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Mod Browsing "Update Time" Sorting Filter Not Functional?
I would love to properly search mods by update time so I can more easily find older mods that have been updated to newer game versions. Even when selecting Update Time and hitting Go, the results are still sorted by the post/publish time, where I can go back loads of pages, see the post/publish time creep backwards, and opening up individual mods may show an update time newer than where it should be in relation to the others on the results, if that makes sense?

Yesterday I went on a mod refreshing spree and went back to page 110, having selected Update Time, and still found old browser bookmarks of mods that were many years old but updated recently that I would have seen should the filter work as expected.

Just to ensure I wasn't going nuts, I was able to replicate this on a seperate browser too.

Possible site bug?
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#2 Old 13th Feb 2021 at 3:11 AM
Can you provide a link to which updated mod you were looking at that you think is not displayed correctly?
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Hi there,

Thanks for the thread!  The definition of "Update time" specifically was to mean "When the creator last changed the description text", more specifically when the post text was edited.  This is different from when the files themselves are updated (since somebody can update the files but not actually change the description or text).

I'd previous done (almost 2 years ago actually) a new filter panel that included the ability to sort either by the text/description update *or* the files, but I never made it public.  So, today, it's now live!  You can now sort between both, and the download browsing pages also now include the relevant information (when the files or text where updated).


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