his face.
"You're trash Ethan, trash. Everyone thinks you're this noble, good, upstanding guy, but if they only knew the truth, of what pathetic scum you really are, I'd look like a saint."

"Let's get the hell outta here VJ, I hate to be around losers."
VJ got up, looking at Ethan than at Parker.
"Boy you guys have some tense history going on here, jeez what did you do Ethan...?"
"Let's go VJ!"
"Alright alright sheesh."
Ethan stood there, his face wrecked with guilt and anger all at once.

"So sweetie, how was your day?" asked an exhausted Fiona as she sat down beside her daughter, who was watching tv.
"Alright... I guess."
"Oh really? You sound like you're hiding something."
"Nothing, really."
"I'm a journalist, no news escapes my ears. I know about Ethan."
River began to frown.
"So? Didn't you like him River?"
"It was a crush mom, and I'm so over it. So really, nothing happened today at school."
"Okay, if you say so..."
"So, how was your day? You seem exhausted."

"Yeah it was exhausting! You know the woman they found dead on the beach? It was one of my co-workers Rachel!"
"Oh my god really?! How are you feeling? What happened at work?!"
"God there were so much emotions running all over the place over there. We had to cope with the brutal murder of our friend, then we had to pick up the slack left by her, and the deadline is only a few days away and were one-man short!"
"Uh sorry to hear that mom..."
"I don't think you see how big this situation is!"
River laughed, "No I guess not. I'm still on Rachel being murdered. So... what about that other... news?"
Fiona looked around to make sure her roommate, Molly was not around.
"You mean the note?"
"Yeah... what are you going to do?"
"I don't know, you find a note threatening your neighbor's dead husband, what do you do in that situation?"
"Are you going to tell Agnes?"
"I don't know... my life is so complicated," Fiona sighed.
"You don't know complicated mom," River laughed then got up. "By the way, there's a message on your phone, from last night. I didn't listen to it cause it can't be for me, I have a cellphone."
Fiona made a silly face at her daughter, while she walked away laughing.

"I don't know where he went?" exclaimed Lisa on the phone. "No one tells me anything in this family! I'm kept in the dark, I wake up one morning and my brother is nowhere to be found.... No I don't know why he left either..." and she looked over at her brother playing with Arlo.
"But I'm betting it has something to do with his relationship with Holly, and Parker isn't even talking to him anymore," she laughed. "Hmmm, if you wanna find out the dirt on someone what do you do?" she looked over at her brother again.
"Throw a party and invite all the players involved in this little scandal."

Ethan heard the word 'party' come from his sister's mouth, he immediately ceased playing with his little brother, staring Lisa down as he approached to confront her.

"I got to go, call you later, Ethan's coming," and she hung up the phone and turned to her incoming brother.
"Ethan, have I told you how good it is to have you back."
"You're having a party..."
"Can't I throw parties?"
"What's the occasion?"
"God do you have to have occasions to throw parties nowadays."
Ethan continued staring down his sister.
"You want gossip."
Lisa rolled her eyes and sighed.
"Only I know where I went or why I left Lisa, so you throwing a party and trying to pry info from people at school isn't going to work."
"Why haven't you talked to Holly since you came back?"
"That's none of your business."
"I'm your sister."
"And a nosy one in fact, what the hell do you want?"
"I'm queen bee brother, I have to know eveything that goes on in my school. And something I don't know that I need to know, is why the hell you're avoiding Holly and why Parker isn't speaking to you. What did you do?" she smiled connivingly.
"Don't throw this party," Ethan said in a serious tone, and he walked off, leaving the house.

Lisa continued to smile, she took out her cellphone and got back on the phone with her friend.
I want everyone at the pool, were having a welcome back party.

You see, in the past, Ethan and Holly were "the" couple of Sunset's Community School for the Gifted. But when he ran away, he ran without saying a word to Holly, which broke her poor little heart. Now... the king will try to mend his broken relationship with his fair maiden... but will she take him back, or return the favor and break his.

Ethan was halfway to the entrance when the front door opened, and Holly came out in her swim suit. She froze when she saw him, then continued walking.
"I don't want to hear it Ethan."
"I'm sorry! God I'm sorry okay! Is everyone going to stay mad at me!?"
Holly looked at him, shaking her head.
"Ethan, you caused this mess when you ran away, you can't expect it to automatically clean itself up."
"I need to take some time off and everyone bites my head when I come back."
"I don't care if you needed to take time off Ethan! It's that you didn't say a word, you just disappeared! How do you think I felt!?"
"Holly, I apologized so many times what else do you want me to do?!"
"Nothing, cause there's nothing you can do. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to your welcome back party."

Ethan looked at her leave, stunned.

Ah don't you just love theatrics, well here's a hit for you. The stage is set, and the actors are all here, sit back viewers, because tonight is going to be an unforgettable show.

