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Default WCIF this outfit?
Does anyone know where to find this outfit? The post says it's no longer available and is included in the download, but I don't see it in the zip file. It looks like Picky Pikachu's simple tee, but I have that downloaded and have never seen that preset.

This outfit:

post can be seen at

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It's in the sims file, you have to extract it with S3PE.

nevermind. I have no idea where it is.

I loaded the sim into my game, no outfit. So it is not included, creator fked up. I tried to find that shirt, but I can't even find a duplicate of the logo. All I know is that it is not called Pikachu, it is Pikamario.

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The T-shirt is by PickyPikachu, I don't think her version includes the stencil so it might be an add-on by someone else:

The jeans are these:

The sandals are these:

The hair:

Might as well ID everything XD

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I JUST happened to stumble upon it! Thought I'd post in case someone sees this thread in the future:
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