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Default Trying to import trees to CAW (Color swatch problem)
LINK TO EDITED FILES:!AsNhbAFwj3tkam1nawYd4fDSOOQ?e=qm3haq

Hello! I'm trying to convert Luna's trees into a CAW object, just so I can place them around my town. Unfortunately when I do this, they're in their WHITE color swatch. When I check in game, there's two color presets, white and green.

Is there a way to edit the files so I can place the green version instead? Thanks!

(As a disclaimer, I'm not looking to profit or claim Luna's creations. This is purely for decorating my sim world.)
#2 Old 25th Sep 2021 at 7:39 AM
The quick way was to replace the IMG files in S3PE with each other. Export as file, and then chose "replace" from the S3PE menu to swap them. It might not work well with the preview icons in game, but that depends on how Luna created them.

Another option was to change the preset in CAW. You'd put the tree on a lot in EIG, chose the colour option you want and then draw the CaSt-information onto each tree in your neighbourhood.

Or you create a clone of the tree with only the preset you want and place that object in your world.
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