"Holly, I didn't think you'd come."
"I was bored."
"Oh so you still have feelings for the boy who broke your heart."
"Why are you talking to me?"
Lisa smiled and gently touched Holly's face, causing Holly to brush it aside.
"How many friends have you burned through Holly, first me and then River, is the Hart girl next."
"Ugh, you're a piece of work aren't you Lisa, you know very well the reason I cut you off as a 'friend'."
Lisa burst out in laughter.
"Oh yes that incident, please Holly. You may have fooled the whole town into thinking that you're a changed goody two shoo, but I remember those days back then, when you were worse than your a parents..." and Lisa leaned in closer to whisper in Holly's ear.
"When you were nothing... but a wild, drugged up slut!"
Holly pushed Lisa away from her.
"That was you Lisa!"
Lisa began laughing some more. Holly turned around and began walking away.
"We all have skeletons Holly! Eventually yours will come crashing out of your pink closet!"

Holly, frustrated, walked over to the furthest recliner and sat down, not noticing the boy beside her.
She looked over at Michael Bachelor.
"Hi!" she exclaimed, a little confused. "What are you doing here? I didn't take you for the party going type, in fact I didn't take it you were friends with Michael."
"I'm not, this is a public place, I came here after work and well, Lisa over there took this place with her party."
"Oh yeah, I forgot this was a public pool," she laughed.
"So... from the looks of it you and Lisa sure had an interesting conversation..."
"Did you hear anything?"
"Nah, just seen a lot of body contact," he smiled, looking over at Holly.
"Well, if you didn't hear anything, there's no need to explain. It's another topic that I don't like to talk about," she said, smiling back.
"Alright... so the stars are beautiful tonight..."
"You stargaze much?"
"Yeah, all the time. Helps clear my head and gives me piece of mind."
"Ah, what I wouldn't give for some piece of mind right now."
Michael looked over at Holly again, who seemed worried.
"How about, we head up to the science facility on friday, they have an awesome observatory! And we can talk about the project then too!"
"Is that a date? Are you asking me out?" Holly laughed.
"If you want it to be..."
Holly continued smiling at Michael.
"Why not!" she exclaimed.
"Cool, I'll pick you up at sunset," and he got up. "She's serving free drinks, I'm not one to pass up a free drink."
Holly laughed as he left.

"Was that Michael Bachelor I seen you talking too?" asked Bebe as she approached Holly. Holy got up from her seat to greet her friend.
"Bebe, what are you doing here?"
"When I got the text of a welcome back party for Ethan I figured you'd come, and that you'd need support."
"Aw, thank you," said Holly as she hugged her friend.
"Where is the man of the hour anyways?"
"Hopefully in a ditch dying."
"Holly! Don't tell me you haven't forgiven him?!"
"He just disappeared! He didn't even say a word!"
"It was 6 months ago Holly! Forgive and forget!"
"It wasn't your heart that broke."
"Did he come see you today?"
"Yeah... when I was leaving to come here."
"You see, he cares, he wants to make it right."
"He didn't say why he left!"
"Ugh you know what, forget it. Anyways, why were you talking to Michael," she laughed.
"What, he's nice. And plus he's my partner for a project we have in journalism."
"It seemed like more than just a partnership to me," she teased. "Seemed more like flirtation."
"Oh stop it Bebe, he's a nice guy."
Bebe laughed, "Okay, whatever."

"Ugh, look at her..." Lisa thought to herself.
"She thinks she is so perfect, as if she can do no wrong. She needs to be taught a lesson. Ugh, where is VJ when I need him, always late as usual. Will proabably show up with Parker as usual, that sexy man-whore," Lisa began looking at her well done, red manicured nails.
That's It!

I know what I'll do to knock her off her pedastal...

"Can I just enjoy myself Ethan..."
"You said it yourself, I can't do nothing more, so just forgive me."
"Tell me something then Ethan, what was so important, what was so urgent, that you had to leave without saying anything to me!? We tell each other everything! What was it?!"
"I-I can't tell you..."
Holly shook her head, disappointed and sad at the same time.
"Then were through, I can never forgive you," and Holly turned around.
"I don't want to break your heart more than I already have..."
"What does that even mean!?" Holly cried out, tears welling in her eyes.
"It's better that you don't know," he said, ashamed.
"I've had enough," she said, choking on the words, and she walked away from him.
"Holly!" exclaimed a female voice.

"Oh god you're here!" exclaimed Holly bitterly, desperately trying to fight the tears, as she turned to face River.
"Holly, I'm your-"
"FRIEND! Yeah, and where were you when Ethan left and I was a mess! Where were you River?! No text, no call, you even went as far as ignoring me at school! And now you want to be my friend after you were a bitch towards me! I needed you, but now you can just go to hell!"
"Holly-" River exclaimed, grabbing Holly's arm to prevent her from walking away. Holly forcibly pushed it away.
"Get your hands off of me! What the hell is wrong with you!"

Holly, now in tears ran off. River only continued to stare, sadness in her eyes.
"If only she knew eh River..." said a voice in River's ear, a girl creeping up beside her.
"Hmph, she'd hate you even more."
River gasped, her heart skipped a beat. She closed her eyes, as a tear rolled down her face.

Parker and VJ strolled into the pool center, but stopped when they saw Michael strolling around.
"What the hell is Bachelor doing here? I hate that loser!" said Parker.
"I donno, but now that were here, his party time is over. He needs to leave."
Parker laughed, "Do your thing VJ."

