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Custom Sound Speed Issue
Hi! I'm having an issue with a custom sound. I've followed Carrigon's tutorial to the letter and it all works as expected in game, with one exception: When changing simulation speed the custom track cuts out.

I've looked in the track settings to see if there's an argument I need to add that enables this somehow, but to no avail. I seem to recall seeing something somewhere that if an audio file exceeded a certain length/size, it could cause issues, but I can't seem to find that now. I'm not sure what the issue is.

Included is a .zip file of the .package containing the object and the sound. It is found under General/Misc, a star platform. There is a Debug menu option for a nestable interaction that will permit the user to direct them to stand on it. There is also another regular Pie Menu Interaction that plays the song.

I'm trying to use music from the The Sims 1 Superstar soundtrack. The .package in the archive contains the mp3 taken from the original game files.

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