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Default Disappearing career and skills
Hi! I've run into what I think is a glitch but I can't find anything by googling it. My sim was a playable employee of a community lot business, but the last time I loaded her home lot all her skills had been set to zero and she was shown as unemployed. She does still have her talent badges though. The business owner had just aged from an adult to an elder, but I'm not sure if that's relevant. I play Super Collection on Mac and I don't have any mods or cc. All I really want to know is if this is a sign of a bigger problem and I need to keep an eye on it. I'm a bit new to the game and this forum, but has anyone come across something like this?
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Holey cheese, that's a huge glitch!

There are mods you definitely should have because they prevent certain problems from arising, but this is not a common glitch and none of the essential mods I'm thinking of are geared to preventing it.

The changing life states of the business owner should have no effect on the employee. Employees who are dissatisfied can quit spontaneously, but this will happen while the business is active, with a pop-up and animations, and does not affect their skills. It sounds as though this data has just been lost, which is disturbing. You can restore the skills by entering the cheat boolprop testingcheatsenabled true and dragging the skills up, but that won't prevent it from happening again or give you any information about why it did. (If you are not comfortable running the game with the testingcheats on, you can immediately turn them back off by entering boolprop testingcheatsenabled false.)

Any time data go missing, the first suspect should be anti-virus software, if it is running at the same time as the game. it is common for this game to give modern anti-virus software false positives for malware, causing the software to quarantine, or even delete, game elements seemingly at random. You should make sure that your game files are whitelisted for your software, but for certain problem softwares this is not always enough. So what anti-virus are you using, and is it on when your game runs?

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Thanks for replying!

I use malwarebytes but as far as I know you have to manually run scans, which tbh I haven't done for some time, so thanks for the reminder also. As I remember, it didn't detect any threats the last time I ran a scan (though I'm basically illiterate when it comes to these things so I'm not sure if that rules it out).

I'm a bit worried because I've been noticing one or two smaller glitches but this is the biggest one. I did think it looked like data just going missing for no apparent reason, but it's good to be sure because, while I've heard of neighbourhood corruption, this is my longest session since I was about 10 so I don't really know what it looks like.

I don't really mind the thought of my game imploding and having to start over, but I'm trying to get a feel for how much gameplay I have left.
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OneDrive can also mess up sim files, I uninstalled mine but you want to make sure it isn't trying to sync sims 2 files.

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Originally Posted by simnerd23
I play Super Collection on Mac and I don't have any mods or cc...

^ Just a reminder

Anyways, not sure if Macs have the same access issue with files as Windows does, or if OneDrive is an issue here (it often comes pre-installed on computers with Win10, no idea if it's the same for macs but you can download it so it can be an issue that way).

Macs have some issues with file limits, but as far as I know that's more of an issue with CC. There are also some bugs in the SuperCollection that the Windows version doesn't have, but I'm not sure if this is one of those.

I think (since the UC does) that the SC has the original patches up to BV applied, but maybe someone who knows for sure can confirm this? You'll also want to make sure it has the latest patches from where you downloaded it, too (Asphyr?).

Unless something similar happens again, it is entirely possible this was just a glitch that caused a reset of certain data for that particular sim. Repeat glitches are usually more worrisome. Still, you'll want to make sure you backup your game regularly (so you have a not-totally-from-scratch reset point in case of a major BFBVFS), and that you use mods and fixes to minimize known bugs, even if you don't use other CC, just to keep your game as bug-free as possible.
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Thanks @simmer22 I had missed that! :O
Yes, could be a file limit issue- that will affect all files opened by the app, not just CC.

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I missed it was a Mac too. They do have a cc file limit where if you go over the amount things will disappear but I don't think that should extend to things like skill disappearing. I would check that all your mods actually work for the EP's that you have. Make a backup and start testing them.

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