"Hi, you're Bebe right?"
Bebe, sitting down at a table having her drink looked up.
"Yeah..." she said slowly getting up.
"Yeah I know this is awkward and all seeing as how we really don't know each other..."
"I know who you are."
"Right, right, everyone seems to know who I am. Anyways, you're Holly's best friend right?"
"If you're gonna ask for me to kinda smooth things out for you it won't work, I already tried."
"And plus, I think she has her eyes on someone else now."
Bebe nodded over to Michael.
"Bachelor. I saw them flirting earlier, she denies it, but I know her."
"Oh..." he said, seemingly disappointed.
"She's moving on, it's been 6 months. You should too, do both of you some good," Bebe prepared to walk away.
"I know this is gonna sound really out there and ridiculous cause we just met but... there's a thing happeneing tomorrow and well... it wouldn't look good if I went alone..."
"Wait! Are you asking me to be your date to the Black & White Affair happening tomorrow at the Goths!?"
"I know! It seems crazy right but-"
"You know Holly will kill me if I go with you right?"
"She may never know! I mean, I doubt she'll go anyways. So... what do you say, I need a date."
Bebe looked at him, shocked, but at the same time flattered.
"Let me think about it please, I'll let you know tomorrow."
"Alright, better than a 'no'."

"Bachelor! Don't you have aliens to meet?"
"What do you want VJ?"
"What are you doing here?"
"It is a public place, am I not allowed to be on public property?"
"Well to be frank, no, you're a loser. And right now, a party is going on to welcome back soemone who, is not your friend and doesn't even know you exist."
"If you want me to leave fine, I don't wanna be around you assholes anyways."

"What did you say Bachelor!" exclaimed VJ, tipping Michaels drink so that it spilled over his face.
"Hey what the hell man!" yelled out Michael.
"What are you gonna do about it punk!"
"Hey stop it!" exclaimed River, who came running in to break up the impending fight. She traded glances with Parker, a look of disgust in Parker's eyes and a look of sorrow in River's.
"Leave him alone," she said as she walked out of the pool center with Michael.

Lisa scanned the pool center from the recliner, taking in everything that happened. Clearly having enough, she got up and began heading towards the exit.
I've had enough, I got my dirt. And now it's time to put my plan into action.

You see, Lisa Bunch was a master manipulator. And if she didn't like you, she would scheme, use, and plot her way until you were destroyed. And the target she had in mind right now...

"What is so urgent that you had to make me interrupt my jog to come talk to you Lisa?"
"Oh look at all that sweat on those muscles, you turn me on Mr. Langerak."

"What do you want Lisa?"
"Really?" he asked, not that convinced at her statement.
"And I've known for quite some time that you have wanted me."
"Well what if I said you can have me if you did me a favor..."
"I get to bang the hottest girl in school, and also piss the hell off of her brother who I hate, yeah sure, what do I have to do?"
Lisa smiled, and leaned in closer to Parker.
"Holly Alto needs to be brought down a peg. What I want you to do is simple, you do it everyday."
"What?" asked Parker, coming closer to Lisa.
"Seduce, and have sex with Holly, and record everything on video."
"Easier said than done Lisa, Holly's a prune, she won't open up, especially with someone of my repuation."
"Yes, it may seem that way, but under the right incentives, Holly is far from a prune, believe me, I know..."
"And how do I know you'll keep to your word?"

"And plus... you two have something in common."
Parker backed away from Lisa, cautiously looking at her. She smiled, an evil smile.
"I know Parker... I know everything."

Continued next post...
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Default Chapter 3: Return of a King continued

Yes, do I have news for you, and all you have to do, is ask Lisa Bunch. Ask her about her brother, the guilt ridden run-away king who has just returned to an even bigger mess...

Or of the one whose heart is broken, who not many know were once friends, or of the dark history the two once shared. And now, who Lisa is more than determined to destroy and humiliate...

Or of the classmate, who bears secrets, that if revealed, would be devastating...

Yes, Lisa Bunch knows everything that runs in her school, and if she doesn't know, she'll do everything she can to find out. But...

There's something that Lisa Bunch could never know, something that she could never find out...

"Oh yes, that message on the phone, I better check it."

Fiona! It's Rachel, you'd never believed what I found out. Y'know how I told you I was investigating something on the side, well, you'd never believe what it is. I have proof that Erik Darling's accident was not an accident! He was murdered!

Fiona, it seems you know everything, and you're in for one hell of a ride.
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Alrite so this is chapter 3, gonna try n rush chapter 4 n 5 this week. In case any were wondering, I just HAD to change up some of the teens looks.
Lisa looked hideous in-game and yet had the snob trait, confused? I was, so I revamped her to fit the personality she had. VJ and Ethan I also had to change cuz they jus looked fugly, and the roles I had for them didn't match up to how they looked. Michael and River were simply given haircuts and wardrobe change.

If you liked this chapter and the whole teen drama thing, ur gonna love next update, the crap really hits the fan
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Good update, as always looking forward to the next chapter.

Please, Call Me Lou :D
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Thanx for the comments, rlly appreciate it, they rlly keep me going :D, gonna try n get in the next update tonight.
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Default Chapter 4: A Complicated Affair

"You know what Holly get away from me okay!"
"Michael I'm just trying to-"
"Help?! Help?! I don't need any of your help! I don't want any of your help! I just want you to stay away and leave me the hell alone!"
"Michael please! I can't choose the type of life I have, I can't choose the types of people I have to associate with, you can't be mad at me for something like this!"
"I lost my job Holly, because of those people you associate with, because of those snobs! So you know what, I'd be doing myself a huge favor if I never talked to you again!"

"Save it Holly! I'm done."

Well... what happened here? Michael angry at Holly and storming out of the Black & White affair. What happened between the two to get to this point... Well let's just take a little trip back in time shall we, and we'll find that out together.

Today was going to be a very special day. How so?

Well today was the day of the Goth's annual Black and White Dinner.

A prestigious party where the town's elite and wealthy would always, and are expected, to attend...

And for everyone else, would do anything for an invite.

It was always something to look forward too, which is why Cornelia Goth wanted this years party to be perfect.

"I want the caterer here at 5! I will not tolerate tardiness, everything must be perfect..."

But unfortunately for Cornelia... the event would be far from perfect...

The Gorgeous and the Desperate

"What do you mean you're not going?!"
Holly sighed, looking at her mom shaking her head.
"I told you, I'm not in the mood and I'm not feeling well."
"Holly... you are an Alto, we must be at that party. For your father's career, for my career, we ned to be there as a family-"
"Well mom I'm sorry I don't wanna take one for the team but I really don't wanna deal with it all tonight."
"I'm sure you'd feel much better if you go, you get to see all your friends, you know Ethan's going."
Holly scorned and turned away.
"I'm not going mom."

"Holly! Holly! Don't turn your back on me young lady you get right back here!"
But Holly continued to walk away, the sound of a door slamming being heard soon after.

"Holly's giving trouble again?"
"I just don't know what to do about that girl anymore. First she sulks around at my fundraiser and now she doesn't want to attend the dinner, I don't know. Sometimes I believe we'd be better off if we just shipped her to some school in Europe."
"Hmm, that is an option you know," Nick said, and he laughed as he continued to dwell on it.

"Anyways, shall we talk about our gameplan for tonight?" Vita asked, turning to Nick.
"Vita we've been over this for months..."
"I just want to make sure you're on the same page Nick, you know how vicious Nancy can be, you need to beat her to getting to Gunther."
"Don't worry, Gunther loves the proposal I pitched to him at that meeting. He's going to discuss it with us tonight at the party and make an announcement."
"Hopefully... that announcement is your promotion, then you'll finally be able to fire that tart."
"Ah, president..." Nick laughed once more, thinking of the day he'd be able to fire Nancy Landgraab.

Holly took out her cellphone and called up her best friend Bebe.
"Hey Holly, what's up?"
"Oh I just need to get outta the house."
"What's wrong?"
"Oh just my parents as usual they-, you know what nevermind, you wanna do something tonight?"
"Oh... you're not going to that big dinner tonight?"
"No, I-I can't deal with that right now."
"Oh well I'm really sorry Holly but I... I have plans..."
"Oh... well alright, it's okay, I'll find something to do."
"I'm really sorry Holly."
"No, it's okay, you have a life too. Hope you have fun."
"Thanks, bye."
Holly hung up the phone, she looked around her room disappointed then sighed, slumping down on her chair.

After Bebe got off the phone with Holly, she began to wonder to herself. She took back out her phone.
"Hey Ethan..."

"Bebe hey! So glad you called, so...?"
"I'll go with you, Holly won't be attending."
"Great! I swear were going to have a great time tonight!"
"Yeah... but we need to be discreet okay, I don't want any of this getting back to her, it would kill her..."
"Alright alright don't worry we'll be discreet. So, I'll come pick you up when its time."
"Okay, but umm, don't ring the doorbell when you're here. Just call."
"Okay, why?" laughed Ethan.
"My parent's they'll be... umm sleeping, yeah they'll be sleeping and I don't want to wake them."
"Alrite sure, I'll call when I'm outside."

Lisa, standing by the stairs leading to Ethan's room upstairs, leaned against the wall listening in on to Ethan's conversation.
"Oh my god, he's going with Bebe!" she quietly laughed to herself. "Oh god this is great, what's Holly gonna say about that. I've gotta bring VJ."
So Lisa pulled out her phone.
"Hey VJ."

"What up Lisa."
"Whatcha doing tonight?"
"Something with you I'm guessing."
"You guessed right, how would you like to be my date to the Black & White Affair."
"I'd love too Lisa but I don't have anything in black and white."
Lisa laughed, "Then go out and buy something. And plus, you're hot enough, you don't really need to wear anything... classy."

Vj laughed, "Guess I'll see you tonight then."
He hung up the phone, then began dialing another number.
"You going to that dinner up at the Goths tonight."
"I don't want to, but my parents are making me go, why? You got an invite?"
"Lisa just asked me."
"Lisa eh, okay. So if you're going with Lisa then I definately have to be going with someone."
"Who you going to ask? River?" VJ laughed.
"Don't joke around like that VJ," he responded in a serious tone.
"Alright alright but seriously."
There was a pause for a few seconds in the conversation, and then...
"I got it, I know who I'm gonna ask!"
"You'll see..."

Parker quickly hung up the phone and began calling someone else.
"Hey Holly, I know we don't talk much but I was wondering something..."
"What? And mind you make it quick because I really don't wanna waste minutes talking to you."
"Ouch, that hurt."
"But anyways, I was wondering if you wanna be my date to the Black & White affair tonight?"

"You're kidding right?"
"I'm not going."
"Why not?!"
"Because I don't feel like it."
"Is it because of Ethan?"
"I didn't say that..."
"Well you might as well have, you know you've been depressed ever since he came back."
"I haven't been depressed!"
"Yeah you have, and now you're deciding to skip out on a fun party because you don't want to see Ethan because it'll make you sad!"
"No I-"
"Well how about this, if you go with me, imagine how it'll make him feel. And better yet, imagine how it'll make your parents feel..."
When Holly heard that, her facial expression changed, her posture became more erect, as if a light bulb had gone off in her brain.

"Pick me up and don't be late."

Everyone strived to look their absolute best for the party. After all, it wasn't everyday the Goths would throw an elaborate black tie event such as this one.

"I'm definately taking best dressed this year, I look stunning..."

"Sweetie are you ready?"
"I'm sitting down here ain't I?"
"Don't get smart with me Geoffrey, keep that in the operating room."
Geoffrey rolled his eyes.
"Have you called the babysitter?"
"Yes Nancy, she'll be here any minute now."
"Good, because I don't want to stand around and wait for the girl to just stroll on in here. We need to get there on time, being late won't make a good impression on Gunther."
"I'm sure he won't even notice dear, nor care."
Nancy glared at her husband, shocked that he would say something like that.

"Morganna! Are you almost done?!"
"No need to scream Thornton I'm ready." said Morganna as she walked down the stairs. Thornton turned to look at her and became stunned.
"Wow... y-you look... gorgeous."
"Thank you, you don't look so bad yourself."
"What are you talking about, I'm dashing."
Morganna laughed, and Thornton linked his arm with hers, and escorted her out the door.

Even Agnes Crumplebottom, who usually shyed away from these types of events, was going. And of course she too, dressed her best, in order to take home the glory of "Best Dressed".

"Hey, Bebe, I'm outside."
"Alright, I'll be right down."

"Wow, you look amazing," Ethan said as he turned around to greet Bebe.
"Oh Ethan, there's no need for that..." said Bebe, slightly flattered.
"No it's true, you look really good."
Bebe giggled, "Thanks."
"Well shall we get going then?"

"Hey Holly! Come on hurry up! The taxi's here!"

"Parker, why do you feel the need to scream."
"Why? You're parents aren't home and the street's basically empty, no one can hear me," he laughed.

"Well well well, look who's stepped up their game."
Holly laughed, "You like?" she asked while posing.
"Of course, beautiful, classy, graceful, all the things I like in a lady."
"And it's that type of lady you will never have..."
"Now shutup, let's go. We have a party to attend."

As evening turned to night, the guests began to file into the Goth manor, and it's lovely patrons were standing there to greet them.

"Agnes, you came!"
"Well, I was bored."
"Well I'm so glad, you're finally getting out of the house and starting to socialize."
Agnes sighed, smiling weakly.
"Ah but I see you came alone."
"Sorry, Erik had plans to play poker at the graveyard tonight so he couldn't make it."
"Funny... anyways there are a lot of suitable rich bachelors here, you can always meet someone new right."

"I'm just freshly widowed and you're trying to pawn men on to me?!"
"Well, if I remember correctly at the gathering you seemed to be completely fine, moved on, so I'm sure this is nothing to you."
"You're crazy, and this conversation is over."
Cornelia shook her head as Agnes walked away.
"I don't know what is wrong with that woman sometimes."

"So... is everyone here?" asked Gunther as he scanned the room, his close work associates either stood or were seated, their focus all on their boss.
"Where's Judy?"
"Probably raiding the salad bar, apparently she's so determined to lose weight she's going to eat as much salads as she possibly can. What type of logic that is is beyond me." said Nancy.
"Once again another classic, rude, innappropiate comment from the thinks-she's-CEO Landgraab, keep em coming." Illiana Langerak retorted back.
"Nice one Illiana," said Nick, grinning from ear to ear.
"Okay guys can we all get it together, I mean for one meeting can we all actually be a cohesive happy team?"
"Good luck with that..." muttered Thornton underneath his breath.
"Well, I called this meeting to discuss a proposal put forth by Nick here-"
"You know I have a problem with that," interrupted Nancy, and she immediately got up to face her co-workers. Gunther sighed and sat down, giving the floor to Nancy.
"I mean are we seriously going to go full steam ahead on a plan conducted by a neanderthal?"

Nick, clearly offended, got up and walked up to face Nancy.
"Neanderthal? I don't see you making any type of contribution to this company!"
"Oh, umm, she did hold those meetings on a sunday, during my little girl's recital, and it was about ummm... I forget, that's how pointless it was," said Illiana.
"Well Illiana if you hadn't come to the meeting with a flask of alcohol, in which you lied to everyone saying it was water, maybe, just maybe you'd remember what actually happened!" exclaimed Nancy.
Illiana sighed and rolled her eyes, signalling for the caterer to bring her some champagne.
"Well right now we need a new venture, and since Nick is the only one that has given out a feasible option, we have no choice but to go ahead with it," said Gunther.
"How about porn?" shot in Thornton. Everyone looked at him shocked, Nick barely able to contain in his laughter. "I mean, it's the one good thing that hasn't really been affected by the economy right?"
Nancy rolled her eyes, "I'm glad he's not my subordinate," she laughed, looking over at Illiana, who continued to look at Thornton in shock and humiliation.

"Nancy, what do you want us to do? Please, I value the opinion of all of my workers," asked Gunther, getting up to talk to Nancy.
"Let's think this through before we hop on the Alto band wagon, lets brainstorm more, hold more meetings-"
"Ugh enough with the meetings Nancy I'm not going to another one!"
"Gunther can I fire her?!"
"Then how about this, you Nancy come up with an idea and present it to me next time we have a meeting. The best idea, wins, alright?"
Nancy broke into a glowing smile, and Nick shot up furious.
"Nick, its fair right, I should give my two vice-presidents time each to present proposals."
"Yes, I think that's very fair. Now, seeing as were all done here, I'm going to enjoy the party."

And what a party it would turn out to be...
To be continued next post
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Default Chapter 4: A Complicated Affair continued

Morganna turned around, Agnes gave her a hug.
"Oh Morganna it's so good to see you and oh my god! Look at your dress, its beautiful!"
"Thank you," she blushed. "Picked it up a few days ago, custom made from Paris."
"It is absolutely gorgeous, one of the best I've seen all night."
"Thank you, you look stunning yourself."
"But its good to see you again, good that you're finally out again."
"Yeah I'm just taking it a day at a time you know. But anyways, just trying to enjoy myslef with these rich snobs," she laughed.
Morganna laughed withher , "Tell me about it. I just had to sit through 10 minutes of Vita bragging, I just wanted to spill my food all over that dress of hers."
Agnes laughed and took Morganna by the arm, "Come, we have much to discuss."

"Oh finally were here, that taxi ride took forever," said Holly, dusting off her dress.
"What?" asked Holly, looking up. "Oh my god!"
"Ethan!? Bebe!?"
"Parker!? Holly!?"
"What the hell's going on here!?" asked Ethan.
"I can you ask you two the same thing!" exclaimed Holly.

"You liar! You said how you had plans!"
"These were my plans!"
"Coming to the Black & White affair with Ethan behind my back!"
"Hey Holly! Leave Bebe alone I asked her and she had nothing to do with it! The real question is why you're with Parker?!"
"Hey I'm not a sleaze like you okay!"
"I swear to god Parker you better watch it!"
"You know what let's go Parker, I don't wanna deal with these two right now! I don't believe this is happeneing!"
"Don't talk to me Bebe."
"God this is a mess..." sighed Bebe, as she turned to Ethan.

"Ah, so my daughter finally decided to show without telling me and oh! What is she doing with the Langerak boy!? Is she trying to embarass me!? Why isn't she with Ethan!? What in the world is going on with that girl!?"

"Ethan's here..." said River to herself as she cleaned up the tables.
"Come on River, tonight is the night, you have to talk to him about what happened... you've put it off for far too long... and Holly needs to know."

"Come on, lets get a couple of drinks." said Parker as he led Holly to the bar, only to face another surprise.
"What are you doing here?"
"Working? I work for a catering company, I'm on bar."
"Oh my god so now I have to put up with seeing you everytime I wanna drink!"
"I'll be sure to put poison in it for you, Holly what are you doing with him?!"
"Well I-"
"She's my date for this party alright! You gotta problem with that?!"
Michael stared at Holly in disbelief.
"You know what Parker, I'm gonna go sit down, I really need to clear my head."

As Holly walked away, Michael looked at her leave, a slight sadness in his eyes.
"Hey, whatcha looking at Bachelor!?"
"Parker, take your drink and leave I'm trying to do my work!"
"You're so lucky my parents are here, else I'd make you pay for looking at my date."
"She doesn't even like you!"
"Hey!" shouted River running in. "Jeez Parker stop it! Why don't you just leave him alone!"
"You working too? Whatever, I don't wanna deal with you," he said, and he walked away.
"Thanks," Michael said to River. She smiled back at him.

"Bebe? Are you a caterer too?"
Bebe, slightly peeved at her whole situation and that Lisa was approaching to harass her, turned away pretending not to hear her.
"Oh don't pretend you can't hear me Bebe the music isn't that loud."
"What do you want Lisa?"
"You come as a date with my brother, can't I talk to you."
"Everything that comes out of your mouth is acid, so really no, you can't talk to me."
Lisa sighed, "I'm hurt."
"Good, so take that as a sign that if you talk to me anymore you'll get hurt more."
Lisa narrowed her eyes, staring at Lisa.
"I like challeneges..."

"Hey Jack! Been looking for you all night!"
"Dustin! What is up pal!"
"Nothing much, just missing that football game!"
"Oh yeah it was tonight! And these people don't even have a tv!"
Dustin laughed, "If you ask me, I think the Goths are a bunch of weirdos and I didn't even wanna come."
"Same with me, the only reason I came was because of Judy! I mean, she does work for Gunther."
"Same here bro, same here. So, I hear Ethan's back."
"Yeah, he came back two days ago, glad to have him back."
"Yeah that's good. So, where did he go for those 6 months?"
"Ah Judy doesn't want me telling anybody, she says we need to keep it in the family..."
"Ah come on man! You can tell me! Were best friends!"
Jack pondered for a while, contemplating whether he should tell Dustin.
"Come on!"
"Oh alright! He went to Europe!"
"Europe!?" laughed Dustin.
"And it was flipping expensive!"

"Personally Bebe, I think he could've done better."
"I mean, Holly I have some issues with but, to be quite frank, you're trash."
"Lisa I swear, I don't know any of these people here but I will not hesitate to slap you if you continue."
"Ooooooh big threats from the girl with the strange parents."
"How dare you!" exclaimed Bebe, coming closer to Lisa.
"Ah you didn't think I knew," she laughed. "Yes I know Bebe, so be careful who you're fuming threats too Bebe, because I will not hesitate to expose them."
Bebe started at Lisa, hate in her eyes. Then in a sudden motion, she threw her drink in Lisa's face.
"Bring it!" she exclaimed.

Lisa watched as Bebe walked away from her, anger burning inside of her.
She is going to pay...

Bebe, noticing VJ dancing alone, and knowing he came with Lisa, approached him.
"Hey VJ."
"Bebe? Can I help you?"
"Care to dance?"
"I don't think you wanna get my date mad."
"Believe me, I already have and to be honest, I don't care."
VJ smiled at Bebe, who smiled back. "I love fighters."
The two danced, with Lisa across the pool staring at them intently.

"Hello, daughter of mine..."
"Mom..." said Holly, depressed.
"What is wrong? Talk with me here," she said, sitting down across her daughter.
"I don't really feel like it mom, I don't feel so good."
"Its always like that with you Holly! I'm your mother for gods sake please, why don't you just talk with me."
Holly looked at her mom in silence.
"I can't help you if you don't talk to me Holly. This thing you're going through, not talking to Ethan, coming here with the Langerak boy, I don't know what to think Holly so I'll judge. You don't want me to judge do you Holly?"
"You wouldn't understand if I told you."
"Oh god I am sick to death of you teenagers and your 'You wouldn't understand'! Let me tell you something Holly, I was a teen once too you know, I went through a ton of problems so don't tell me I don't understand! You'd be surprised how much I can help."
And Vita got up with her plate, "But if you don't want it, then that's fine, because I'm not going to force it on you. But you remember I am your mother, and I am part of your life."
Holly looked up at her mother leave, she had never talked to her like that before. She really seemed to genuinely care for her.

"Ethan..." said River in a low tone, grabbing Ethan by the arm.
"Ow what?"
"We need to talk," she said, looking around.
"About what?"
"Don't play dumb Ethan, you know about what."
Ethan looked around as well, "Fine, in the gallery."

"What? What is it you wanna say River?"
"We need to tell the truth!"
"Why?! Why do we need to say anything!? More people will hate us!"
"That may be the case, but everytime I see Holly, everytime I see my best friend, you have no idea the pain that hurts inside!" she sobbed.
"Pain? Pain?! I feel pain everyday River! I felt pain everyday for those 6 months for what I did! And everytime I see my best friend Parker, and everytime I see Holly! A part of me hopes they never forgive me for what I did!"
"And we'll never get over that pain Ethan if we don't come forward!"
"No River! Because we'll be in even more pain if we tell Holly the truth that I slept with her best friend! You!"

Oh my god...
Both River and Ethan turned to look at Bebe in shock.
Bebe turned and ran.
"Bebe!" shouted out Ethan, running after her.

"Please Bebe stop..." said Ethan after finally catching up with her.
"I don't believe you, what is wrong with you!"
"I know, and I'm sorry."
"No don't apologize to me, apologize to Holly. And I can't believe I did that to her tonight by coming here with you I never should have!" she creid out.
"I've got to find her, I need to apologize and try to patch things up with her!"
"Please Bebe, don't tell her anything you heard."
"No, I wouldn't do that! Because it would destroy her! No, she's better off not knowing, now, stay away from me, please."

"Holly!" cried out Bebe, running towards her."
"Bebe, not now..."
"No wait please, I really have to talk to you-"
"Yes we do have to talk with you Holly!" exclaimed Lisa, who stepped up infront of Holly with Parker and VJ.
"We really need to talk!"

"Lisa stop!" shouted out River, running towards the gathering group of teens.
"Holly, I've got something to say to you," said River.
"River let's not, you've had 6 months and you've failed to come clean, its my turn now."
"What is going on!?" shouted out a frustrated Holly.

"River had sex with your boyfriend, to put it bluntly."
"What?" asked a shocked Holly.
"Oh I forget, you're a bit dense, lemme explain."
"Lisa stop!" exclaimed Ethan.
"Wow..." said VJ.
"River here, who was going out with Parker at the time and was your best friend, had sex with your boyfriend, behind your back. Which is why Parker has been hating her skanky ass for so long, why Ethan ran away and then refused to talk to you, and why River ignored you for so long. Good, I feel better now that that's all cleared up."

"Is it true?" Holly asked, turning to Ethan and River, her eyes watering.
"Holly, I made a mistake-"
"Oh yeah, and I suspect Bebe knew as well, seeing the urgent expression on her face just now and Ethan chasing after her. Now, where is the champagne..."

"Holly..." said River, tears in her eyes as well. "I'm so sorry."
"Shutup... just shutup!" screamed Holly, bursting into tears.
"I hate you... I hate both of you!"
"Holly? Holly are you alright?!" asked Michael, running into the group after hearing Holly's outcry.
"Wait a minute what is Bachelor doing here?!"
"You know what VJ do us all a favor and drown in the pool!"
"What did you say?!"

Michael punched VJ.

"That's what I said asshole!" he exclaimed, and he pushed VJ into the buffet table.

"Agnes are you going to continue to ignore me all night?"
"Yeah why not, I think I'd be doing myself a hu-"
"What the heck?!" said Agnes, looking at the ruckus between Michael and VJ.
"What is going on!"

"What is this?! What is happening?!"
"Ah I'm sorry ma'am just a slight-"
"Look at this mess! What did you do?!"
"Mrs. Goth I didn't do anything I swear!"
"No I saw that fight and what you did to that other boy! The buffet is ruined! Well I'm not paying for this, I'm calling up the company and definately complaining about this, this is unacceptable!"
"No Mrs. Goth you don't have to do that..."
"Oh yes I do, you're getting fired young man I'm going to make sure of that. And I am not paying for the food."

"So now its finally out, what a lying sleaze you are."
"Parker shut up!"
"What are you going to do now? The girl who you came with hates you, Holly hates you, River probably hates you too. I hate you"
Ethan grabbed Parker by his jacket, but Parker pushed him off.
"Touch me again and I'll fight you right here and now!"
"Bring it on Parker! Cause I'm sick to death of you judging me right now!"
"Well I won't be the only one judging you, all of school will. So trust me, if you think this is bad, you have no idea what's coming for you next."
"I can take on anything you dish out Parker, I know you best..."
"I've changed while you were away Ethan, so as a matter of fact you don't know me."
Ethan remained silent, eyes deadlocked with that of Parker's.
"You are going to pay Ethan, I'm going to make sure of it."
"Bring on the war Parker..."

"Michael! Wait!" shouted at Holly.

"You know what Holly get away from me okay!"
"Michael I'm just trying to-"
"Help?! Help?! I don't need any of your help! I don't want any of your help! I just want you to stay away and leave me the hell alone!"
"Michael please! I can't choose the type of life I have, I can't choose the types of people I have to associate with, you can't be mad at me for something like this!"
"I lost my job Holly, because of those people you associate with, because of those snobs! So you know what, I'd be doing myself a huge favor if I never talked to you again!"

"Save it Holly! I'm done."
Holly, in a state of disbelief, stood there, arms to her side, eyes puffed up with tears. Michael, someone who she found herself liking, had now hated her. Her whole world was going around her in circles, she couldn't control anything.
"Rough night..."

"I'd like to be alone..."
"I don't think that's good for you..."
"And what do you know?"
"I know that right now, you don't even know what's good for yourself. Believe me, I'm hurting too you know, I mean sure I found out when it happened, but I've been living with the betrayal and the hurt this whole time, and... look what it's done to me."
Holly turned to look at Parker, she felt a connection to him. Maybe it was because both were hurt and betrayed by the ones they thought they loved.
"Ever since it happened, I've never wanted to be commited, never wanted to be in a relationship again. I just began flirting with any hot girl I saw, just to hook up with them and then done..."
Holly began to longily gaze at Parker now, he had never opened up like this before.
"I did it so I'd never have to feel that hurt again..."
Holly hugged Parker, "Its okay, I get it."
She looked at him and smiled, wiping her eyes and holding his hand.

"You can't expect someone like me to, dare I say, walk him alone at this hour right?"
"Of course," he chuckled. "What type of gentleman would I be if I let that happened."
Holly laughed, "Yeah, you're a real charmer Mr. Langerak. So, let's get out of here."

"So... who would you say was best dressed?"
"Ummm, you..."
"Oh you're just saying that because I'm your date be honest!"
"Okay okay okay, ummm, Morganna was pretty hot!"
"What? You said be honest!"
"Yeah... but... I don't like her very much..."
Parker laughed, "Girls."
"What?! What does that mean?!"

Yes, today was a special day, for it was the day of the Black & White Affair, and alot of things happened. A war began... friendships were broken... enemies were made... secrets were exposed... and an unlikely couple had formed... but will it last, only time will tell.
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Hope everyone liked the update. Plz comment and lemme kno how I did, or anything I could do better :D.
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Loved the update , no criticism to give you, good job!

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Great story!!!

It sucks that parker is gunna do that to holly, i like them together xD
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Yay I reached a hot topic thanx everyone for the views!!
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Gonna try n get next update up tonight or 2morrow by the latest
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